Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Redistricting Maps as Tainted as Scott Walker

The dirty, underhanded GOP is facing the wrath of judges in the way they redrew the redistricting maps to favor their party in future elections.  The current lawsuit hinges on two major claims:

1.  Latinos are deprived of their full voting strength because of where the lines fall on Milwaukee's southside.

2.  An unnecessary and totally ridiculous long wait between elections for the state Senate because of the way voters were moved from one district to another.

The judges reviewing this - uh - piece of crap legislation passed by the republicans - are exasperated with the GOP --- for keeping the process secret and repeatedly attempting to withhold documents as to how they came up with their redistricting maps. 

Do you people in Wisconsin see what is happening to you?  The GOP stands for Gigantically Opposed to Progress.  These are not politicians, they are totalitarians.  The people who voted these clowns into office don't deserve to live here......maybe they're white, rich and old so they'll croak soon.  I am encouraging the rest of you stupid SOB's to move.  Please.  Just get the F*ck out of this state.  Go to Iran.  Or Yemen.  Or someplace where attitudes that you have adopted actually are appreciated.  Just get lost.  We can kick the republicans out of office, but there's not much we can do to protect ourselves from your stupidity.  We hate that you live here among decent people.  Pretty much, the majority of people in Wisconsin can't stand you and don't want you around.  Remember it.

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