Friday, October 21, 2016

Message to Female Donald Trump Supporters

Dear Donald Trump Female Supporters.

This isn't going to be nice.

Obviously, you're a racist.  I guess I've had my suspicions all along, based on the white enclaves you live in and your pretense of respect for your black co-workers.  I've seen you bite your tongue when the "n" word was there on the tip, but you haven't really fooled me.

Most of you are of a certain demographic - probably coming of age in the fifties and sixties, when Mad Men like behavior was the norm.  You never got the message that women don't have to take this abuse, and you seem to have tied it up in your mind that the derogatory behavior was somehow associated with how "cute" you are (or were then).  You're not.  It's a disgrace to be humiliated by men - and by humiliated I mean, called "honey" or "sweetheart", patted, petted, touched and double ententre'd.  So no - you weren't cute when you weren't putting a stop to it.  You were perpetuating the limitless bounds of your sexual objectification.  You totally missed the whole feminist movement, and that had to be by choice because those of us who chose to follow this movement wholeheartedly, would have never missed something so important and obvious.  Kind of like how you jumped on the Trump bandwagon without a thought in your well-schooled, but nevertheless empty heads of what a perverse act that might actually be.

You don't like Mexicans and Muslims.  In fact, you don't like anybody who isn't pretty much the same as you are, which goes a long way in explaining how f*cking one dimensional you all are.  Why, I'm reminded of the movie Stepford Wives, where the women lived to please their men, and were completely changed into sexually perfect, house cleaning and husband appeasing robots.  There isn't much difference between you and the Stepford ladies.  I just fail to see the significance of your robotics.  Why are you following a sickening dogma put forth by a disgusting male?  Oh, I get it.  Let's take the country back a hundred years, where men were men and women were chattel. Barefoot and pregnant is at your root, along with a maternal desire to serve your man no matter what.  Revolting.  A huge embarrassment for we sisters who have blazed the trails to get further up the second class citizen ladder.  We probably haven't been able to get to equality because of idiots like you, standing in the way of your own kind.  You should be ashamed of your behavior, but you're incapable of even seeing it.  Were you all born with some inherent man worship gene?

You're mostly upper middle class and you're sick of paying taxes.  You are completely oblivious, or choose to remain completely oblivious that it's not the poor you're paying for, it's the rich.  You desire to be as rich as Donald Trump, without any understanding of the moral dilemma someone like Donald Trump poses.  You believe he'll take you there --- by ferreting out all safety nets and programs for the poor, and elevating you to billionaire status by tax breaks and allowing you to keep more of your hard earned cash.  News Flash!!!!  The last thing a billionaire wants is more billionaires taking a piece of the holy grail cash pie.  You are such morons to not grasp this.

You don't like immigrants.  Not one of you is an indigenous person in this land, but you have failed to comprehend that your third generational status does not make you an "American".  In fact, the only real proof you're an American is that you have houses and cars designed to show off your status, filled with goods you don't use and don't even understand why you bought in the first place.  That's what makes you an American.  Your conspicuous consumption - nothing else.  And you wonder why I, too, won't stand for the National Anthem.  I'll go to jail before I'll salute anything to do with you.

Lastly, just drop dead.  Just die.  Just go away.  You're a disgrace to women who actually have suffered and sacrified to make this world a better place.  As appalling as you find us, we find you at least seven levels below human.

And no - I don't have any respect for your opinions, or your rights to them - much the same way I would not have had any respect for Hitler in Nazi Germany.

Monday, October 17, 2016

The Irony - Donald Trump Claims He's Being Bullied

After a fairly awful week of some of the worst political moments in the history of the United States, I'm so ready to immigrate ANYWHERE that will have me.

Donald Trump is claiming he's losing the election because of bad press and crooked Hillary.  Typical narcissistic behavior - it's NEVER anything the narcissist did, NEVER.  That's the interesting trait of narcissists and the one that makes them easy to spot.

Trump supporters are threatening violence and revolution if Hillary wins --- unprecedented stupidity, although the thought of Trump supporters being rounded up and placed in internment camps presents a rather interesting picture and not one altogether dissatisfying.

What I find most interesting about all of this is Trump has never laid out a plan for any of the issues currently facing America.  He's got plans and they're gonna be great!  That's his plan.  But he hasn't really shared them.  The blind faith his followers possess remind me of the Reverend Jimmy Jones down in Guyana, the David Koresh followers in Waco, Texas, the crazy end of world alien awaiting people in California.  I'm trying to remember when I ever suffered blind faith, just following someone for no real good reason.  I can't think of one.  Even my parents, who were less than stellar in their understanding of the universe, were creatures of great suspicion to me, as a child.  Maybe the Beatles. At thirteen, I loved all their music, bought every album and never questioned their genius.  That's probably my only experience with blind faith.  Turns out, I wasn't wrong about that, but the planet's integrity did not really hang in the balance, either.

As the world watches us with dismay and disbelief, we continue to be hopelessly enmeshed in the worst kind of reality television.  The Presidency of the United States should not be reduced to a ratings contest, it should be decided on the issues and the proposed solutions.

News flash:  Donald Trump doesn't have any solutions and doesn't begin to understand, nor address the issues.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Should One Lose Friends Over a Presidential Election?

I get more and more upset when I see posts supporting Donald Trump by well-educated women, some my friends.

I don't know how to handle this.  I live in a traditionally republican, very conservative part of the United States, where women don't read newspapers and don't watch the news.  If they do watch the news, it's Fox Propaganda Network news.  If they do read a newspaper, its a local rag unfit to call itself a newspaper.

I would hate to lose a friend over an election - but I am really starting to hate keeping my tongue civil. It seems its very important to expose Donald Trump for the unsuccessful, racist bigot, thief, misogynist that he is.  I try to do so politely, but what's the point.  Why should Donald Trump be treated with anything but the utmost contempt?  That is how I view Donald Trump.

I'm not a great big Hillary Clinton fan by any means.  She's too Washington entrenched, too rich, too Wall Street for my tastes ---- but she is by far the only candidate I can vote for.  And it is a bit of poetic justice, isn't it, to have a son-of-a-bitch womanizer like Donald Trump be beaten by a woman?

But going back to the original question - will I lose friends over this?

I think I probably will lose a few.  I can forgive the friends I have who make a conscious choice to remain unschooled on the finer points of business and politics.  They are the real women of the world, caught up in a myriad of day to day concerns and worries.  The friends I will lose are the white, very successful, very educated women who should f*cking know better.  They live in their all-white enclaves, they've never even spoken to a Mexican (unless it was in a Mexican restaurant), they lie about the abortions they "never" had, they call themselves holy, when really, their holiness is based on their income brackets.  We all know these women.  Oh, and I forgot the big one.  They DON'T LIKE TO PAY TAXES.  They're greedy and as despicable as Donald Trump.  So I'm not worried about losing them.  I'm kind of happy about it.

So yes --- gonna lose some friends.  But my integrity will stay intact which is far more important to me than tax breaks and shopping.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Louisiana's Desperately Fragile Future

We survived the floods.  We had water two and a half feet deep all around our house, but none IN the house, and that is a great relief.  Upwards of 40,000 homes in the Baton Rouge area did not fare so well.  Cars are still being towed to one of several lots, awaiting the insurance adjusters to write the damage claim.  People are sick from all the water - or all the bacteria that was in the water.  FEMA, under Obama, had a much better response record than it did after Hurricane Katrina under Dubya.  But trust me, this major catastrophe was not even close to the disaster after Katrina.  People's lives are trying to return to a chaotic, definitely unhealthier, version of normal.  Certainly that will be the norm for quite awhile.  But what does all this really mean?

The headline of the New York Times on Sunday, September 5, 2016, says, "Global Warning's Mark: Coastal Inundation".

Well, we were certainly inundated.  Quite a few years ago, one scientific paper claimed that we had passed the tipping point on global warming.  Inside a great deal of scientific data and models, that meant that it was now past the point where we could fix it.  That frightened me.  If we can't fix it, what will happen to us?

If you live in southern Louisiana, or along the southern coast, you are very aware of the climate changes happening.  We've had more rain in Louisiana this year than has ever fallen since record keeping began. It is also the hottest summer on record. The floods that occurred here have been called a 1,000 year event; but is it?  At the rate Mother Earth is being injured, we won't have another 1,000 years to find out.

Amidst all this devastation, we have corporations, politicians, a handful of scientists and common folk who not only are willing to, but absolutely do believe that none of this is true, that climate change is a hoax perpetuated by liberals.  Despite all evidence to the contrary, there are so many people who just will not accept that the planet has changed and now, whether we like it or not, we have to change.  Apparently, change is the hardest thing in the world for people who are desperate to live their lives in denial.  And climate change is, as Al Gore wrote, an inconvenient truth, something best left unsaid and unacknowledged by the fearsome.

Louisiana has always been a contradiction.  It is as beautiful as it's political history is corrupt.  It has incredible natural resources that have been stolen and sold by money grubbing corporations and greased-palmed Louisiana politicians.  It is a state as rich in culture as it is poor in economics.  It has been swindled, cheated and tormented by the worst of business and politics, and it has been swindled, cheated and tormented by its own citizens, who refused to take responsibility for searching for truth.  I agree, it is easier to believe all the spoon fed lies they've been peddled, but if Louisiana is to survive, then its population had better hop off the fence and start fighting.

Despite being deeply frustrated at the horrors of the Great Flood of 2016, I love Louisiana and I don't intend to leave, at least, not until departure is my only option.  Climate change will probably force me out, but meanwhile, I crusade alongside the Green Army to demand citizens here put an end to the corporate and political exploitation of their land and educate themselves on the facts of climate change.  Native Louisianans are some of the best and kindest people I know - perhaps that's why they're slow to anger and fight, but the fight is on here now.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Monty Trump

Donald Trump reminds me of that knight who was fighting a battle in Monty Python's "The Holy Grail".

He's laying on the ground.  His legs are cut off.  His arms are cut off.  His head is about to be cut off.  And he's threatening to bite his attackers as he flails around on the ground, completely nullified.

Donald Trump doesn't have the sense to know he is done for.  It proves that there is a special place in the universe for idiots.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

F*ck This

I live in Iberville Parish - declared a federal disaster parish since the flood.

What f*cking since?

I'm still flooded.  No end in sight.  There is more water today than there was a week ago, and no action, other than pumps, has been taken.  Excuse me - pumps?  It's like trying to drain a swimming pool by the strawful.

This country is a cesspool of inefficient, useless plans and policies.  America can kiss my A$$ if the alligators don't f*cking chomp it first.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Trump in Baton Rouge for Massive Rally

Donald Trump landed in Baton Rouge today to show his support for flood victims.  An insipid crowd of ten people were waiting at the airport to greet him.

And speaking of Baton Rouge, the Obama-haters are outraged that the President didn't show up during the Great Flood of 2016. Obama didn't show up per the request of Governor John Bel Edwards, who did not want to pull law enforcement and first responders from the business of rescuing and saving people to provide a presidential security escort.  Good thinking, Governor Edwards!  Obama did respond by immediately declaring several Louisiana parishes as disaster areas and funding FEMA to help victims.

What's possibly the most disturbing thing of all is when the cabin door of Trump's plane was opened, the first two people out were military types armed and ready with assault weapons and little American flags sewn on their shirts.  Now that might appeal to all of the gun crazed 2nd Amendment righteous people in Louisiana, but it just gave me the message that this blowhard affront to humanity would merely take the tragedy of Louisiana's situation and make a mockery of it with his shameless pandering for a photo-op.

These statues showing up around the country of a naked Trump with a minuscule penis and no balls are more accurate than artful.  Trump's testicles are firmly in the pockets of his security detail.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Where the Hell is Trump?

Okay, so Baton Rouge has been under siege for awhile.......cop killings, killings by cops, entrenched racism, the great flood of 2016.

But where is Donald Trump?  Why isn't he all over the airwaves telling us how Crooked Hilary is to blame, and how it's all Obama's fault?

What this town needs right now is a gas bag like Trump coming in to tell us how he feels our pain, knows what we're going through and enlightening us all with his "plan".

There is no plan.  Not from Donald Trump.  Donald Trump, who certainly will fare better in Louisiana (don't get me started) than in any other state, can't even strategically figure out that his presence here would at least seal a win.  But since he has no strategic planning ability, Donald Trump is not in Baton Rouge, nor does this writer expect him to be.  And if you can't deal with a little thing like an American city under water and billions of dollars in property damage, how the hell could anyone expect him to do anything in a global crisis?

Donald Trump.  Absent in Baton Rouge.  Absent in Louisiana.  Absent in America.  Absent wherever the rivers are 20' above flood stage.  I guess he just wouldn't want to get those Chinese suit pants wet.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Why Donald Trump is the Joke of the Century

It doesn't really matter how a buffoon like Donald Trump got as far as he did in the 2016 presidential election.  Suffice it to say, there is population of uneducated (mostly) white men and women who succumb to bufoonery because of a misplaced adoration of firearms and deep seated biases against protected classes.  They are religiously Christian, as well, diligently taking their pistols to church on Sunday while swearing on the bible that it is their God-given right to do so.  I'm sure they all believe Jesus would have never been nailed had he carried a Colt.  I doubt seriously if a one of them could actually quote an actual verse attributed to Jesus from the bible, especially one about peace.

But Trump's latest verbal diarrhea is a true window into his mind.  A petulant little temper-tantrum throwing bully whom, if he can't win one way, will win via violence.

So here are some reasons why Donald Trump is the Joke of the Century:

1.  Won't take advice due to untreated narcissistic personality disorder.  Potentially catastrophic outcomes when his ego over inflates and tries to blow out of his body.

2,  He's a liar.  It's easy to see he's a liar because he back peddles so unconvincingly.

3.  Not interested at all in America.  His presidential run started as a joke and many people mistook him for being serious.  He's not. He's incapable of serious.  He is good at cheating, conniving and hoodwinking.  He doesn't have the brains nor the temperament for anything serious.

4.  His casino lost money.  Seriously?

5.  He tries to hide his misogyny by claiming he'll appoint his daughter to his cabinet?  As what?  I see a Joseph Goebbels in the making here - the propaganda machine of the contemporary American version of the Nazi Party, dressed in the uniform du jour - designer labels.  Ivanka may look good and appeal to an audience, but my money says everything about her is smoke, mirrors and fakery.  The plastic apple doesn't fall far from the t.v. set tree.

6.  He thinks he's a winner.  No winner would ever wear that hair.  Period.  In fact, all people should cast their vote based on who has the better hair, Donald or Hilary.  It makes more sense than to vote based on what Donald Trump says he'll accomplish, because his campaign promises are as empty and ridiculous as the thoughts in his head.

7.  Ever take a peek inside Donald Trump's posh penthouse?  It looks like a bordello in gold-plated hell.  Does come with an upgraded wife every few years, though.  If Donald Trump was looking for a way to showcase his wealth, success and business acumen, he should have filled the space with slot machines that paid out BIG on every spin.  Maybe then people would visit.  Doubtful.  He'd have a robot who picks your pocket as it's helping you put on your coat.

8. He's dangerous.  At the root of everything, he's a dangerous man.  As dangerous as Hitler.

9.  He's not very bright.  I always thought our former presidents (with the exception of George W. Bush and a few others) were relatively bright.  Look what happened under not-so-bright George W. Bush's watch.  Nothing good.  Nothing at all.  Bush, however, was surrounded by people whose brightness was limited, but nevertheless effective, in how to steal an election.

10.  No one with any sensibility whatsoever - and by this I mean people who vote intellectually, not emotionally, wants this class A clown near the White House. Not even for a tour.

Monday, June 13, 2016

50 Dead in Orlando --- Donald Trump takes the Credit

Sorry, that headline is a little misleading.

However, when confronted with statements he made, bragging that he predicted another mass shooting by "radical Islamic terrorists", he quickly avoided questions about the narcissism of his tweets and turned the question into an attack on Hillary Clinton.  Donald Trump is real good at attacking, but I'm guessing that he's going to be even better at running away from true confrontation coming in the form of Hillary Clinton.

This is Donald Trump.  The Artful Dodger of all Relevancy.  How his ban on Muslims entering America would have prevented a New York born, Florida raised, United States citizen with a diagnosed bipolar disorder from killing 50 people with an assault weapon is simply not important to Donald Trump.  He panders.  He pimps.  He promotes.  And finally, he can't be pinned down on a singular viable solution to any of the myriad of problems the United States is facing.

The Artful Dodger will surely send his thoughts and prayers.  $hit.   As if any universal force of peace, kindness and love would touch Donald Trump with a ten foot assault weapon. I'm pretty sure the only thing Donald Trump has ever prayed for in his life is favorable rulings from Federal Bankruptcy Court.

In all the tragedy of today's news, the worst news is that Donald Trump again opened his mouth and failed to say a goddamn thing.

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Alright, I've dragged out the paddles and charged the defibrillator, it's time to revive the Bitches because, frankly, the presidential campaign of 2016 will provide just too much fodder to go unremarked.  I plan to return to my semi-retirement life of drinking southern liquor based cocktails as soon as the United States of America announces a new president (assuming Donald Trump is physically able of uttering the words "concede").  I have my doubts.

It's come down to Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump.

It's hardly fair to Donald Trump.  His entire campaign has been based, thus far, on making inflammatory racist and sexist comments, riling up a large percentage of racist and sexist Americans in the process.  He wants to make America great again, which based on his history, means allowing the 1% to do whatever they want while the rest of us suffer the consequences of unbridled greed.  Yeah - that would be great alright.  We're all looking forward to getting kicked in the a$$ by millionaires.  It's what we live for.  The Donald cannot possibly stand against The Hillary.  It will be interesting watching the verbal castration.

It hardly pays to ponder how a horse's patoot like Donald Trump actually won the Republican nomination.  Let's just say, there's BIG trouble in the GOP, and the United States of America has successfully been dumbed down.

On the brighter side, I am anxiously awaiting Hillary's vice presidential pick.  The Donald's .....not so much, although it's been a riot watching Chris Christie grovel and lap at his feet.  But the Donald is not against burning bridges, so I think Chris Christie should take the tunnel.  Here is my list of potential candidates for Donald's running mate:

1.  Sarah Palin.
2.  Scott Walker
3.  Joe Arpaio
4.  Mel Gibson

None of my four picks would bring anything to Donald Trump's campaign, which is exactly what Donald Trump brings.

So when the name calling can take a back seat to the actual debating, the chips will fall where they may, and the people who know something about something will make a very public and entertaining humiliation out of the big mouth, blow hard Donald Trump.

I look forward to watching the unraveling.

Friday, February 26, 2016

The Sorry State of Wisconsin

In a petulant fit of toddler-type anger, Scott Walker returned to the State of Wisconsin after losing all credibility in the first round of thinning the presidential hopefuls herd and destroyed the civil service code set in place by a truly great thinker, Bronson Lafollette.

Its sad that this one man traveling idiot circus can wreak so much havoc in a State.  First, he vilified all teachers and public employees and convinced the weak-minded people in the state that these people were dangerous and ruining the economy.   Now he made it easy for the same group to never get fair treatment or fair wages by their employers, if they're lucky enough to get hired at all.

There is something terribly wrong with people like Scott Walker; their viciousness and hatred for certain groups of people, their unrelenting need to destroy the middle class; and their overall incompetence in making things better except for the obscenely wealthy 1%.  These things they do are symptomatic of the disease of the brain called Greed Syndrome.   It's a terrible disease that apparently can't be cured.  So we can only hope that there is a fatal element to this syndrome, and these people will die a painful death.

Scott Walker will never win the governorship of the State of Wisconsin again.  Others like him, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele, and U.S. Senator Ron Johnson will never win another term.  They have proven themselves to be anti-democracy, and the truth is, as slow as some Wisconsin residents have been to wake up to the lies, they are fully able to see the truth when it is smashed into their faces.

Scott Walker is angling for a piece of the 1% pie after he's thrown out of office - maybe working for a think tank.  Talk about a vacuum.  Abele already has money and apparently suffers short man syndrome to a very dysfunctional degree.  Ron Johnson is your common garden variety idiot.

So go!  Go Russ Feingold.  Go Chris Larson.  And go citizens of Wisconsin in ridding yourself of the people who have run your state into  the ground.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Trump vs. the Pope

In a rare show of diplomacy, Donald Trump didn't respond with his usual verbal slurs against the Pope.  (Must not offend the Catholic vote.)

My big worry is that Donald Trump's wall along the border will do less to keep people out than it will prevent people from leaving.  And as this presidential campaign year proceeds, I think I'd really like to leave this country.  I think a lot of people would like to leave the country.  I think a lot of people are saying, "what country"?

In defense of President Obama not going to Scalia's funeral --- a big who cares.  I admire Obama for not being a hypocrite.  Besides, I heard anyone gazing at Scalia's corpse could suffer corneal burns in a last show of power by the leading dog of useless dogma.

Ted Cruz is still the scariest candidate out there. 

My heart says Bernie, but my head says deconstruct, not detonate. 

Monday, February 15, 2016

GOP Today

I have (very few) friends who claim to be Republicans and align themselves with conservative and fundamentalist policies.

I try to have respect for these people and their viewpoints in the only way I know how to do that ---- I don't discuss politics with them.

However, as I watch the country disintegrate into a pile of stinking $hit at the hands of Republicans, my gloves are off.

Here is what I have to say to my "Republican" friends.

You support a plan and a party mired in evil.
You are spoon-fed rotting offal everyday, and you seem to like the taste.
You take no responsibility for finding truth --- which makes everything in your own life a lie.
You have no sense of justice.
You are intimately involved in the demise of a once great democracy.
You are too ignorant to understand any of the above.

You can still be my friend, but I will not mourn your dismay when the karma that is surely headed your way takes you down.  In fact, I will remind you regularly of your own role in your own downfall, and tell you that you do not have my sympathy.  In fact, watching your righteousness fail will be a richly satisfying entertainment for people who actually care about other  human beings. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Mardi Gras Season in Louisiana

I just can't quite get over the obvious similarities between Mardi Gras season in Louisiana and the tone of Republican presidential candidate gatherings.

During Mardi Gras parades, people just about trample each other to get a strand of gaudy, cheap shiny beads you wouldn't be caught dead wearing anywhere, except in Louisiana on Mardi Gras.

Certain people fall all over themselves to get into a republican rally, where they will get thrown propaganda bones, such as "we'll stop abortion", "we'll lock up immigrants from Mexico", "we'll lower taxes" (for the rich - that part is generally silent).  The only difference I see here is that the crowds in Louisiana are much larger and better informed, even when they're half drunk at 9:30 in the morning.  I intend to be one of them come February 9th.

I am going to the Krewe of Barkus this Saturday, a parade where people dress up their dogs and other assorted animals, and parade them in all their carnival glory through the French Quarter.

Talk about a Parade of Dogs --- did anyone catch the latest Republican debate?  Me either.  I'd rather watch real floats than the floating crap the republican candidates are serving up at their gatherings.  It has come to this:  Americans will eat crap if you serve it in a lie-based rhetoric.  They'll eat it and they'll talk about how good it was. 

What's in your water?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sarah Palin's Endorsement of the Trumperator Says It ALL!

Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump proves that even when you are exposed as an unintelligent fraud, if you're Republican enough, you still believe you can attain a high place in politics.  (See David Vitter.)  Such shameless pandering, as her family continues to defy all of her high falutin'  principles and mores.  Sarah should stay home and clean her house.  She might not be well suited to that task, but it seems to fit with her level of experience and aptitude.  There's honor in getting rid of dust bunnies and Sarah could definitely use some honor.  Not quite sure if dust bunnies in the brain can be removed, though.

The Trumperator continues to spew venomous word salad, sending the thinking people in the United States a clear message, "I'm a Menace, Don't Vote for Me".  Although he once had his hands on clearly one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in the world, The Plaza Hotel in New York City, he managed to muck it up and lose it.  This is a clear analogy for what his presidency would look like.  But I really don't think we have anything to worry about here.  I hope he does get the nomination, because every single time he opens his trap, it becomes crystal clear he's out of his league.  He has no real plan for constructive change in the United States; but he has many violent and destructive ideas for bringing about the end of this country. 

I have certain reservations about Hillary Clinton ---- she's too established in the dysfunction and she's too close to Wall Street.  But knowing that Bernie Sanders can't win the nomination (and I'm extremely sad about that), she is most likely to be the candidate.  I cannot wait to see an intelligent woman take on the loud mouth Trumperator in a non-Fox Theatre News environment.  She'll have his back against the wall in no time, and his misogyny will take over any part of his brain that actually functions normally, small as that part might be.

Like most Americans, I'm pretty depressed about America's future.  But I'm not insane enough to think a vote for the Trumperator could ever be a good idea.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Louisiana's Lousy Designation

Further proof of the fiasco and debacle that was Bobby Jindal's legacy as Governor of Louisiana, the state was just rated absolutely LAST  ..... DEAD LAST in quality of life for state residents!

From bad roads to high crime and number of deaths by gunshot, Louisiana thrives!  From uninsured people to obesity rates, Louisiana soars!  (I kind of understand the obesity thing - the food here is really good, and mostly deep-fried).  From it's ridiculously poor education system to its business-friendly, citizen-hating state policies, Louisiana ranks at the very bottom of the bottom feeders.

And Bobby Jindal says he doesn't regret or second guess any decision he's made.  What a moron - just proving Ivy League universities, such as Brown, can really turn out a devastatingly stupid product.  This guy was so dumb, he thought he was a viable presidential candidate.

But enough about Jindal.  The damage is done, and it will be up to John Bel Edwards to try to right the misanthropy of the former administration.  He seems to be on the right track. 

What is amazing is that states like Wisconsin,  Texas, Nebraska, Kentucky, Kansas, and Oklahoma to name a few, have populations that embrace the enormous mental retardation their governors exemplify.  I apologize for the seemingly negative connotation of that statement, because comparing these Governors to mentally retarded people is an insult and a slur to mentally retarded people everywhere.  These Governors bring a ridiculously slanted agenda to a public office, and then destroy healthy economies to perpetuate their own wrong thinking, if it can be called thinking at all.

I think if a Governor of a state drives that state into economic depression, he/she should be held personally responsible and forced to pay for the shortfalls in budget from their own pocket.  Then Bobby Jindal would be living in the Treme instead of at University Club, a high end sub-division full of ticky tacky houses and drunk drivers.  Of course, the good people of Treme would not want Bobby Jindal as a neighbor.  However, it would be a fitting neighborhood for Jindal and his family --- they could dodge bullets as so many here have to do because of his regressive gun laws. 

I'm sorry that Louisiana is rated last in the Country --- sorry and surprised because of the vast natural resources of the state.  Obviously, exploitation of the land by politicians is nothing new to Louisiana ---- but a democratic governor is.  Let's hope, fervently, that some positive changes will be coming to Louisiana via John Bel Edwards.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Today's Headlines

On January 12, 2016, President Barack Obama will give his last State of the Union address.

I have just one thing to say!  The state of the union is in astoundingly better shape since the day George W. Bush left office - and those of you who would disagree obviously do not know how to read or research the facts.

On January 11, 2016, David Bowie departed Earth for another destination, incarnation, or personality.  As a deeply appreciative aficionado of David Bowie's music --- I can only say I am extremely fortunate to have lived in David Bowie's time.

On January 12, 2016, former supermodel Jerry Hall and media (????) mogul Rupert Murdoch announced their engagement.  Whatever drugs Jerry Hall is on, they can't be legal in the doses she's obviously taking.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Bully Pulpit

I watched Donald Trump try to invade Vermont (a wonderfully deep blue state, probably home to some of the smartest people in America) and could not believe his ridiculous behavior.  We all expect Donald Trump to be a horse's a$$, it is what exposes the GOP's slate of candidates for exactly what it is ---- a useless grab at power by a bunch of clowns.

That being said, I think the thing that really reminded me of The Trumperator's true nature was how he demanded Security remove protestors immediately from the venue.  Trump kept calling for Security to throw the bums out, taking their coats first.  He chastised Security for not moving quickly enough.  The Trumperator truly did not understand that talking to security staff this way does not endear him to anyone.  The Trumperator hurls insults and commands, without ever realizing people stuck in the thankless job of working beneath him (as he certainly views the common man) are not there because they want to be there, that they are not there because they support Donald Trump.  These people in particular are acting in a security guard capacity to supplement their income, which was devastated and stolen by millionaires just like Donald Trump.

Bully pulpits have come and gone.  Hitler.  Stalin.  Pol Pot.  Idi Amin.  Kim Jong Whatever in North Korea.  Frankly, all bully pulpits are successful because they mistakenly believe they have the backing of the people.  People are terrified of bully pulpits.  Those North Korean military guys are terrified of Kim Jong Whatever because of the way he makes them march.  Face it, no war could be won by North Korea because the military would all die of heart attacks or Plantar fasciitis on the way to the front.    Chris Christie (who is a high on the hog, pizza slurping butthole in his own RIGHT) said it best.  Donald Trump has been spoon fed any success he's ever had.  This is so true.  Someone who has filed bankruptcy as many times as The Trumperator can hardly be considered a successful businessman.  The Trumperator has a very exaggerated opinion of himself, and he appeals to a certain mind-set of people, whose opinions of themselves are also highly exaggerated and completely erroneous.

And by the way, if you're a woman supporting Donald Trump - shove an onion in it, honey!  You are a despicable affront to women everywhere.  Don't open your trap except to say "charge it" to another pair of Ivanka Trump overpriced, ugly shoes.

Monday, January 4, 2016

The Big Short

Came out of the movie "The Big Short" feeling disgusted and horrified by the United States of America.

I finally can identify with all the people who'd like to bring us down.

I'd like to bring us down.

It's a tragic nation that pawns it's own people in the name of a buck, but that's who we are.

It's an oligarchy we live in, and we are mere inches from becoming a completely totalitarian state. 

I don't have an answer, but I believe there's a reason they let us have all those guns ---- to mow us down when we finally say enough is enough and try to rid ourselves of the vermin who put us here.

This once great land has become something very horrifying.  I wish I didn't live here, but the evil reach is so great, that there is really no where one can go to escape the treachery of America.

It's true what I'm saying - the United States of America is the evil empire.  And those of you who will defend this nation, you need to wake up, arm yourselves, stop paying taxes and do your civic duty to rid this land of the carpetbaggers who are running it.