Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Assaults on Planned Parenthood

I really am sick to death of Republican right wing fanatics trying to regulate every aspect of my sexuality, including the right to bear children, or NOT to bear children.  For a group of people who demand less government, I don't quite understand their overwhelming need to crawl up inside wombs and regulate the 28 day cycle.

Here is an idea --- why not regulate the obviously overactive and aggressive testosterone level in every male in every country by surgically removing a testicle.   How about that for an answer to all the wars, all the need to make things go KA POW, all the craziness that makes grown men want to kill women and children.  If aliens ever came to me and asked what could help Earth be more peaceful, this is what I would tell them.

Or better yet, when white males who own a lot of guns think reproductive services are in their realm of expertise and is their domain to regulate; why not tie them down and remove both testicles.  This could be a new service offered by Planned Parenthood, one of controversy born of necessity.  IDSIMAWBB.  The new medical procedure for men intent on controlling women.  IDSIMAWBB is an acronym for "I'm Dickless So I May As Well Be Ball-less". 

The constant attack on women's reproductive rights is symbolic of how threatened these men are by half the species.  Women need to unite right now and threaten these Henry The VIII types with testicular amputation.  Women should arm ourselves with guns and start the notching out process of how many testicles we take out every week.  This sounds like great fun to all women everywhere who have been bullied, battered and oppressed for generations.  You so-called men out there better take heed.  Every dog has its day.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Be Thankful

No political message.

No degradation of presidential candidates from the Republican Party.

No message of doom and gloom.....

Just a simple day to be thankful, for the simplest things, like people who love you and whom you love in return.

For having a safe place to close your eyes at night.

For a bountiful dining table.

So many people don't have these things.  So give thanks to the Universe that, at least for you, the Big Bang is unfolding beautifully.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

I'm Just Going to Come Out and Say It

Donald Trump is Stupid

Donald Trump has UGLY hair.

Donald Trump is a Racist

Donald Trump is a Misogynist.

Donald Trump's answer to the world's problems is "bomb".

Donald Trump, being the leading candidate for the Republican Nomination is PROOF POSITIVE THAT THE GOP IS OVER IN THIS COUNTRY.

Vote Bernie.  Vote Hillary.  Vote Coco the Monkey.  The democrats will take back this nation.  The republican party, and republicans in general, have hung themselves with their own rope of lamentable ignorance and inexhaustible greed.

Good riddance.

I'm not a democrat --- I'm a progressive, and I will always vote for the most progressive candidates.  The GOP  doesn't have a single one.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

No Sweeter Music to my Ears!

I hear the sobs of a couple of billionaires over the fact that all the money they poured into Louisiana was so much waste water over the levees.

There just isn't any greater joy in my life than to see financial bullies NOT get their way.  Money can't buy everything.  Not that it makes much difference to them......with the obscene personal fortunes of the Koch's, the loss is really no more than a drop in a bucket.  But they have lost far more than money......and that is what sticks in their collective craws and makes me want to put on the Zydeco music and start dancing.

Congratulations to John Bel Edwards, who is surely a more rational choice for Governor than was David Vitter.

I imagine part of the victory of a democratic candidate winning in a notoriously red state is largely attributed to the fact that Louisiana, with its vast natural resources, still lags far behind financially from where it should stand.  This bespeaks years and years of Republican mismanagement and rhetoric over reason. 

I hope that soon Louisiana will be known not so much for the rabidly right wing politics of Duck Dynasty, but for the integrity we all hope John Bel Edwards will bring to the office of Governor.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Thank God It's Almost Over (that is, the Louisiana Governor's Race)

I am SO very happy that tomorrow is election day.  Negative politicking is getting to be too much for most citizens to stomach.

Frankly, as in most elections, I'm not voting for anyone, but merely against the worst candidate.  Last person I voted for was Obama.  Thank goodness lots of people voted with me there!  Twice. 

My choices are:

David Vitter, a diaper wearing, prostitute visiting, good ol' boy who was rated one of the worst U.S. Senators in history.  But he learned from his mistakes.  (If that was true, he wouldn't be running for anything but the Atchafalya and a life of Cajun anonymity.)  David Vitter is a huge embarrassment to the State of Louisiana.  Apparently the only one who's not embarrassed by David Vitter is David Vitter.

John Bel Edwards - a relatively stable human being with a less than stellar agenda.  I really don't like the Muslim-fearing, refugee-refusing pandering to the rednecks, but I guess all's fair in hate and politics.  At least, he might bring something new to the State Capitol --- which is stagnant in its mediocrity, dysfunction, corruption and ineptitude. 

My vote will go to John Bel Edwards, not because I'm for him..., but because he simply poses the least of possible menaces to the wonderful people of this beautiful state.  Stay tuned.  Interesting times in Louisiana!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Consistent Stupidity of the Republican Party

If there is one constant all Americans can count on, it's the continued bad ideas that the Republican Party keeps proposing.

Remember invading Iraq?  My son served in the army, fighting a huge tank battle, and returning home damaged and never the same.  For what?  Most Americans wrongly believe this was payback for 9/11.  It was not.  It was to keep the military/industrial complex going; it was for making billion dollar profits for Halliburton and other corporations, and it was wagging the dog at its absolute finest.

So now the Republican party is calling for boots on the ground to fight ISIS.  ISIS came into being because of our middle eastern manipulations to begin with.  How will killing and maiming more U.S. military personnel change anything?  It won't.  This is why I hate history......the ignorant never learn from it.  And the Republican Party is ignorant.  That's putting it nicely.  These people are just plain stupid.  Someone isn't making the kind of profits they want to make.  Killing a few thousand American servicemen and women will change that.  Is that what America is all about?  I realize the greed and excess of our country is first and foremost in importance to people like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, the list goes on.  But what we're all about is based on lies and proof that these methods simply do not work.  If you keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, that is the definition of insanity. If you don't learn from history, you're doomed to repeat it. 

In the age of information, to remain ignorant is a personal choice that too many Americans are making.  There is a grand plan to keep the populace of our country misinformed and stupid.  The dumbing down of America has long been documented, and the result is, our country is a disaster, the planet is on the verge of destruction, and the Republicans rejoice in these results because it generally will end with profit for someone.  You can bet it won't be you.

But leaving politics out of it, if this is the current human condition, then we, as humans, should do our part and become extinct.  We've neither solved any real problems, nor have we improved the world in any humanitarian, lasting sense.  We're dinosaurs.  The planet will get rid of us because we  are just too stupid to survive .  We're born into a pristine garden, which we're hell bent on destroying.  This is the path we are on.  Perhaps this is the end result of evolving from apes.  I hope for alien intervention, because there's bloody little intelligent life down here.  And the worst of the worst are members of the Republican Party.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Perhaps if the United States was engaged in humanitarian efforts (desperately needed) instead of having the largest defense budget on the planet (unnecessary), the global acts of random murder by extremists would come to an end.

Empires are vulnerable to attack.  The United States should be less concerned with defending itself, and more engaged in becoming a model global citizen.  Until we get that, and do that, not much will change.

What happened in Paris is the work of fundamentally unbalanced people, promoting their agenda of hatred for Western civilizations.  But what about the domestic terrorists we breed right here in the good old United States of Amerika?  The movie theatre assassins.  The Ku Klux Klan.  The Unibomber.  The Manson Family.  The Tylenol poisoners.  The campus killers.  The Branch Davidians. The Jonestown Kool-Aid drinkers.  The people who put needles in Halloween candy.  The Wall Street thieves.  The NRA. 

My point is merely this; violence creates more violence.  In an ever-escalating landscape of mayhem and aggressive, murderous acts, I dread politicians like Donald Trump, who will no doubt promote a "bomb the hell out of them" solution, which is not a solution as much as it is a reaction.  Frankly, our country's constant involvement in global conflicts does not produce any measurable end to the nightmarish existence we all find ourselves living.  Fighting terrorism with more terrorism is not only a bad idea, but an unreasonable and not very well thought out approach.  It's been proven time after time that it will not change anything.

Imagine a world where the United States enters a hotbed of extremist violence, not with fighter jets and boots on the ground, but with medicine, food, safety and shelter for the unfortunate populations who are caught up in the mental illness of the terrorist group du jour. 

Or is it too late?  Are we all just SO crazy that we can't stop the wrong thinking that has brought us to the miserable, unhealthy state we're all living in. 

If our children learn by it possible for us?  For the rest of the world?  Dismantle the military-industrial complex and fund the organizations that promote peace, health, nutrition, clean water, safety, love, respect and the freedom of their own choices.  I realize it is difficult to have respect for groups of people whose fundamental beliefs are so far removed from what we consider "normal", we can't imagine anyone wanting to belong to one.  But if they do so willingly, then that is their choice.  If they belong unwillingly, then we should provide shelter for those wishing to escape.

In short, all of us deserve to live a life of peace, dignity and well-being.  Those groups that would deny us that are the enemy, no matter what flag they're flying. 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Louisiana Governor Race

It is an interesting time in Louisiana.  When I moved down here, I suspended writing posts for this blog, because my main topic had been the quagmire of politics in Wisconsin.  I was unwilling, at the time, to dip my toe into the cesspool of Louisiana politics.

But in a state notoriously red(neck), something amazing is taking place in the 2015 Governor race.  The Democratic candidate, John Bel Edwards, is probably going to win.

David Vitter, the Republican candidate, is a pretty typical Louisiana politician; pandering to big oil, robbing the populace of the many benefits of the state's vast natural resources, and falling in with Washington D.C. prostitutes.  John Bel Edwards would be his polar opposite, high in integrity and an honorable history.

So why is Louisiana on the verge of electing a democratic governor?  What happened?  The political analysts are watching this election very closely, because they can't explain it.

Let me try to boil it down to a simple statement. 

You can fool some of the people some of the time, most of the people most of the time, but never all of the people all of the time. 

Louisiana has come out of a deep coma-like sleep of right wing politics, right wing rhetoric and conservative policies.  The history is that nothing has changed under these politicians, and in fact, things have gotten measurably worse.

The usefully ignorant, as the political analysts have deemed the right wing voters, are not willing to be so ignorant any longer. 

Louisiana is a conservative state, a religious state (ugh, how I hate the non-separation between church and state) and an unhealthy state in every sense of the word.

But I think the tide is turning, if for no other reason than a deep dissatisfaction with the status quo.

We'll see.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What I think is Wrong with The Donald

No one was more joyful (and less surprised) than I was when Scott Walker couldn't get anywhere in the race for the GOP nomination.  People had been taking him quite seriously; there was a legitimate article from a well-respected news source about the potential menace Scott Walker would pose if elected to the presidency.  But I, amongst many most likely, knew exactly how intelligent Scott Walker was, and I was never worried about him becoming  our nation's leader.  Without an audio-prompter hooked into his ear and the Koch Brothers feeding him lines, Scott Walker just simply lost all credibility every single time he opened his mouth.  He just couldn't think on his feet, and that which did come out of his mouth should have more appropriately been coming out of his a$$.  Scott Walker was a talking head for the oligarchy's rhetoric; he simply lacked credibility.  The reason he lacked credibility is that Scott Walker is a blathering idiot, and all the king's horse's a$$'s and all the king's men couldn't inject thoughtfulness into the nature hating vacuum that is Scott Walker's head.  My future prediction for Scott Walker is that he'll choke to death on an Oscar Mayer wiener.

Now the Donald.  What a businessman!  Hard to lose money on a casino, but the Donald managed it quite effectively.   Moral of the story ---- when you have a cash cow, selling milk is NOT the objective.  Cash Cow 101 obviously not taught at Wharton.

But here's the real problem......Donald Trump went to a very bad hair restoration clinic.  They drilled little holes in his head and put little hair plugs in, which grew and grew into quite the mane.  Success!  But sadly, the plugs were not drilled into his head as much as they were drilled into his forehead, thereby creating a situation where Donald Trump was given an unplanned but quite successful partial lobotomy.  Sadly, Trump is incapable of holding much of a rational thought for any length of time in that bushy little over-poked head, and even more sadly, the hair grows kind of low on the brow, making him not only mentally compromised, but quite Neanderthal in appearance. 

As Scott Walker was done in by his own vacuum head, Donald Trump will be done in by his hair hole plugs.  A good brain surgeon might be able to reverse Donald's head troubles, and I hope Ben Carson steps up!


From the Ashes

When I moved to Louisiana, I shelved writing posts for this blog.  I didn't know much about Louisiana politics, and it was too frustrating to keep writing about Scott the Clown Walker and the disaster that Wisconsin became.  I fled it all and took up alcohol.

I spent a bunch of time in New Orleans, eating and drinking, and enjoying my new laid back, down south lifestyle.  Listening to music became more important to me than commenting on the morons who manage to get themselves elected, or any other issue of the day.

Turns out, I have a big mouth and a poison pen and I should use them, if for no other reason than to expose the frauds out there and excoriate the most deserving.  There are a few!

Everything I need to know about Louisiana politics I've seen in every cliché ridden movie about the south.  From the police chief in Sorrento who handcuffed a female prisoner to a chair and forced her to perform a sex act, to the voodoo exorcist dark prince known as Bobby Jindal, Louisiana politics are rife with fodder for someone like irreverent typist with a nose for ridiculousness and a contempt for hypocrisy. 

Thank goodness it's going to be a presidential election year.  The material just doesn't stop.  We're also electing a new governor here in Louisiana, so I have plenty of opportunities to expose you all to my jaded and contemptuous opinions.

In other words............I'm baaaaaaaaaacccccccccccckkkkkkkkk!