Friday, October 21, 2016

Message to Female Donald Trump Supporters

Dear Donald Trump Female Supporters.

This isn't going to be nice.

Obviously, you're a racist.  I guess I've had my suspicions all along, based on the white enclaves you live in and your pretense of respect for your black co-workers.  I've seen you bite your tongue when the "n" word was there on the tip, but you haven't really fooled me.

Most of you are of a certain demographic - probably coming of age in the fifties and sixties, when Mad Men like behavior was the norm.  You never got the message that women don't have to take this abuse, and you seem to have tied it up in your mind that the derogatory behavior was somehow associated with how "cute" you are (or were then).  You're not.  It's a disgrace to be humiliated by men - and by humiliated I mean, called "honey" or "sweetheart", patted, petted, touched and double ententre'd.  So no - you weren't cute when you weren't putting a stop to it.  You were perpetuating the limitless bounds of your sexual objectification.  You totally missed the whole feminist movement, and that had to be by choice because those of us who chose to follow this movement wholeheartedly, would have never missed something so important and obvious.  Kind of like how you jumped on the Trump bandwagon without a thought in your well-schooled, but nevertheless empty heads of what a perverse act that might actually be.

You don't like Mexicans and Muslims.  In fact, you don't like anybody who isn't pretty much the same as you are, which goes a long way in explaining how f*cking one dimensional you all are.  Why, I'm reminded of the movie Stepford Wives, where the women lived to please their men, and were completely changed into sexually perfect, house cleaning and husband appeasing robots.  There isn't much difference between you and the Stepford ladies.  I just fail to see the significance of your robotics.  Why are you following a sickening dogma put forth by a disgusting male?  Oh, I get it.  Let's take the country back a hundred years, where men were men and women were chattel. Barefoot and pregnant is at your root, along with a maternal desire to serve your man no matter what.  Revolting.  A huge embarrassment for we sisters who have blazed the trails to get further up the second class citizen ladder.  We probably haven't been able to get to equality because of idiots like you, standing in the way of your own kind.  You should be ashamed of your behavior, but you're incapable of even seeing it.  Were you all born with some inherent man worship gene?

You're mostly upper middle class and you're sick of paying taxes.  You are completely oblivious, or choose to remain completely oblivious that it's not the poor you're paying for, it's the rich.  You desire to be as rich as Donald Trump, without any understanding of the moral dilemma someone like Donald Trump poses.  You believe he'll take you there --- by ferreting out all safety nets and programs for the poor, and elevating you to billionaire status by tax breaks and allowing you to keep more of your hard earned cash.  News Flash!!!!  The last thing a billionaire wants is more billionaires taking a piece of the holy grail cash pie.  You are such morons to not grasp this.

You don't like immigrants.  Not one of you is an indigenous person in this land, but you have failed to comprehend that your third generational status does not make you an "American".  In fact, the only real proof you're an American is that you have houses and cars designed to show off your status, filled with goods you don't use and don't even understand why you bought in the first place.  That's what makes you an American.  Your conspicuous consumption - nothing else.  And you wonder why I, too, won't stand for the National Anthem.  I'll go to jail before I'll salute anything to do with you.

Lastly, just drop dead.  Just die.  Just go away.  You're a disgrace to women who actually have suffered and sacrified to make this world a better place.  As appalling as you find us, we find you at least seven levels below human.

And no - I don't have any respect for your opinions, or your rights to them - much the same way I would not have had any respect for Hitler in Nazi Germany.

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Irony - Donald Trump Claims He's Being Bullied

After a fairly awful week of some of the worst political moments in the history of the United States, I'm so ready to immigrate ANYWHERE that will have me.

Donald Trump is claiming he's losing the election because of bad press and crooked Hillary.  Typical narcissistic behavior - it's NEVER anything the narcissist did, NEVER.  That's the interesting trait of narcissists and the one that makes them easy to spot.

Trump supporters are threatening violence and revolution if Hillary wins --- unprecedented stupidity, although the thought of Trump supporters being rounded up and placed in internment camps presents a rather interesting picture and not one altogether dissatisfying.

What I find most interesting about all of this is Trump has never laid out a plan for any of the issues currently facing America.  He's got plans and they're gonna be great!  That's his plan.  But he hasn't really shared them.  The blind faith his followers possess remind me of the Reverend Jimmy Jones down in Guyana, the David Koresh followers in Waco, Texas, the crazy end of world alien awaiting people in California.  I'm trying to remember when I ever suffered blind faith, just following someone for no real good reason.  I can't think of one.  Even my parents, who were less than stellar in their understanding of the universe, were creatures of great suspicion to me, as a child.  Maybe the Beatles. At thirteen, I loved all their music, bought every album and never questioned their genius.  That's probably my only experience with blind faith.  Turns out, I wasn't wrong about that, but the planet's integrity did not really hang in the balance, either.

As the world watches us with dismay and disbelief, we continue to be hopelessly enmeshed in the worst kind of reality television.  The Presidency of the United States should not be reduced to a ratings contest, it should be decided on the issues and the proposed solutions.

News flash:  Donald Trump doesn't have any solutions and doesn't begin to understand, nor address the issues.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Should One Lose Friends Over a Presidential Election?

I get more and more upset when I see posts supporting Donald Trump by well-educated women, some my friends.

I don't know how to handle this.  I live in a traditionally republican, very conservative part of the United States, where women don't read newspapers and don't watch the news.  If they do watch the news, it's Fox Propaganda Network news.  If they do read a newspaper, its a local rag unfit to call itself a newspaper.

I would hate to lose a friend over an election - but I am really starting to hate keeping my tongue civil. It seems its very important to expose Donald Trump for the unsuccessful, racist bigot, thief, misogynist that he is.  I try to do so politely, but what's the point.  Why should Donald Trump be treated with anything but the utmost contempt?  That is how I view Donald Trump.

I'm not a great big Hillary Clinton fan by any means.  She's too Washington entrenched, too rich, too Wall Street for my tastes ---- but she is by far the only candidate I can vote for.  And it is a bit of poetic justice, isn't it, to have a son-of-a-bitch womanizer like Donald Trump be beaten by a woman?

But going back to the original question - will I lose friends over this?

I think I probably will lose a few.  I can forgive the friends I have who make a conscious choice to remain unschooled on the finer points of business and politics.  They are the real women of the world, caught up in a myriad of day to day concerns and worries.  The friends I will lose are the white, very successful, very educated women who should f*cking know better.  They live in their all-white enclaves, they've never even spoken to a Mexican (unless it was in a Mexican restaurant), they lie about the abortions they "never" had, they call themselves holy, when really, their holiness is based on their income brackets.  We all know these women.  Oh, and I forgot the big one.  They DON'T LIKE TO PAY TAXES.  They're greedy and as despicable as Donald Trump.  So I'm not worried about losing them.  I'm kind of happy about it.

So yes --- gonna lose some friends.  But my integrity will stay intact which is far more important to me than tax breaks and shopping.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Louisiana's Desperately Fragile Future

We survived the floods.  We had water two and a half feet deep all around our house, but none IN the house, and that is a great relief.  Upwards of 40,000 homes in the Baton Rouge area did not fare so well.  Cars are still being towed to one of several lots, awaiting the insurance adjusters to write the damage claim.  People are sick from all the water - or all the bacteria that was in the water.  FEMA, under Obama, had a much better response record than it did after Hurricane Katrina under Dubya.  But trust me, this major catastrophe was not even close to the disaster after Katrina.  People's lives are trying to return to a chaotic, definitely unhealthier, version of normal.  Certainly that will be the norm for quite awhile.  But what does all this really mean?

The headline of the New York Times on Sunday, September 5, 2016, says, "Global Warning's Mark: Coastal Inundation".

Well, we were certainly inundated.  Quite a few years ago, one scientific paper claimed that we had passed the tipping point on global warming.  Inside a great deal of scientific data and models, that meant that it was now past the point where we could fix it.  That frightened me.  If we can't fix it, what will happen to us?

If you live in southern Louisiana, or along the southern coast, you are very aware of the climate changes happening.  We've had more rain in Louisiana this year than has ever fallen since record keeping began. It is also the hottest summer on record. The floods that occurred here have been called a 1,000 year event; but is it?  At the rate Mother Earth is being injured, we won't have another 1,000 years to find out.

Amidst all this devastation, we have corporations, politicians, a handful of scientists and common folk who not only are willing to, but absolutely do believe that none of this is true, that climate change is a hoax perpetuated by liberals.  Despite all evidence to the contrary, there are so many people who just will not accept that the planet has changed and now, whether we like it or not, we have to change.  Apparently, change is the hardest thing in the world for people who are desperate to live their lives in denial.  And climate change is, as Al Gore wrote, an inconvenient truth, something best left unsaid and unacknowledged by the fearsome.

Louisiana has always been a contradiction.  It is as beautiful as it's political history is corrupt.  It has incredible natural resources that have been stolen and sold by money grubbing corporations and greased-palmed Louisiana politicians.  It is a state as rich in culture as it is poor in economics.  It has been swindled, cheated and tormented by the worst of business and politics, and it has been swindled, cheated and tormented by its own citizens, who refused to take responsibility for searching for truth.  I agree, it is easier to believe all the spoon fed lies they've been peddled, but if Louisiana is to survive, then its population had better hop off the fence and start fighting.

Despite being deeply frustrated at the horrors of the Great Flood of 2016, I love Louisiana and I don't intend to leave, at least, not until departure is my only option.  Climate change will probably force me out, but meanwhile, I crusade alongside the Green Army to demand citizens here put an end to the corporate and political exploitation of their land and educate themselves on the facts of climate change.  Native Louisianans are some of the best and kindest people I know - perhaps that's why they're slow to anger and fight, but the fight is on here now.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Monty Trump

Donald Trump reminds me of that knight who was fighting a battle in Monty Python's "The Holy Grail".

He's laying on the ground.  His legs are cut off.  His arms are cut off.  His head is about to be cut off.  And he's threatening to bite his attackers as he flails around on the ground, completely nullified.

Donald Trump doesn't have the sense to know he is done for.  It proves that there is a special place in the universe for idiots.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

F*ck This

I live in Iberville Parish - declared a federal disaster parish since the flood.

What f*cking since?

I'm still flooded.  No end in sight.  There is more water today than there was a week ago, and no action, other than pumps, has been taken.  Excuse me - pumps?  It's like trying to drain a swimming pool by the strawful.

This country is a cesspool of inefficient, useless plans and policies.  America can kiss my A$$ if the alligators don't f*cking chomp it first.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Trump in Baton Rouge for Massive Rally

Donald Trump landed in Baton Rouge today to show his support for flood victims.  An insipid crowd of ten people were waiting at the airport to greet him.

And speaking of Baton Rouge, the Obama-haters are outraged that the President didn't show up during the Great Flood of 2016. Obama didn't show up per the request of Governor John Bel Edwards, who did not want to pull law enforcement and first responders from the business of rescuing and saving people to provide a presidential security escort.  Good thinking, Governor Edwards!  Obama did respond by immediately declaring several Louisiana parishes as disaster areas and funding FEMA to help victims.

What's possibly the most disturbing thing of all is when the cabin door of Trump's plane was opened, the first two people out were military types armed and ready with assault weapons and little American flags sewn on their shirts.  Now that might appeal to all of the gun crazed 2nd Amendment righteous people in Louisiana, but it just gave me the message that this blowhard affront to humanity would merely take the tragedy of Louisiana's situation and make a mockery of it with his shameless pandering for a photo-op.

These statues showing up around the country of a naked Trump with a minuscule penis and no balls are more accurate than artful.  Trump's testicles are firmly in the pockets of his security detail.