Monday, February 15, 2016

GOP Today

I have (very few) friends who claim to be Republicans and align themselves with conservative and fundamentalist policies.

I try to have respect for these people and their viewpoints in the only way I know how to do that ---- I don't discuss politics with them.

However, as I watch the country disintegrate into a pile of stinking $hit at the hands of Republicans, my gloves are off.

Here is what I have to say to my "Republican" friends.

You support a plan and a party mired in evil.
You are spoon-fed rotting offal everyday, and you seem to like the taste.
You take no responsibility for finding truth --- which makes everything in your own life a lie.
You have no sense of justice.
You are intimately involved in the demise of a once great democracy.
You are too ignorant to understand any of the above.

You can still be my friend, but I will not mourn your dismay when the karma that is surely headed your way takes you down.  In fact, I will remind you regularly of your own role in your own downfall, and tell you that you do not have my sympathy.  In fact, watching your righteousness fail will be a richly satisfying entertainment for people who actually care about other  human beings. 

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