Monday, February 20, 2012

Rant for the Day

I just threw out a deep fat fryer that I had used half a dozen times.  Made in China.  Pure $hit.

Two months ago, I threw out a brand new kitchen sink faucet because it was clogged with metal shavings and stopped working after two weeks.  Made in China.  Pure $hit.

Six months ago, I threw out a rain shower head because it broke off at the pipe.  Made in China.  Pure $hit.

Why does our government let China glut the market with substandard merchandise?  In my opinion, China will never attain super-power status because they can't manufacture anything that actually works. 

Here's my advice.  Buy products made in America (except cars).  Or at least, don't buy Chinese merchandise because it is all sub-standard.  I know very little about trade agreements and foreign policy, but I do know that if there is one Chinese symbol on anything I'm considering purchasing, I'll say no and walk away. 

It's bad enough the American people are bombarded with a government in total disarray and one that ALSO doesn't work, but this waste of money we are all spending on Chinese crap is the last straw for me.

Other than rice, I don't see China offering the United States anything except a lot of aggravation.

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