Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What I think is Wrong with The Donald

No one was more joyful (and less surprised) than I was when Scott Walker couldn't get anywhere in the race for the GOP nomination.  People had been taking him quite seriously; there was a legitimate article from a well-respected news source about the potential menace Scott Walker would pose if elected to the presidency.  But I, amongst many most likely, knew exactly how intelligent Scott Walker was, and I was never worried about him becoming  our nation's leader.  Without an audio-prompter hooked into his ear and the Koch Brothers feeding him lines, Scott Walker just simply lost all credibility every single time he opened his mouth.  He just couldn't think on his feet, and that which did come out of his mouth should have more appropriately been coming out of his a$$.  Scott Walker was a talking head for the oligarchy's rhetoric; he simply lacked credibility.  The reason he lacked credibility is that Scott Walker is a blathering idiot, and all the king's horse's a$$'s and all the king's men couldn't inject thoughtfulness into the nature hating vacuum that is Scott Walker's head.  My future prediction for Scott Walker is that he'll choke to death on an Oscar Mayer wiener.

Now the Donald.  What a businessman!  Hard to lose money on a casino, but the Donald managed it quite effectively.   Moral of the story ---- when you have a cash cow, selling milk is NOT the objective.  Cash Cow 101 obviously not taught at Wharton.

But here's the real problem......Donald Trump went to a very bad hair restoration clinic.  They drilled little holes in his head and put little hair plugs in, which grew and grew into quite the mane.  Success!  But sadly, the plugs were not drilled into his head as much as they were drilled into his forehead, thereby creating a situation where Donald Trump was given an unplanned but quite successful partial lobotomy.  Sadly, Trump is incapable of holding much of a rational thought for any length of time in that bushy little over-poked head, and even more sadly, the hair grows kind of low on the brow, making him not only mentally compromised, but quite Neanderthal in appearance. 

As Scott Walker was done in by his own vacuum head, Donald Trump will be done in by his hair hole plugs.  A good brain surgeon might be able to reverse Donald's head troubles, and I hope Ben Carson steps up!


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