Friday, July 27, 2012

Every American Needs to See This!

"The George Carlin Clip Every American Needs To See | MoveOn.Org#.UBKJ-C8R6hY.facebook" 
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Is the NRA America's Taliban?

An organization that promotes violence, which is what the National Rifle Association does in its constant propaganda of a safer America through the purchase of more guns, is definitely a terrorist organization at best.

The NRA is America's own Taliban.  It is a bunch of gun happy $hitheads who think we'll all be safer if we arm ourselves to the teeth and just start firing at whomever we feel threatened by.  They don't even want us to get training to use the guns we buy. 

This organization is truly evil.  It's because of them that we have people like James Holme opening fire in crowded movie theatres; as if it's his f*cking right to shoot people randomly under second amendment protection.

I've had it with the violent, nasty dungpile of a place America has become; and I've had it with the NRA pretending to be something decent and respectful.  They're America's Taliban.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Penn State

Frankly, I don't think Penn State should ever be allowed to compete in athletics in any venue. 

To look the other way when an assistant coach is sexually abusing children is condoning the sexual abuse of children.  If you condone the sexual abuse of children, you are morally reprehensible and should not receive any human privileges.

Since Penn State is merely getting fined and losing some scholarships, I am very hopeful that all their future football teams and coaches are wretchedly cursed with ultimate loser status.  If you're a high school student with a football future, avoid Penn State like the plague.  If you're a fan of college football, you should boycott Penn State games.  This school should not be allowed to participate in anything "normal" because there isn't anything "normal" about it.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Up North

If you're a Wisconsinite, you know what up north means.  It means, anywhere that's not a city, anyplace that doesn't have a movie theatre, a place where the grocery store closes promptly at 6 p.m. and an incredible silence unbroken by police sirens.

I decided to convalesce from my appendectomy at my little cabin in the northwoods.  It was not a mistake, although sitting for 4 1/2 hours in a car bothered me a little, and made my injured knee stiff and sore.  Still, it was worth it.  On Friday morning, I woke up to the sound of loons.  Coffee on the deck overlooking a pristine and beautifully peaceful lake was just what I needed.  Beautiful and hot weather was perfect because the lake was wonderfully cool and refreshing.  Even though I didn't have the stamina to swim across the lake, I still got out there in the middle and let all my cares disappear in the warm sun and cool water. 

I'm really taking awhile to fully recover.  I still have a lot of pain in my chest from my lung situation.  My digestive tract, which has been surgically diminshed numerous times now, is still not quite right.  I don't seem to have any motivation for anything.  I wish I could have stayed at my cabin and just gone through with what I'm now technically calling my exploratory depression.  Guess I'll have to do it here in the city.  I should just take my own advice - get f*cking over yourself - which I like to say to people who whine constantly.  Maybe I'll try it for the next week and see what happens.

Meanwhile, even in the northwoods, I was treated to the latest media blitz of psycho killer at the movie theatre.  This news shocks a person, but as Americans, we almost come to expect some bizarre character shooting up our sense of security on a regular basis.   I am really sick of Hollywood strangling to death every action movie that ever did well with prequels and sequels and bombardment of a theme.  I understand that money is Hollywood's goal, not creative or well conceived movies.  Still, was Mr. Holmes fed up with super hero movies, much the way I am?  Well, the second amendment is alive and well in Colorado, that's for sure.  We have the right to arm ourselves to the teeth, but to what purpose do we exercise that right?  I still don't own my very own gun, although if they made a pink metal Hello Kitty snub nose .38, I would definitely buy it. 

The NRA promotes gun ownership and arming ourselves.  But even if we do, do we take our weapons with us to see a movie?  There have been many movies where I felt like shooting the screen up about half way though, but not my fellow moviegoers. 

Another story of yet another American citizen f*cked up beyond all recognition.  Are we all going to look like this with the passage of ever-increasing violent times and more gun rights protection laws?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

American People Continue to Astound and Dismay

The comfort zone Americans put themselves in is almost palpable.  That is, one can actually feel the protective cloak of ignorance they've wrapped themselves in.

I had chance to encounter some acquaintances who are successful and educated people, who don't happen to believe in global warming, but rather blame all earth's environmental concerns on sun activity.  They are convinced of this.  I was in a state of shock at their statements and rationalizations, and I wondered what could possibly have caused them to veer so far off an intellectual course.  I could only surmise that their disbelief in global warming must have something to do with how they justify their own lifestyle.  I don't really know.  I don't really care.  I just see so many people basing their existence on what they want to believe instead of what the facts indicate.

In America, Ignorance is not only bliss, it's a way of life.  I hate living in America because I'm so surrounded by the narcissistic who will do whatever they want to justify their meaningless existences, or by the ignorant, who have a WALMART like value system.

I think Planet Earth has too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  People are really toxically stupid these days.  Not enough oxygen to the brain.  I hereby declare America officially brain dead.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mitt Romney - Too Rich, Too Secretive, Too Greedy

Vanity Fair magazine has tried to unravel the financial dealings of Mitt Romney and his family.  The more they uncover, the more questions are raised.  The more questions that are raised, the less Mitt Romney divulges.

Mitt Romney is probably the most wealthy person who ever ran for President of the United States, but he refuses to talk about that fact, or disclose the full extent of his wealth.  Still, he talks an awful lot about sticking it to the working class and giving tax breaks to job creators (can you say the uber rich).  When did the uber rich become the job creators?  What jobs have they created?  Who holds these phantom jobs?  Job creators does sound so much nicer than filthy, stinking rich, though, doesn't it?

I'm incensed that someone like Mitt Romney has the audacity to run for the presidency.  He only has one goal in mind; to create a safe tax haven for himself and other equally wealthy people and to kill off that portion of the United States who doesn't fall to their knees in reverence for the 1%.

That Mitt Romney doesn't disclose his financial holdings, tax returns, and explanations of all his off shore accounts leads me to believe Mitt Romney is not disclosing his true agenda for seeking the presidency, either.  So far, he wants to increase the defense budget.  Can you see any sense in that?  Obviously, Mr. Romney is a warmonger who understands the economic importance of perpetuating the military/industrial complex.

Already the propaganda machine is gearing up.  China has produced the uniforms for the Olympians.  Oh Horrors!  China has produced clothing!!!!!  The subtlety here is that China is being set up as an evil empire.  This should have every Americans attention.  How long will it be before Mitt Romney convinces, along with the mighty United States propaganda machine, that China is an enemy?  China is not the enemy.  Mitt Romney and all people like him are the enemy.   

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Political Slate of Wisconsin Candidates for U.S. Senate OR How to Bore Yourself to Literal Death

Republican Candidates for U.S. Senate seat vacated by Herb Kohl.

1.  Tommy Thompson.  Out riding his motorcycle and pandering to the current tea bags running his political party.  The consummate politician.  Nothing to say; nothing to brag about; nothing to imagine and nothing accomplished.  Please, Tommy.  Fade Out.  I'm scared to drive my car knowing a relic like you is out there on a Harley.  You on the ballot is even scarier than you on the highway.  Retire.  Go fishing.  Write a book on the joys of being mediocre.

2.  Marc Neuman.  Forcefully lying about the risks of nationwide health care and portraying Barack Obama as a dangerous socialist.  Please Neuman.  Take your anti-woman, anti-health, anti-human views of the world and put them back under the same sludge covered rock you crawled out from.  There isn't any place in this world for someone with such limited understanding of complex problems.  No one has elected you yet, so why not quit while you're consistently behind.  Why don't you ever get it?

3.  Eric Hovde.  What is it about this guy that just makes me want to pick up a two by four and start smashing his face in?  I can't really explain it, but he just enrages me.  Maybe its his clean cut appearance.  I always hated the look of people like Eric Hovde.  So generic.  So white bread.  So devoid of a solitary unique characteristic.  Give me a good, ethnic, strong face any day of the week.  It's like you know when you look at Eric Hovde there's nobody home.  Just a collection of time worn rhetoric and a zombie mask.

4.  Jeff Fitzgerald.  Aye ca rumba, this guy is a direct genetic link to the Aryan nation; blond hair, blue eyes, hatred oozing from every pore for all things non-Caucasian, non-male, non-totalitarian.  Put him in a brown shirt and you have adequately portrayed the very essence of his being.  This guy doesn't even need to buy press-on swastikas, his appearance and his misguided verbalization tell you everything you need to know.  Run. 

Like Joel McNally said in the Shepard Express, the only way to get a better caliber of republican candidates is to markedly improve the republican voting base.  What a bunch of sadly lost and hopeless people.  That we are being led to the end by a group of outrageously ignorant, uneducated, stupid excuses for human beings is just another reason to vote for Tammy - at least she's real.  This republican slate appears much like fun house dummies, intended to scare the hell out of us.  It's working on me.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


I love the show TREME all about New Orleans and it's struggles after Katrina.  I love the reality of the show, I love the characters who really do seem like New Orleans natives and not actors, and I love the music, as well as the portrayal of New Orleans as culinary nirvana.  In short, if you haven't watched Treme, you're missing something important.

John Goodman portrays a character on Treme, a Tulane professor, who grows increasingly despondent after the storm over what didn't happen in the city to help the residents, especially the poor, black people.

At any rate, his character takes to ranting on the Internet about the injustice of all that happened in New Orleans, post Katrina.  At one point, he spews "F*CK YOU YOU F*CKING F*CKS", over his frustration with all things government.

Oddly, I feel exactly as John Goodman's character does these days.  I look at America and I just scream at the top of my lungs, "F*ck You You F*cking F*cks". 

That's as good as its going to get today.  Maybe ever.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

North Carolina Legislates Stupid - We can Do It Here in Wisconsin, TOO!

In a blurb in the Shepard Express, I read that the North Carolina Senate passed a bill by the state House of Representatives that orders scientists to use the "correct" way to predict weather in North Carolina.  The bill requires that only historical analogies back to 1900 be used to predict sea level rise.  This means scientists must ignore feedback loops in which recent, consistent heat and violent atmospheric conditions suggest more radical weather.  An example:  nine of the hottest 10 years on record have occurred since 2000 but North Carolina scientists must not be swayed by that fact because only patterns of the more stable 20th century can forecast 21st century sea levels. 

Now, perhaps the North Carolina coastal property owners believe the 39 inch rise in sea level by 2100 that is predicted by many scientists would threaten property values.  So they would rather believe the perhaps 8 inch rise that House Bill 819 would indicate, based on the legally mandated model.

I seem to see exactly where this country is going.  Truth, science, fact and prediction are going to be legislated out of consideration, while those of us who virtually cannot stop living in the past will force the rest of us to reside there, next to them.  Sheer ignorance.  Meanwhile, here comes the future, and it is MURDER!

I like the outer banks, but frankly, that 39 inch sea level rise can't come quick enough.  When you're up to your a$$ in saltwater, may the crocodiles of your misconception gently chew off the part of your anatomy where your intelligence resides.  What a feast will be available!

One wonders how long it will take before this misguided anti-thought process will wend its way through every state house in the union.  If you won't BE stupid, your elected officials will FORCE it on you to serve their agenda!   Go America. 

Monday, July 9, 2012


So sorry Readers; I've been down and out.  Had acute appendicitis and then some fluid in my lungs post surgery, so just getting home from the hospital took all my strength.  Haven't given a thought to Wisconsin politics whatsoever. 

Here's where I'm at, and I find it appalling.  I am taking narcotic pain medication, which puts me in a total fog.  I hold off as long as I can, but surgery hurts and sometimes I need help getting through the pain.  I hate narcotic pain medication.  I feel cloaked in a mental fog; sleep is full of strange, unsettling dreams, I'm short of breath, partly because of the pain, partly because of the lung problems and I'm totally convinced that I don't ever want to go through any surgery again.  In short, ready to throw in the medical towel at the first sign of another bout of ill health.

What stuns me, however, is that a very large number of American citizens are totally addicted to the prescription narcotics I'm taking.  Who would want to feel this way?  I can't imagine a life so bleak and careless that this narcotic haze would feel good.  Is this the American Dream?  Is American life so wretched that a segment of our society would rather feel disconnected, and narcotics is a good way of getting there?  Sick as our society seems to be, I can't wait to be back; because this is a terrible place I'm in right now and I don't want to be here one second longer than necessary.