Thursday, June 17, 2010

WTF? Global and Local Embarrassments

BP has not come up with a plan to stop the oil spill. This well should be bombed into extinction and written off. I'd still like to see all BP executives drenched in oil, along with their food, cars, wives and children, for the next five to ten years. Turn them into the Sloggers they are.

John Chianelli has not answered questions about Milwaukee County's Behavioral Health Division and it's negligence in allowing sexual assaults by violent patients. Okay, he's laying low, as anyone in the unenviable position he's in would do. However, please ask Mr. Chianelli (if you see him) ((he is hard to miss so he must really be laying in HELL)) what Mr. Walker promised him in the unlikely event Mr. Walker gets elected governor of the State of Wisconsin. Walker and Chianelli ----what a nightmare to think about. I don't care how conservative or right wing you are, you still don't want clowns running your government. Walker appointing Chianelli to any post --- a three ring circus for second rate clowns. Walker getting the opportunity to appoint people to posts ---- worst case scenario for the good people of Wisconsin.

Some days, I just hate this country. Mostly, I'm just embarrassed by it.

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