Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Okay, so a simple man, a pope, but really nothing more than a simple man, decides to sanctify two other popes. 

Anyone else see this as ludicrous?  Ridiculous?  Taking liberties?  Elevating oneself to God status? 

I really don't get the false gods of the catholic church.  I really don't get the catholic church.  But that's alright.  It's just that my spiritual power tells me to respect other people's beliefs and religious rites, but I find this very difficult when it comes to catholics. 

What would happen if the pope claimed the environment to be a saint --- which it is since it sustains all of us.  Would people have more respect for the environment then?  Would BP pay their claims for the gulf disaster they created? 

Since I'm on a rant already - let me just ask the question why BP is allowed to continue to operate in the United States?  What is wrong with this country?  Why haven't we completely doused all BP executives in crude oil and forced them and their offspring live that way for the next 100 years?  It's karmic to do so.  Of course, when you're an oily grease ball to begin with, I guess it wouldn't matter.

And on that note, why is there always a catfish lawyer out to make an illegal buck, precluding the people who legitimately deserve to be compensated from the gulf disaster from collecting damages.  Catfish lawyers - the bottom feeders of society, give all attorneys a bad name.  It's a shame that predatory people are ALWAYS surrounding us. 

The popes feed off the fear of the common man not unlike sharks in the water.

The catfish lawyers feed off the misery of the common man.

The politicians feed off the public tax trough, and all become pigs, despite their best intentions.

We are a disgusting example of a life form.  And I think mother earth is going to get rid of us very soon.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Of all the news stories that make me want to puke --- and I live in America ---- so there is no shortage; the headline that made me the most sick was having Scott Walker referred to as one of the most influential people in America.

Influential to f*cking whom?  Give me a f*cking break.  Can you see that the f*ck word just keeps reappearing in this essay because anyone who thinks a dumb f*ck like Scott F*cking Walker has any ability to influence anyone with a f*cking brain, you're dead f*cking wrong.

Scott Walker is a puppet, a pawn, a Koch-sucker and a f*ckhead.  He is the shining poster boy for tea party politics in this nation --- nothing more.  He has never had an original f*cking thought in his head and his only talent is to f*ck everything up beyond f*cking repair.

F*ck Scott Walker.  F*ck the f*cking stupid Americans who voted for this f*ck face and put him in office.  F*ck the Koch's for buying the government they want.

We're all f*cked if Scott Walker is a f*cking influential person.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cliches Run Rampant in the South

I just watched the Baton Rouge evening news, and had to laugh at the bourbon swilling-southern talking, Hollywood Screen Test perfect epitome of a Louisiana politician talk about how he doesn't care what the rest of the country does, there will be NO relaxation of marijuana penalties here in the State of Louisiana.

Hysterical.  I couldn't even get mad; this guy was such a cliché.  He was so typical of what you think of when you think of a southern politician.  The only thing missing was the grift cash hanging out of his pockets.

I was never a big pot smoker, although I had my moments.  I don't necessarily believe that America will be a better place if all the stoned people are now legally stoned.  I do believe that the legalization of marijuana would get this country out of debt in less than a decade.  I don't understand why republicans don't jump on that bandwagon, since all they do is cry about debt.  I guess their idea of paying off the national deficit is best served by doing it off the back of the ever-shrinking middle class.  republicans love to torture and feel superior.  How are they ever going to torture pot smoking deficit paying stoners? 


Aye Carumba --- seriously?  Stoners generally are content to live in a little fog; to enhance their appreciation of music; to get the most out of a chocolate chip cookie or a movie (which they'll see twice because they can't quite remember it after just one viewing).  Of all the dumb things I did because I had smoked marijuana, I never once thought about going out to buy heroin or methamphetamine.  This argument is as old as Kentucky bourbon. 

Again, I fall back on my standby stance of what is wrong with America today.  Rich, old white men  in positions of power.  Let's take their bourbon away!!!!! 

Let's say no old white men over 60 and whom are seated politicians can have bourbon anymore until the marijuana laws are normalized.  Watch how FAST that freakin' happens!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Louisiana Legislature and Reproductive Health

Pretty as it is in this state, and as far from any city I've ever been in as New Orleans is; here are a few basic facts that keeps the people in Louisiana oppressed and downtrodden.

How Louisiana fares in national statistics:

#1 Baton Rouge ranking in AIDS case rate for a metropolitan area.

In Louisiana:

#2 for Gonorrhea

#3 for Syphilis

#4 for Chlamydia

#6 in teen pregnancy

Now lest you think I moved to Louisiana for it's progressive political views; here is how the Louisiana Legislature has responded to the problems listed above:

HB305.  Hoffman.  Restricts individuals who work for an organization with any affiliation to an abortion provider from delivering age appropriate sex education in schools.  VOTE NO.

Hoffman must be a man.  And I ask the age-old question; why does a MAN think he should have anything at all to say about a woman's reproductive choices?  Unless you let women make decisions about removing one of your testicles in an effort to prevent testosterone fueled violence - stay the hell out of my uterine wall.

HB727.  Ivey.  Requires abortion providers to give state mandated materials containing misleading health information to women seeking an abortion.  VOTE NO.

Don't know who Ivey is; but man or woman; it's Louisiana politics at its best; let's give false, provocative, and misleading information to people in place of the simple truth - which obviously the great people in this state don't deserve because they're too stupid to comprehend it.  After all, they voted for IVEY and this is IVEY's way of thinking.

HB388.  Requires that any physician providing abortions must have admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 miles.  If passed, it will potentially close 3 of the 5 abortion providers in the state.

3 of 5 providers in the state?  Do you know how big Louisiana is?  And since it ranks #6 in teen pregnancy, obviously no sex education is happening in the schools.  And since it is at the very bottom of any state in providing services to the poor, the mentally ill, the elderly, or women (especially single mother women) --- well then, why try to prevent abortion?  There can only be one answer.   Louisiana obviously has no problem with the post-natal torture, starvation and murder of children. 

Louisiana --- one state line from being Texas.  And there's no place dumber than TEXASS!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Possible Names for the New Country of Wisconsin

Ice Hole

Cold Comfort Cheese

Walker's Wasteland


Little Libya

Big Butte

Wisconsin Duhs

Tennessee on Steroids

The Next Confederacy

Lesser Butter


I'm actually for Wisconsin seceding from the United States.  Left to its own devices, it could become the next amusement park - the biggest thing since Disney rolled into Orlando.  It could be exactly what America needs right now; to watch King Scotty rule a land he created.  Oy vey, bring it on!  Who amongst us doesn't need to laugh really hard these days.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Let's Defer to Daddy

Oy vey - what the hell is wrong with the republican women in America today?  Pay equality should have been a non-issue from day-one; but our country has a notoriously stupid history, so it took until 2014 for the Senate to pass the law.  It will probably fail in the republican majority House.

I'm reading some of the comments from so called "republican" women, who don't like the law and find fault with the simple concept "equal pay for equal work".  This is how I view these women.
They are simply 1950 Stepford wives who defer all decisions to their husbands.  They do this because they are LITERALLY too stupid, too lazy and too unemployable to get out there and earn their own living.  These women marry well, albeit they generally marry equally as stupid men.  They hold down and trample upon other women in some truly bizarre game of "I've got it better than you because my daddy takes care of me". 

These women don't have husbands, they have daddys.  They are not equal partners in their own marriages.  They are ridiculous, repugnant, regressive and really offensive a$$hole bitches who need to have their wombs sewn shut because from what I can see, the only thing they contribute to society is the addition of equally ignorant children in an already overpopulated world.

F*ck Republican Women.  F*ck Republicans.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Foch the Koch's

I was pleasantly surprised to see an anti-Koch brothers ad running on television here in New Orleans.  The ad was honest ---- Koch's buying a senate seat for a Louisiana tea-party whore clown  named Cassidy.

Anyhow ---- I find the Koch Brothers far more offensive than I find Gwyneth Paltrow, and I find her disgustingly offensive.  These money junkies just turn my stomach --- and I'm sure I am not alone in my revulsion for them, and everything they stand for.  Or lie down for, as that's what whores do for more money.

I don't know how these guys walk out on the streets.  Public sentiment for the Koch Brothers, and people like them, is so negative, if I was in there shoes, you can bet I'd be sure my whole outfit was bullet proof.  Yet, on and on they go, as if they had some right to spread their vitriolic, anti-American sludge on 99% of the people in this country, while reaping the benefits of being nothing more than disgusting thieves.  No, thief is too nice a word for them.  There is honor among thieves.  There is no honor in being a Koch.