Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Time for a Change?

John Edwards will be formally charged with some kind of illegal campaign fund use over his covered-up affair and lovechild.

Arnold Schwarzenegger also fathered a lovechild with a household maid, although how he paid her off is still unknown..

Newt Gingrich is a (less than) serious candidate for president, and he has a predilection for sexual encounters outside his marriage.

Many cases of politicians engaged in controversial acts of "love".

Several senators have been caught engaging in sex acts with gays in public places, like airport bathroom stalls.  Most of these are ranting homophobes outside the privacy of those stall walls.

Obviously there is something very wrong with the capitol building in D.C.  It must be emitting some strong sex pheromone through its radiant heating system to cause all this bizarre publicized sex by elected officials.  Same thing in California. 

This is why limited terms for elected officials is a good idea.  For eight years, these horny old goats can keep their penises inside their pants.  After that, its a voracious sex frenzy, with the offending members escaping the zipper and wreaking havoc all across the nation.

My opinion is that the more time a (man) person spends in a political office, the more brain cells escape from the big brain and go straight to the little brain.  Like there's a southward drawing magnetic force in their senate/house seats.  For some reason, these men seems to confuse power, influence and wealth with sexual prowess. 

Now there are two simple solutions.  No more men running for public office.  This would be my choice because all men, in my opinion, have one testicle too many. 

Or..... limit the terms of any elected office to eight years and really have a government of the people, by the people and for the people, thereby eliminating the sex crazed antics of over aged political adolescents intent on proving their sense of self worth through the disbursement of semen.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Thank you, all American veterans.  Memorial Day should be about remembering the service you gave to the United States.  It should not be about war (can't get away from it on cable this weekend), it is about remembering the fallen and those whose wounds are both visible and not so visible.

Thank you.

It is a disgrace that veterans have difficulty obtaining the services they may require long after their enlistments are over.  How the United States treats its veterans is not exactly anything to be proud of.  We need to rethink our priorities in this country.  Spend a little less on stealth bombers, spend a little more on veterans services.

At any rate.  Memorial Day is about remembering the tremendous price these men and women have paid to keep your (military/industrial complex) country free.  It is not about glorifying war.  All veterans are heros.  Remember to treat veterans as such.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sarah Palin for President

I heard a pseudo public service announcement touting Sarah Palin as a presidential candidate.  At the end of the mock PSA, it was tagged "paid for by Barack Obama". 

This is so true.  Sarah Palin might be immensely popular with a select few people who buy into her very un-well-thought-out agenda, (and I'm being SO KIND) but the truth is, we all should hope Sarah Palin runs for President.  It practically insures Obama will stay in office, and since he's the best president this nation has seen in decades (granted, not saying much), it just makes sense to keep him there.  Afterall, he went after Bin Laden and actually got him.  Me thinks our former presidents never did this because Bin Laden would remain a convenient excuse to get involved in more middle eastern conflicts.  Keep that military/industrial complex running and thrusting this nation's deficits to even more astronomical levels. 

I think I need to actually see Sarah Palin as the Republican candidate.  It would more than prove to me what a freakin' distasteful joke the United States of America, Inc. actually has become, and verify my suspicion that far too many Americans are merely red white and blue Arseholes.  No brain.  All flag.  Somebody give me a firecracker.

WE Energies - Greediest Whores in Wisconsin

Well, there's certainly much chatter about WE Energies proposed rate hike.  This rate hike comes after paying out record millions in bonuses to their executive staff.  The supposed rate hike would be 6.2%, while WE Energies has increased residential bills over the past six years by 45%.  Gluttony anyone?  WE Energies needs to change their logo to a giant sow, slopping human food into its mouth.

I have one thing to say.  Get off my back you blood sucking greedy capitalist pigs. 

My rate hike arrived by letter a few weeks ago.  My budget payment (who can afford to pay the whole outrageous bill?) would go from $181 to $196 per month.  That is substantially more than 6.2%. 

This company epitomizes corporate greed and corporate corruption.  It also receives more than its fair share of corporate welfare. 

Under the pretext of being "good" corporate citizens, they now propose they will "delay" the rate hike to give the economy a chance to recover.  My ASS!  These fat corporate pigs are just trying to get more out of a rate hike in three years, and they think they can fly this "benevolent" compromise past the Public Service Commission, which has been in bed with this mega-giant robber baron for years.

I detest WE Energies and everything they stand for.  People should be outraged at being fleeced by this corporate pig on a regular basis.  Has your salary gone up 45% in the past six years?  Of course not......because all of your raises go to pay WE Energies staff.  Get these pigs off my back, now!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Voting and Guns

Voting, supposedly an unalienable right for all Americans, has now become more difficult.  You must carry a photo i.d. to the polls and it better match the address on record.  I imagine that the nine or ten people who actually committed voter fraud in the last election caused this restrictive measure to occur.  Thank you Scott Walker for yet another useless mandate.  You are most definitely the King of Idiot Laws.

Carrying a concealed weapon is now perfectly legitimate.  You don't even need to know how to use it, just load it up and pack it in your waistband, cowboy boot or handbag.  Figure it out when you need to.  I don't particularly like guns, don't feel citizens need to arm themselves to defend themselves in our society.  We haven't reverted to the wild west yet, even though Republicans would like to repeal all laws that brought us out of that sort of violent existence.

I work in a retail setting.  I am not particularly happy about having to wonder which customers are armed and dangerous, dangerous in the sense they haven't had any training to use the firepower tucked in their underwear.

My husband wants me to get a gun and learn how to use it.  I probably should.  But I really hate guns, even the pink Hello Kitty .38 that would be the only reasonable weapon of choice for me.  However, if everyone else is going to "armed" status, maybe I should too.  I would, however, like to know how to use the weapon before I put it in my Gucci bag.  What I don't need is any holes in my designer leather accessories, or dead bodies in front of me because I dropped my oversized handbag because its too heavy.  Heavier now with that .38 special. 

I think we should all go out to the capitol with our new weapons and stand on the green, firing them in the air like the Arabs do on their special holidays.  Let Scott Walker know we're happy with this new law, we love the freedom of mindless gun ownership and if a few of us kill each other because we're untrained, well, that's a lesson we won't soon forget.  Especially if we're dead.  Concealed carry.  Hmmmm.  Well, now we have an excuse for senseless murders --- we didn't quite understand how to use our guns and Governor Walker told us that was alright.  You can't charge me......I'm ignorant.  Sounds to me like that should be Oil Can Scotty's cry when the recall elections start!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm Tired

I'm tired.  I'm sick and tired of Scott Walker.  I'm tired of his brainless political posturing.  I'm tired of his corporate agenda.  I'm tired of his blood lust to destroy all things reasonable.  I'm tired of his need to decimate social safety nets.  I'm as tired of Scott Walker as I've ever been of anything in my life.  I can't believe someone this obnoxiously stupid ever attained an elected office.  Wisconsinites must be the most obnoxiously stupid people in the country for electing this disgusting excuse of a human being.

And everyday, the paperboy brings more.

Now this clown has given himself power to override any state agency rules and regulations not to his liking.  Trouble is, King Walker Scotty God doesn't like anything except a totalitarian state.  Scott Walker - Wisconsin's version of Adolph Hitler.   Sieg Heil.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Scott Walker - A-Hole in Dairyland

Well, we have no money for public school nurses.  We've decimated teacher's rights because of our (so-called) budget crisis.  But........Scott Walker is going to give away $200,000,000 in corporate welfare to venture capitalists to make Wisconsin stronger.

I tell you what.....if you want Wisconsin to succeed, we need to get rid of Scott Walker.

Mr. Walker's only talent seems to be kissing corporate ass.  I wonder if he's not gay (what an insult to gay people everywhere, and for that, I apologize) but I've never seen anyone with his face so firmly connected to men's pants and the compulsive need to get in there and smooch it up.

Venture capitalists.  Not an awe-inspiring return on investment there, but hey - it's a giveaway so return on investment doesn't really matter.  What does matter is that Scott Walker has no interest in making Wisconsin a great place.  His only agenda is serving the corporate masters who put him in an office he's ill-equipped to serve. 

Scott Walker must go at the first available opportunity.  His lack of integrity, lack of intelligence and lack of compassion should remain at the forefront of our awareness.  His utter insistence on serving up millions of taxpayer dollars to special interest groups should outrage every citizen in this state. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oil Can Scotty Hates Large Groups of People

The Governor-Joke Scott Walker certainly seems to hate large groups of people. 

Planned Parenthood is going to face enormous funding cuts due to Scott Walker's distaste for all things "sexual".  More evidence that Mr. Walker suffers from a bad case of misogyny.   I, and most people who think clearly, understand that the services Planned Parenthood provides are absolutely necessary.  They are necessary because parents, on every socio-economic level, fail to educate their children in human sexuality.  So, Oil Can hates people who are sexually educated.  That speaks volumes.   I think Scott Walker needs to visit a Planned Parenthood Clinic and finally come to terms with his own sexuality, or lack thereof. 

Unemployed people are the next group on his list to suffer.  "Shame on you for not having a job" is Mr. Oil Can's attitude.  Now you will have to wait a week between your regular unemployment benefits running out, and the extension benefits kicking in.  Well, we all know you darned unemployed people, riding around in your BMW's and dining at five star restaurants, can afford to wait.  I mean, who, really, depends on $340 per week?  That's just such a lot of money, you ought to be able to stretch it to cover two weeks worth of expenses. 

Sick?  Elderly?  Dependent on prescription drug subsidies?  Throw granny off the cliff.  Problem solved.  This is where Oil Can really fits his name.  Walker's Point, here in Milwaukee, could build a huge ramp/platform over the water and charge a dumping fee for wheeling your burden of a family member out of your life and into the Kinnickinnic River.

Even steeped in rhetoric Republicans, like the Fitzgerald clowns, are starting to distance themselves from the basically insane governor.  Now, do we really have to wait to get rid of this horse's arse?  I think that if we can prove how mentally deficient Scott Walker acutally is, we can speed up the recall process.  All in favor of a mental status exam for Scott Walker ---- say "Aye've had enough".

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tommy Thompson - Wisconsin's Lazarus

I had a Boston fern in my office prior to retiring; it had died and come back to full life over a dozen times.  I inherited it from others who had alternately cared for and neglected it.  When I left, I didn't take it with me.  It was very healthy and green and growing well, seemed to like my south facing office.  I don't know how its doing now, but even if its dead, it will come back with a little coaxing.  Our office team named this plant Lazarus because of its ability to overcome death.  Numerous times.

I bring this up because I just saw Tommy Thompson orating on television that he's going to go after Herb Kohl's senate seat. 

GOOD GOD.  How does this relic keep resurrecting himself?  Tommy Thompson doesn't have a single accomplishment in his political life that is worth mentioning.  He does, however, seem to have a powerful thirst for high political office.  What do you call a political alcoholic?  A polisot?

Russ Feingold needs to announce his candidacy for Senator Kohl's office.  Wisconsinites need some good news right now.  I wonder how many other people felt like I did when I saw Tommy's exuberance and excitement on television.....my initial thought "isn't he dead yet?" 

The last thing I want to see is Tommy Thompson's face for the next year or two.  I guess that's my tough luck.  Come on Russ!  We know you can beat this hack.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What Kind of Joke is this Country

Donald Trump has announced that he will NOT run for president of the United States.
On behalf of Americans everywhere.......THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has fathered a love child with a household staffer, causing the demise of his marriage.  The Chairman of the International Monetary Fund has been charged with chasing a hotel maid around his hotel suite, naked, and sexually assaulting her.  Who knew maids had such allure?  Oh, wait a minute.  It's not the maids.  It's the stupid pigs who masquerade as powerful men.

Paul Ryan, the Opie Taylor of national politics, was in Chicago defending his budget proposals and their assaults on Social Security and Medicare.  Even the GOP has dismissed his budget plan as totally unworkable, but the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel gives this guy front page coverage.  Well, most of us in Milwaukee are used to biased and inaccurate reporting in our daily rag, which is why many of us buy Chicago or New York newspapers.  The last thing this clown needs is an upgrade to senator.

Finally, my ongoing problem with my bank is getting worse.  After making inquiry as to what I believe is unfair interest being assessed on my account, I no longer can access my account statements on line.  If I want a copy of a statement, I have to pay $6.00 per page.  Hmmmm.  Well, I did file a complaint with a federal bureau overseeing national banks.  Maybe they'll have better luck getting the information.  Meanwhile, if you are a U.S. Bank customer, better check your own data. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Question Everything in Amerika

I actually took the time to review a credit card account statement and found that despite lowering my debt, my monthly interest charges fluctuated upward. 

I sent an inquiry to the bank, and I filed a complaint with the state's financial board.  It does not make sense that debt reduction would lead to higher interest rates.  I urge all citizens to carefully review charges assessed against them.  You cannot trust anyone in Amerika, especially big business.

Got a letter from another big business, WE Energies, advising that my bill would be increasing by 15%.  This is utterly a slap in the face from a company who paid millions in big bonuses to their executive staff.  I am so sick of having rich pigs on my back.  I wish I could buy energy from another company, but alas, WE Energies is a monopoly and they can do whatever they want.  At our expense and discomfort.

The average Amerikan is being gouged to death by these "businesses".  Amerika is a land of corporate organized crime.  The greed is appalling.  A reasonable person would expect that there would be some legal solution to this type of victimization, but unfortunately, this REMAINS the United States of Amerika, Inc.

If we truly want businesses to treat us fairly, we need to question everything they do, every charge they assess against us, every dime they say they spend on making our lives better. 

At any rate, Amerika is a land of greed and crime, perpetuated against small people by big business.  Singularly, there isn't much we can do.  United, we might actually be able to stop the financial rape being committed.  Question everything.  Complain.  Refuse to do business with any company that has treated you unfairly.  And most importantly, know what is REALLY going on.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Where is Ron Johnson?

Where is the Senator from Wisconsin who so unbelievably beat Russ Feingold in the last election.

Did he get lost between Alexandria and the Mall?

Me thinks Mr. Johnson is subscribing to that wise old adage:  Better to say nothing and appear stupid than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.

Sad Day for Wisconsin

I read that Senator Herb Kohl will not seek re-election.  I understand his point of view, it must be terribly difficult to be a legitimate lawmaker in a sea of special interest, radical agenda colleagues.  I also believe Senator Kohl believes what I have always believed, career politics are never a good thing.  He has done a commendable job as a deeply thoughtful, intelligent representative of our state.  Always.  I am saddened to see him leave an office he has so honestly served.

The obvious choice for Senator Kohl's seat would be Russ Feingold, also a deeply thoughtful, intelligent politician.  Here's hoping.  Mr. Feingold was forced out of office by a right wing propaganda campaign.  That campaign is going to turn out to be the downfall of the GOP.  I think people in Wisconsin got real smart, real fast.

I almost gagged when I saw the Fitzgerald clowns might throw their clown hats into the race.  I mean, seriously, aren't they rotund enough.  Sending them to Washington can only mean terrible things for their body mass indexes.  We all know who will be first in line at the buffet table.  And I don't just mean the food buffet. 

J. B. Van Hollen?  Seriously, this guy knows as much about law and politics as I know about manning the space shuttle. 

So here are wishes to Russ Feingold that he can raise the $2 to $4 million dollars it will take to mount a successful primary campaign.  Can you believe it?  It's always all about money.  Wouldn't that money be better spent on solving America's problems, instead of creating them if some redneck rabid right wing nut actually becomes the beneficiary of the Koch brothers largess?  Case in Point - Scott (Oil Can) Walker.

Limited terms.  Caps on campaign spending.  It all seems so very simple, yet no one embraces it.  Because, again, its all about money.

Newsflash:  America is broke, in debt, and barely solvent.  So are most of its citizens.  Lets put people in office who can repair the problems without punishing the poor, the elderly and the disenfranchised.

Money makes the world go around?  Hardly.  Money makes the world go down.  If your success is tied up in how much money you have, you are truly a bankrupt person.  Can't take it with you, and when you go, it's too late to reconsider your priorities.

Friday, May 13, 2011


My husband's son is a thirty-year-old adolescent.  Can't hold a job.  Can't earn an honest buck.  Can't get beyond his arrogance.  Can't maintain a relationship.  Can't boast of a single success in his life.

He is, however, a world-class moocher.  Mama holds the purse strings and baby jumps.  It's a very sick relationship, symbiotic in mama bear needs attention and needs to assuage her guilt over raising this poor excuse of a human being, and baby bear needs cash.  Lots of cash.  Note previous paragraph - the kid can't earn an honest dollar.  At thirty - that's ridiculous.

At any rate, this isn't about the dysfunctional son or the enabling mother.  Its about moochers in general. 

There are many people in the world who just can't get anything together and so they mooch.  Some of them marry well.  Most of them maintain that someone else's success is their own.  They are parasitic in their efforts to find someone who will support their cash flow and their materialism. 

I was once married to a world class moocher.  I know the type well.  I know the devastation they bring to people who are trying to live solid lives.  I understand the overall cost of these people.

How to tell if you're dealing with a moocher:

1.  The story.  They all have stories.  All the stories are based on a "poor me" delusion.

2.  The lies.  Moochers have to keep reinventing themselves.  They do this by embellishing their stories.  Their stories become lies.  Their lies become their reality. Their distorted reality ultimately takes everyone down.  Truth has a way of surfacing no matter how accomplished the liar.

3.  Coupla bucks.  They always need a couple of bucks.

4.  The Facade.  They always tell of their (imaginary) great successes and the big deal just around the corner.

5.  If Only.  They always have an excuse for their poor performance.  It's always someone else's fault.  If only you, he, she, they  __________ (fill in the blank).

6.  Legal Troubles.  Moochers always get into legal trouble.  Ultimately, the mooching extends to people outside the family who might not be so, uh, understanding ???

7.  Inability to Undertake Responsibility.  Moochers, by their very nature, are irresponsible.  They won't do the expected, and by that I mean, what any normal human being would expect from another.  Like caring for their own children.

If there is a moocher in your life, dump him/her.  They don't change.  The only thing that changes is their ability to successfully mooch and their victims.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

General Complaints

Apparently our budget crisis here in Wisconsin won't prevent Scott Walker from spending 5.7 million dollars to push through legislation that will make it harder for people to vote.  Demanding a photo identification at the polls will certainly cause problems for the more disenfranchised voters in our society.  Scott Walker is the incredible transparent man.  Looking through him, you can see that this waste of taxpayer money is directly aimed at thwarting recall elections for Republican lawmakers.  Too Bad Oil Can.  You're on your way out, and passage of this bill will annoy taxpayers even more.

Got a letter from Archbishop Listecki.  His Salutation:  "Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ".  The letter than goes on to explain the reason he is asking bankruptcy court to set a deadline for possible claims of abuse against the diocese.  Claims must be filed by September 15th.  The Roman Catholic Church is not bankrupt, except morally.  Our Father of Perpetual Molestation is alive and well.  Christ would be appalled.  Christ needs a lawyer to protect his good name.

Went to the gas station and was talking to a woman in line at the cashier.  She had an armful of some of the most unhealthy foods marketed to people.  Cheese corn (pretty sure no cheese is involved in the manufacturer of this product, just an orange dusty like chemical).  Cookies.  Candy Bars.  She told me she didn't know how to cook and just ate to fill herself up.  I quickly told her I used to eat just like she was eating, and how it almost killed me.  Coming soon -- helpful hints for people who don't know how to cook and don't know how to eat a healthy diet.  I did persuade her to trade her cheesecorn for nuts and seeds, her Oreo's for Fig Newtons, her candy bars for a granola snack.  Not much of a step up, but certainly a step in the right direction.

Finally, why do I live in this stupid state?  Its run by crooked and rabid republicans, the weather barely warms up even in deep spring and the roads are always under construction.  My husband is terribly allergic to tree pollen and I have developed a  deep hatred of all things snow-related.  I can't wait to move.  Hopefully, out of the United States of AmeriKa!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cup of Delusion, Anyone?

What?  Scott Walker cuts billions of dollars from the Wisconsin public education system, and then has the unmitigated gall to publicly say he stands for education.  Obviously the education he stands for is the same one he received - non-existent.

Scott Walker needs to go.  At the first available opportunity.  He is way beyond incompetent politician and has crossed over into the land of the insane.  I think the power trip Oil Can Scotty is on has fried what little brains he started with.  All those in favor of Oil Can Scotty taking his annual Harley ride without a helmet, say "Aye".   What's to lose?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oil Can Scotty's Pre-emptive Strike

Well, Walker found a way to kiss corporate a$$ again, by signing some shoddy legislation that again denies paid sick leave to Milwaukee workers.

Question:  Does Scott Walker ever get sick and get paid for a day off?

Answer:  Scott Walker is the perfect hypocrite, he's mentally ill all of the time but still goes to work.  He should just stay home and take advantage of the many benefits of being governor.   I guess he doesn't care that more and more people are thinking of him less as a governor and more as the ultimate poor taste joke that he is.

Let's hope he prayed for enlightenment at the Milwaukee breakfast this morning.  Of course, there's nothing to receive it if it ever came to him.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Further Evidence of Scott Walker's Ignorance

Yeah, Oil Can Scotty sure did blow it.  He roared into the governor's seat with a fighting stance and a completely hidden agenda, and tried (is still trying) to destroy basic collective bargaining rights for SOME state employees, under the pretext of balancing a budget.

After much drama and more than a few recall petitions for several Wisconsin senators, Oil Can Scotty has gone strangely silent.

Here is my take.

Scott Walker will never finish his term as governor.  As soon as recall is possible here in Wisconsin, a petition will be filed.  I find it very reasonable to expect that the recall effort will come to fruition.

Scott Walker will never win another elected political seat.  He has proven himself to be morally bankrupt and unable to separate from his ridiculous agenda:  "my rabidly right way or the highway"  (that road being paid for by teacher's salary and benefit cuts).  He has completely lost touch with the political climate of the electorate. 

Scott Walker's ego has prevented him from effective governance of anything.  He was and is so busy trying to make a name for himself in conservative circles, he has lost sight of the real and honest work of being a governor.  Me thinks this is because he hasn't got a clue on how to be a leader.  Seriously, Scott Walker is incapable of leadership.  That was apparent to everyone who tried to work with him when he was Milwaukee County Executive. 

Scott Walker seems to have one talent, pulling the wool over ignorant eyes.  Scott Walker's political career is over, dead by his own hand.  It will take Mr. Walker many many months to realize this.  The ego is so much larger than the part of his brain encompassing reason. 

Watch for Scott Walker's next career as a Fox Television Network celebutard.  He has what it takes to start a new career there - an absolute lack of intelligence and integrity, along with an uncanny ability to lie with a straight (albeit lazy-eyed) face.  That lazy eye sort of flutters whenever he's lying, but since he's lying all the time, probably I'm the only one who notices.

I'm throwing a huge party when Wisconsin rids itself of this pest, Scott Walker.  You're all invited.  It is a very sad state of affairs when the Governor of a State is thought of as a garden slug.  Let his legacy of slime trails come to a quick and appropriate end, sooner rather than later.

Oh and by the by, let's all fervently hope that Wisconsin communities do not suffer any major tornados this season.  Scott Walker won't be able to recognize a disaster area.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden is Still Dead

I understand how people (mostly Americans) are overjoyed that the elusive terrorist Osama bin Laden is dead, killed by a team of Navy Seals in Pakistan.   What makes me shake my head in disbelief is the jumping for joy, glee in the streets, American celebration, captured in media photographs.  Yeah, Osama bin Laden was an evil mastermind of anti-American plots.  But the fact is, we look as stupid as any fanatical sect when we celebrate with joy, the death of anyone. 

bin Laden is dead.  He can't plot against the United States anymore.......but his legacy lives on in the ranks of Al Qaida.  I'm afraid of further destabilization of the world.  I'm afraid that where there's one bin Laden, there are seventy more fanatics looking to step up into his shoes.

I'm afraid that Americans don't realize that acts of terrorism are never about one person, one ideal, one set of beliefs versus another. 

I'm afraid that my belief, that a nation engaged in an effort to improve the human condition, doesn't have to worry about terrorist acts, will never come to pass.  As long as we're imperialistic, we're going to invite terrorist attacks.  As long as power is our game, powerful negative impact will be our result.