Friday, February 26, 2016

The Sorry State of Wisconsin

In a petulant fit of toddler-type anger, Scott Walker returned to the State of Wisconsin after losing all credibility in the first round of thinning the presidential hopefuls herd and destroyed the civil service code set in place by a truly great thinker, Bronson Lafollette.

Its sad that this one man traveling idiot circus can wreak so much havoc in a State.  First, he vilified all teachers and public employees and convinced the weak-minded people in the state that these people were dangerous and ruining the economy.   Now he made it easy for the same group to never get fair treatment or fair wages by their employers, if they're lucky enough to get hired at all.

There is something terribly wrong with people like Scott Walker; their viciousness and hatred for certain groups of people, their unrelenting need to destroy the middle class; and their overall incompetence in making things better except for the obscenely wealthy 1%.  These things they do are symptomatic of the disease of the brain called Greed Syndrome.   It's a terrible disease that apparently can't be cured.  So we can only hope that there is a fatal element to this syndrome, and these people will die a painful death.

Scott Walker will never win the governorship of the State of Wisconsin again.  Others like him, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele, and U.S. Senator Ron Johnson will never win another term.  They have proven themselves to be anti-democracy, and the truth is, as slow as some Wisconsin residents have been to wake up to the lies, they are fully able to see the truth when it is smashed into their faces.

Scott Walker is angling for a piece of the 1% pie after he's thrown out of office - maybe working for a think tank.  Talk about a vacuum.  Abele already has money and apparently suffers short man syndrome to a very dysfunctional degree.  Ron Johnson is your common garden variety idiot.

So go!  Go Russ Feingold.  Go Chris Larson.  And go citizens of Wisconsin in ridding yourself of the people who have run your state into  the ground.

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