Sunday, February 12, 2012

Post Holiday Blues

Now this might seem like a ridiculously inane rant, but I'm still looking at Christmas decorations in my neighborhood:  trees still lighted, gutters still outlined, brown wreaths withering on rusty nails, their red plastic bows looking less festive and more pathetic.  There are plastic snow men looking weak, weary and deflated.  Please people.  Get over it.  Get over Christmas.  Being a Wisconsinite, I can understand how the ambitious decorators might want to wait until the ice and snow of the season abates to remove these, uh, shrines.  Come on.  We've had more balmy days in January and February than we customarily get in March and April.  TAKE THEM DOWN. 

I'm not a big fan of the Christmas season, probably because I don't consider myself a Christian (although raised such), and don't practice Christian rituals.  Religious tolerance is important to me, though, so I don't bemoan excessive use of electricity in December and the first few weeks of January.  Like I said.  It's the middle of February.  Enough already, for chrissakes.  Send your wise men to their packing crates.

Just a stupid thing, but so annoying to me, and probably every other religious avoidant in the world.  I guess I should be happy that all the outdoor decorating enthusiasts don't erect a crucifix in their yard on Easter and hang a bloody, burlap Jesus on it.  Crap.  I hope I didn't just start a trend.

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