Thursday, June 17, 2010

WTF? Global and Local Embarrassments

BP has not come up with a plan to stop the oil spill. This well should be bombed into extinction and written off. I'd still like to see all BP executives drenched in oil, along with their food, cars, wives and children, for the next five to ten years. Turn them into the Sloggers they are.

John Chianelli has not answered questions about Milwaukee County's Behavioral Health Division and it's negligence in allowing sexual assaults by violent patients. Okay, he's laying low, as anyone in the unenviable position he's in would do. However, please ask Mr. Chianelli (if you see him) ((he is hard to miss so he must really be laying in HELL)) what Mr. Walker promised him in the unlikely event Mr. Walker gets elected governor of the State of Wisconsin. Walker and Chianelli ----what a nightmare to think about. I don't care how conservative or right wing you are, you still don't want clowns running your government. Walker appointing Chianelli to any post --- a three ring circus for second rate clowns. Walker getting the opportunity to appoint people to posts ---- worst case scenario for the good people of Wisconsin.

Some days, I just hate this country. Mostly, I'm just embarrassed by it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

BP and the Gulf Coast

I'm sitting here watching millions of gallons of crude spill into the Gulf of Mexico, along with every other citizen of the world. I'm watching BP's ineptitude in staunching the flow, compensating the victims, mobilizing a clean-up operation, and in general, being the Bastard Prostitute corporate executives they are. But most importantly, I'm watching the marshes and the wildlife die a slow death.

Enough is enough. Let's end the addiction we all have to oil. All off-shore drilling should be stopped because we have NO guarantee that what happened on the BP rig won't happen again elsewhere.

If rationing gasoline purchases means I won't ever have to look at an oil-soaked pelican, so be it. If I have to take a bus so shrimp fishermen can survive, I'll stand on the corner and wait for one. If my milk has to come in a cardboard carton, I'm all for it, since I hate milk anyway. If I have to drive by one more suburban starter mansion with six SUVs parked in the driveway for all the family members, I'm practically driven to environmental violence.

We need alternative energy - that's nothing new or remarkable. What's remarkable is that the United States, or any other technology based country, has done nothing to promote, fight or adequately fund for it's development.

Meanwhile, for all the oil executives in the world, and the world's governments who allowed this disaster to happen, I say we soak their homes in crude oil and let them feel the pain the natural world is feeling. No more off-shore drilling. No more leniency in the laws for granting the permits to drill off-shore. No more callous disregard for workers. We can end the addiction or we can watch as our civilization faces extinction. Mother Nature is a Bitch sometimes, and you can bet she has our eyes on the human race. Educate yourself and go into oil Re-hab. Or die. That seems to be the choice.