Tuesday, February 28, 2012

America Is Mean

I confess, I can get caught up in the meanness of our times.  I could probably never say a kind thing about Scott Walker or his useless administration.  But I'm suffering right along with the rest of this country from the meanness of people in power, and it's making me mean.

I don't know how to fix America, not sure I even believe there is a fix for America and how mean we are as a society.

Guess we should start to worry.  There might be a very good reason there's a big meteorite on a collision course with us. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Is Scott Walker a Chicken?

Well, hard pressed to say.  We haven't heard a single peep out of him lately about the John Doe investigation.  The Dems have a powerful ad coming out wherein he's compared to Richard Nixon.  It's WATERGATE all over again.  WALKERGATE.  Just what the good, deserving United States citizens need.  What did he know?  When did he know it?  What did he do about it?  Walker's a riddle, the riddle being, "when you say my name I disappear, what am I?"  Answer:  SILENCE.  He sure is silent.

This is interesting, when remembering the outright lies he always has managed to spin out of pure bull$hit.  Walker always puts a happy face on every dastardly deed he commits.  Did his spin doctors quit him?  Or did his attorneys tell him to shut his stupid trap, once and for all, because every time he opens it, he seems to get caught in a lie.

We are all so anxiously awaiting to see what the John Doe investigation has uncovered regarding the dishonorable Scott Walker.  Eagle Scout and Preacher's Son don't carry much weight in judicial proceedings, although we know there are lots of folks in Wisconsin who buy into that b.s.  However, malfeasance is as malfeasance does.  And it does carry a penalty. 

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tim Russell wants Venue Change

Sticky fingered Tim Russell wants his trial moved out of Milwaukee County, where he stole money from veteran's groups. 

Hmmm..  he doesn't think he can get a fair trial in Milwaukee County, where his crimes were perpetrated.

Well, how about if we move his trial to Yemen?  Or one of those countries where the punishment for thievery is the removal of the offending appendages, i.e., hands.

Okay, that's a bit far-fetched.  How about if we move his trial to Waukesha County (America's Yemen), where an impaneled jury might be so pro-Walker, he'll get off with a wrist slap.  I'm sure this is Mr. Russell's fervent hope.  It is also Waukesha County's claim to fame ---- a place where political ignorance and cronyism run rampant.

Mr. Russell is going to jail, no matter where they hold his trial.  He is without morality and belongs in a place with other like-minded individuals.  It's a real wake up call when karma is leveled.  Unfortunately for Mr. Russell, he'll wake up and have no place to go but down to the depths of despair.   I doubt, however, someone of his character will understand "how I got here".  What he's bound to understand, sooner or later, is he's there alone.  Hung out to dry.  Walker's clothesline is full of Tim Russell's.  And the emperor still isn't wearing any clothes.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wisconsin - Just Not Getting It

Just when I thought it was safe to open my front door and step outside into Wisconsin, I'm assailed by headlines lying on my front porch.  Granted, these headlines are from the Milwaukee Journal, otherwise known (to progressives everywhere) as the Milwaukee Urinal.

First Headline:  Santorum Leads GOP Rivals In State Poll.
You have got to be kidding.  Santorum, who wants to police my picachu and your bedroom.  This man is seriously afraid of all things s-e-x, especially women or he wouldn't be so determined to trample their rights. Oh well, buried further down in that article is the fact that no GOP candidate comes close to possibly beating Obama in the presidential election, returning our once great state to my favorite color, blue.  Let's hope Marquette University's poll holds as much water as Santorum seems to be holding semen.

Second Headline:  Redistricting Trial To Go Forward. 
Well, once the GOP is on a losing streak, they're like pitbulls; they just can't be dissuaded.  This case is going to trail just as our delusional governor raised the amount of taxpayer money that can be spent on outside attorneys from $500,000 to $925,000.  There it is folks.  Your tax dollars at work, intended to preserve the insane workings of the republican party.  These guys would do better to fund mental health services for all party members.  At least, I wouldn't mind paying for that.  Prozac for everyone.  Thorazine.  Hell, Flintstone vitamins might even help these brainless wonders.  Personally, I'd like to open a business in Wisconsin that sells portable electro-convulsive therapy machines.  These GOPPERs need something to shock them back to reality.

Third Headline:  Ex-Walker Aide Fights Charges
Roll over and spill your guts.  That's my advice.  Try to stay out of jail by putting your former boss there in your place.  As Spike Lee said  in such cinematic perfection, "Do The Right Thing".  Once.  Just once.  Life is short and you're running out of opportunities to do so.

Well, I'm going to cuddle up with a good book, my cantakerous kitty, my faithful dog, and my doting husband, and wait for the snowstorm.  As so much everything else is in Wisconsin, it will probably be a miss.  But wouldn't I just love a snow day?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sing Like A Canary

Well, we all know Walker's top aides are in deep, stinky stuff over secret e-mail systems, campaigning on the County Dime, stealing money from veterans and their families; you know, typical GOP behavior.

The question is, which one of these felonious beings is going to sing like a canary and nail Walker's unethical a$$ to the wall?  My bet is with the thief.  Prison time never looks good to anyone.  If a few years can get shaved off a sentence, will he turn on his former boss?  Here's hoping.  And what choice does he really have?  Would you go to prison for Scott Walker?  I wouldn't take a step out of my way for the governor.  I wouldn't warn him he was standing on train tracks when Amtrack is about to pass by.  The only thing I would do for Scott Walker is sign Chapter 51 commitment papers on him because of his delusions of grandeur.  He's a menace to himself and others.  That a majority of people in this state didn't see that, well, shame on you, you must have mental health issues of your own.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Redistricting Maps as Tainted as Scott Walker

The dirty, underhanded GOP is facing the wrath of judges in the way they redrew the redistricting maps to favor their party in future elections.  The current lawsuit hinges on two major claims:

1.  Latinos are deprived of their full voting strength because of where the lines fall on Milwaukee's southside.

2.  An unnecessary and totally ridiculous long wait between elections for the state Senate because of the way voters were moved from one district to another.

The judges reviewing this - uh - piece of crap legislation passed by the republicans - are exasperated with the GOP --- for keeping the process secret and repeatedly attempting to withhold documents as to how they came up with their redistricting maps. 

Do you people in Wisconsin see what is happening to you?  The GOP stands for Gigantically Opposed to Progress.  These are not politicians, they are totalitarians.  The people who voted these clowns into office don't deserve to live here......maybe they're white, rich and old so they'll croak soon.  I am encouraging the rest of you stupid SOB's to move.  Please.  Just get the F*ck out of this state.  Go to Iran.  Or Yemen.  Or someplace where attitudes that you have adopted actually are appreciated.  Just get lost.  We can kick the republicans out of office, but there's not much we can do to protect ourselves from your stupidity.  We hate that you live here among decent people.  Pretty much, the majority of people in Wisconsin can't stand you and don't want you around.  Remember it.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Rant for the Day

I just threw out a deep fat fryer that I had used half a dozen times.  Made in China.  Pure $hit.

Two months ago, I threw out a brand new kitchen sink faucet because it was clogged with metal shavings and stopped working after two weeks.  Made in China.  Pure $hit.

Six months ago, I threw out a rain shower head because it broke off at the pipe.  Made in China.  Pure $hit.

Why does our government let China glut the market with substandard merchandise?  In my opinion, China will never attain super-power status because they can't manufacture anything that actually works. 

Here's my advice.  Buy products made in America (except cars).  Or at least, don't buy Chinese merchandise because it is all sub-standard.  I know very little about trade agreements and foreign policy, but I do know that if there is one Chinese symbol on anything I'm considering purchasing, I'll say no and walk away. 

It's bad enough the American people are bombarded with a government in total disarray and one that ALSO doesn't work, but this waste of money we are all spending on Chinese crap is the last straw for me.

Other than rice, I don't see China offering the United States anything except a lot of aggravation.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Scott Walker Out of Options

Scott Walker was not given an extension of time to review recall petition signatures, which firmly puts him on the ballot for recall come spring.  Walker's ploy in asking for more review time was to raise money from people as seriously challenged by the concept of democracy as he is.  I'm sure his coffers are bulging with cash anyhow, but this victory for all advocates of democracy is heartening.

We all want Walker to go.  Anywhere.  Quickly.  We all are hopeful his political career is over.  The rich needed a scapegoat, and Walker gladly stepped up to the task.  Not only did he not have a complete understanding of what his actions would do, as they related to the gutting of collective bargaining, he was completely duped by people pretending to actually like him by giving him money.  Now that he is seriously going to be ousted from the governorship, the strain of the position he is in is showing on his face.  Note to other politicos:  never be some one's bitch, no matter how much money they have. 

What should Walker do?

Tuck his tail between his legs, resign and head to Mexico.  Learn Spanish.  Save the state the cost of the recall election, which certainly he cannot win.

Get a thoughtful job at a right-wing think tank.  Of course, he'll have to learn how to think, first.  Could take awhile.

Run the tilt-a-whirl at State Fair this summer.  He'll have to lose a few front teeth, but I'm sure there is no shortage of people willing to help him out there.

At any rate, I'm still hoping for the one big coffin nail to slam down on Scott Walker and his embarrassment of a career --- a grand jury indictment.  The timing of this could be indicative of just how determined democrats actually are in preserving justice and honor in our state and in a democracy.  We can only hope.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scott Walker's Little Man Stature

I had to laugh when I saw Scott Walker presenting President Obama with a Brewer's jersey when the Prez was in town yesterday.  Was Scott Walker wearing his elevator shoes?  We all know he's a wimpy little short guy, so why did he look so tall at the airport?  Begging off a visit to MasterLock, Walker claimed he had the flu and left the scene.  Truth is, Obama probably can't stand the sight of this little F*ckweasel and couldn't begin to buy into the hypocrisy of having Walker near him, despite the shortness of the visit.  It was almost obscene to see a great and honorable politician stand next to our disillusioned and mentally unbalanced governor.

Truth probably is, Oil Can Scotty's feet were killing him.  He is not used to wearing high heels, even though he is one.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee, is outraged at Walker and Van Hollen's assertion that they will take mortgage relief money to plug holes in the state budget and its within their right to do so.


Hmmmm.  Am I outraged?  Oh I'm so far beyond outraged I can't think of an adjective to describe these two complete a$$es, or how I feel about what they have done.

I just wish we were in the old west, where justice was often meted out at the end of a rope.  Recall is too good for Scott Walker.  Killing his career is too good for Scott Walker.  Just about anything you can name as punishment is too good for Scott Walker. 

I'm truly hopeful that Scott Walker will suffer all the indignities and tortures he himself has imposed on hardworking, decent people.  And his backers, as well.  May you all suffer miserably the rest of your born days.  Now.....where's my voodoo doll?  

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Post Holiday Blues

Now this might seem like a ridiculously inane rant, but I'm still looking at Christmas decorations in my neighborhood:  trees still lighted, gutters still outlined, brown wreaths withering on rusty nails, their red plastic bows looking less festive and more pathetic.  There are plastic snow men looking weak, weary and deflated.  Please people.  Get over it.  Get over Christmas.  Being a Wisconsinite, I can understand how the ambitious decorators might want to wait until the ice and snow of the season abates to remove these, uh, shrines.  Come on.  We've had more balmy days in January and February than we customarily get in March and April.  TAKE THEM DOWN. 

I'm not a big fan of the Christmas season, probably because I don't consider myself a Christian (although raised such), and don't practice Christian rituals.  Religious tolerance is important to me, though, so I don't bemoan excessive use of electricity in December and the first few weeks of January.  Like I said.  It's the middle of February.  Enough already, for chrissakes.  Send your wise men to their packing crates.

Just a stupid thing, but so annoying to me, and probably every other religious avoidant in the world.  I guess I should be happy that all the outdoor decorating enthusiasts don't erect a crucifix in their yard on Easter and hang a bloody, burlap Jesus on it.  Crap.  I hope I didn't just start a trend.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mortgage Funds to be Diverted by Walker to Fill Budget Holes

Can you say totalitarianism?  Well, our governor probably can't spell it, but he certainly engages in it.  Wisconsin is due to get $140 million in a national settlement over foreclosure and mortgage servicing abuses, but he's going to take it to plug budget holes (as large as the holes in his head) instead of rightfully turning it over to troubled homeowners.

Attorney Generally Stupid Van Hollen says he has the legal authority over the money, and can make the decision to do so.

Wake up Wisconsin.  These two S.O.B.'s are the gafia.  They are corrupt, run amok, out of control bastards who continually trample the rights of ordinary citizens.

Stand With Walker?  Walk Away With Scabies!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


If more people used contraceptives, there would be less republicans.  I'm sure that's Obama's plan.  Oh wait a minute.  Republicans don't have sex for the purpose of reproduction.  They only like sex where mass quantities of working class people can all get screwed at once without a condom.  Are republicans like crack-addicted prostitutes, willing to turn any trick to put a penny in their pockets?  Certainly seems so. 

I find the republican attitude toward sex to be very informative.  Republicans want to control the bedroom.  Well, maybe that's not so bad.  I mean, given their propensity to f*ck up the works, some bedrooms probably could use a little republican assistance. 

Republicans are misguided misogynists, and any woman who votes republican votes against herself, her rights and her body.  Is there anything more distressing to any sensible woman alive than a republican wifey who agrees with her husband because she doesn't have enough sense to wonder where her mind has gone?  If ONLY their mothers had been given access to the pill!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ten Reasons to Be Happy You're Not a Republican

1.  Your life isn't a series of more prevarication and back peddling to cover the lies you've already told.

2.  Your wife doesn't look like Pat Nixon or Nancy Reagan. 

3.  Your children won't get beat up on the street.

4.  Your mother raised you with an ounce of humor and a pound of warmth.

5.  You still have the respect of most of your peers.

6.  You don't have to bend down and pick up pennies because your whole life is not based on your personal net worth.

7.  You have actually gone swimming in a pristine lake and know the value of clean water.

8.  You don't engage in criminal behavior.

9.  You don't constantly bitch about paying taxes.

10.  You're not a f*cking moron.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Spin Doctor Walker

Walker is attempting to minimize his invitation to talk with D.A. John Chisholm as merely a "logical next step".  Logical?  Next Step?  Then why hire two criminal defense attorneys?  Why decline to comment who is going to pay for the criminal defense attorneys.

Walker is spinning more $hit out of straw.  He has the exact opposite of the Midas Touch; everything he touches turns into an investigation.

This writer is very hopeful that Mr. Chisholm has crossed his "t's" and dotted his "i's" so that we can charge Mr. Walker with being the crook he is in terms of how he ran his gubernatorial campaign.  It's quiet here, but the proverbial crap appears to be ready to hit the fan.  May Mr. Walker be standing directly in front of that fan.  The smell of crap would be an improvement over his permanent stench of a lying sack of $hit.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Continues to be Balmy

Well, we're just enjoying a mild winter here in Wisconsin.  Of course, we are shoving to the back of our thought processes the reality that global warming is endangering the planet.  Yes, I am happy to get a reprieve from a normal Wisconsin winter.  No, I'm not foolish enough to believe that this is a good thing.  No snow.  No freeze.  No good.

I'm going to New Orleans to celebrate spring.  Hurricanes (in a glass), Antoine's, Cafe du Monde and $5 shrimp cocktails for lunch.  Of course, it would be better if I was actually escaping Wisconsin's normally gray climate, but I love New Orleans, so it doesn't really matter.  It is just hard to believe that last year at this time, my husband and I and our good friends were housebound, waiting for a plane that could take us to Costa Rica.  Snowed in for four days.  As we  finally sat on the tarmac, watching the snow swirl outside the window, listening to my husband rant that we'd never get out of Wisconsin while the de-icers were working on the plane, it really hit home that we are all subject to mother nature's whims.  So we really ought to stop tying her up and raping her.

Finally, I'm taking a drawing class and today will be class 2.  Unfortunately, my homework assignment is about on a par with the drawings some of the kindergartners create at my school.  I'm very curious to see just what my teacher can teach me about drawing.  Basically, my artistic talents lies elsewhere, but it's tres cool to walk around with a sketch pad.  As long as no one asks to take a peek.

Today is respite.  Respite from Wisconsin politics.  Respite from the stress of a new job.  Respite from all things demanding.

Have a good Saturday everyone.  Until we all get months of Sundays!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Decent Folks of Wisconsin - Take Heart!!!!!!

Walker's invitation to appear before the Grand Jury investigating the stench of his administration arrived at the Governor's mansion this evening.

Woo Hoo and Hallelujah!  We may save those recall dollars yet! 

Walker has claimed he will willingly go to meet with the Grand Jury (as if he had a freakin' choice) and that he has hired an attorney, but will not spend tax dollars to pay for him/her.  HA HA HA HA HA.  How noble of this stupid s.o.b. to not steal anymore money/time from Wisconsin taxpayers.

At any rate, it's a GREAT DAY in Wisconsin.  It's a GREAT DAY in my household.  Crackin' open the champagne and dancing the Dirty Politician Jig.  I am so happy this day is finally here!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

More Fun At Milwaukee County

We've got a county supervisor accused of  taking bribes at Dunk'n DoNuts.  Gees.  I can remember the days when illicit business was transacted at Giovanni's, where all the real criminals hung out.  At least the food was good.  Alas, Giovanni's is long gone since the maitre'd was murdered there.  But there are still some classier places than a donut shop.  Of course, the bribe was for 500 bucks, so, I guess you get wined and dined according to your sleaze bag price.

We've got Sheriff Clarke randomly overturning judge's orders for electronic monitoring and locking up prisoners while calling the judge "deceitful".  Everybody at the Sheriff's Department should take cover, because I think his head has gotten so big from crazy, it's about to blow.  The blast of dead air will be so large it could maim people.

Is it any wonder Scott Walker cut his political teeth at Milwaukee County?  It's a freak show.  Now the elephant man is in the capitol, turning the state into a freak show, and Milwaukee County continues to run amok.  I feel so bad for the good people who work there.  I guarantee, they're the line workers and not anyone in a position of authority. 

Anyone today who thinks politics is a good career choice has to be very naive or extraordinarily stupid.  Milwaukee County and the State of Wisconsin are prime examples of the inmates running the asylum. Our entire political system is the poster child for limited political terms, on every level.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Secret Routers, Secret E-Mails, Secret Investigations

Scott Walker clearly violated Milwaukee County's Technology Policy when he set up a private e-mail system in the County Execs office.

I'm sure he'll claim he doesn't know anything about it, but I'm hoping that once, just freakin' once, a crook will get what's coming to him.  I would like to see Scott Walker arrested, charged with malfeasance in public office, and be sent to jail, or at least be forbidden from ever seeking public office again.  Now that would be a true victory, and save the costs of a recall election.  Come on District Attorney John Chisholm.  We know you've got the goods, now deliver the indictments!