Sunday, December 30, 2012

Big and Beautiful Invitation

Well, I guess I'm offended.  I got an e-mail invitation to join other Big And Beautiful people in their quest for a date.

Gees.  Who would think ten pounds would catapult me into this category?  I'm a little offended.  I'm also married and my husband frowns on me dating other men.  Maybe that's why he asked me for a date last night and took me out to hear some fine blues performed by masterful local musicians.  It was fun to go out on a date at the age of 61.  We need to do this more often.  We have movie dates and dinner dates once in awhile, but really good music in a club that served Dreamsicle cocktails using their own brewed orange soda was a little bit more fun.  I can't remember the last time my husband and I danced, so another wrong righted.  I even wore a dress.

I digress. 

Big and Beautiful dating website.  I didn't click on it, somewhat afraid of what I might see.  I'm thinking though that what the world needs is a little more honesty, so how about I create a dating web site called Aging, Annoyed and Argumentative looking for similarly Disgruntled.  I'm sure there are people out there my age who have lost their spouses and just can't seem to meet someone fun to hang with. 

Then again, there is a quiet dignity in solitude and memory. 

Still, New Year's Eve, it would be fun to kick up our aching heels a little and get a midnight kiss.    Aging, Annoyed and Argumentative people everywhere, send me your profile information and I will try to match you with a compatible curmudgeon.  Note:  I have the world's worst track record in setting people up so this disclaimer absolves me from all hook up disasters.  I think I'm using that hook up phrase wrongly.  Or maybe not.  How feisty are the Aged, Annoyed and Argumentative?

Saturday, December 29, 2012

What Are You Doing?

I just made a pan of lasagna, and no skimping on the ingredients, for the homeless shelter for this evening's meal.  My husband and I do this regularly, and I started wondering what, if anything, others are doing to make this world a little less traumatic for someone.

What did you do this year to help take the terror out of Planet Earth?

Maybe you gave away your old clothes.  That is always good, people need clothes, even clothes that belonged to someone with no fashion sense whatsoever. 

Maybe you dropped some change into the Salvation Army's red bucket outside of Pick 'N Save. 

Maybe you donated your time and/or money to an organization in need.

Maybe you did just one little thing that didn't matter much, except to the one person for whom it mattered greatly.

Or maybe, like a lot of people out there, you did nothing.  Maybe you have the mindset of the 1%, that anyone can make it in this country and if you can't, well, you're not my problem, you're a victim of your own inertia.

I wonder if we ever stop to think about how one act of kindness or charity costs us very little, so why don't we do it more often? 

The holidays tend to bring out a more generous side to most people, but there are 51 other weeks out there when generosity stays at home.

I propose every "have" on the planet do one little thing, one small thing, each day to ease the suffering of less fortunate fellow earthlings.  I bet if we did, the world would be a brighter place, not only for the downtrodden, but for ourselves, as well.

Wonder what the Koch Brothers are doing tonight?  I'm sure they're on the phone to Washington screaming about tax hikes.  Don't be a Koch.  Make this your motto for 2013.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Years Resolutions I'd Like to See

1.  Scott Walker.  I will stop pretending I know anything about anything.

2.  Mitt Romney.  I will pay 47% in taxes on my offshore illegal investments.

3.  Barack Obama.  I will kick John Boerner's a$$ from here to Kenya.

4.  Anne Coulter.  I will dress up in leather and bop a liberal, all while keeping my eyes open.

5.  Ron Johnson.  I do solemnly swear to lose reelection by doing what I do best.  Nothing.

6.  Donald Trump.  I will shave my head.

7.  Paul Ryan.  I will lose my schoolboy charm and have an affair with a Catholic woman who has had an abortion.

8.  George Bush, Sr.  I will die.

9.  George Dubya Bush.  I will stand trial in The Hague for war crimes.

10.  Chris Abele.  I will stop sticking it to Milwaukee County employees/retirees and commit Sheriff Clarke to the Behavioral Health Division for observation.

11.  Sheriff Clarke.  I will stop making a horse's a$$ out of myself at every opportunity.  I will also buy a portable electro-convulsive therapy machine and hook myself up whenever I start to feel tea-partyish.

12.  Lindsey Lohan.  I will give up on the craft and become a full-fledged junkie, once and for all.  I will also buy burglarly tools; shoplifting is too hard.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

It is a day of feasting, joy and peace. 

It is also a day of cleaning up wrapping paper, dishes, and trying to get jello stains off cashmere sweaters.

It is a day of cookies, roast anything, and mulled wine.

It is a good day to reflect on the past year.......or forget it; your choice.

So don your gay apparel, and head off to your Christmas reunions.

Eat, drink and be merry. 

This little light of mine; I'm gonna let it shine!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Anarchy Anyone?

Well, let's see.  The NRA came out with quite possibly the most moronic answer to curb gun violence; arm more people.  Put more guns out there.  Arm everyone.  Anyone or anything that thinks like Sheriff Clarkes does is in serious trouble.

Yep, it's a shoot out at the not so okay corral, otherwise known as the good old United States of Armed (and Dangerous Idiots).

When a person is sick, you don't give him a hundred times the prescribed dose of medicine in hopes that it will cure him.

More guns is about as intelligent an answer as the NRA and the GOP could come up with.  How did these intellectually compromised people come to power?  Oh yeah, I forgot.  They're leading mostly intellectually compromised individuals.  Right to the slaughter.

How do I despise this country?  Let me count the ways.

If any mad scientists out there have developed a truly smart water, nows the time to market it.  Make mine alcoholic, please.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


In the wake of yet another tragedy perpetrated by a mentally ill person with assault weapons, Sheriff Clarke is calling for armed officers and guards in every public place.

Uh huh......funded by whom?

Not that funding is the issue. 

The issue is the fact that guns are legal and people don't want the right to bear arms taken from them.  Well, it's time to abolish this right, has been for a long time in an ever-increasingly violent and mentally ill United States.  Sheriff Clarke is the poster boy for Tea Party Politics; how does this dude get elected as a democrat?  Hopefully, he's made a big enough horse's a$$ of himself in the past year that we won't have to deal with his particular brand of crazy much longer.

Sheriff Clarke likens the suggestion of gun control as  the "mind-set of sheep".  I'm proud to be a peaceful lamb.  Why is gun control so abhorrent to Sheriff Clarke?  Is it his wolf mind-set?  Does he like to put his deputies in danger everyday while people ride around with semi-automatic guns under their driver's seat?  Does he think more guns make a safer society, because really, if that's his mind-set than he has either flipped his holster or he can't see the forest for the trees.

Comparing gun control as a knee jerk reaction and something that should be resisted with the ferociousness of a junk yard dog is typical Clarke - laughable and ridiculous.  Seriously, a mental status exam needs to be ordered for this guy.  His lunatic is really showing.

Ban all guns.  Hunting will be allowed, but hunters will have to store their guns at a government warehouse and sign them in and out per hunting season.  Hand guns should be completely illegal, and anyone caught with a hand gun should serve five years in prison, mandatory.

And just so you know, Mr. Clarke, none of we "liberals" are exploiting what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School to further gun control legislation.  We're appalled at what happened.  We're appalled at the number of weapons available in our society, and we're appalled at the lack of mental health treatment available to those members of our society who desperately need it.  Like you.

Mr. Clarke further expresses the need to fund his crazy solution by cutting green programs and social safety nets.  This guy is a disaster, and he's being paid for it by Milwaukee County.  He posted all these comments on a Tea Party website, and now won't comment to the Journal/Sentinel reporter who is questioning his stand. 

My question is, did Sheriff Clarke post these comments, which are anti-humane, on County time?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The NRA Has A Plan For Your Family

The NRA announced today that automatic weapons training classes will be held every Saturday at your local library for ages 4 to 6 at 10:00 a.m.  Classes will be one half hour long.  Register early and avoid the rush.  Call 1-800-BLASTEM to reserve your seat today.

Don't send your child to school without proper armament.  For the registration fee of $1900, your child will get a specially scaled Glock 9mm that will fit into his/her hand, a bullet proof vest, and proper and thorough education in the variables of when to shoot and when to play on the monkey bars.

Local sporting goods stores, in conjunction with NRA training, will have a 50% off sale on all holsters, boots, straps and shooter paraphernalia, so you never have to send your child out on the playground defenseless.

Support your local NRA chapter, and let's get guns into the hands of potential victims as soon as possible.  Learn to be a Shooter TODAY!

Remember, a gun can be your most steadfast friend, no matter how old you are.  It's never too early to start learning how to be a completely paranoid person.  The NRA wants YOU!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tonette Walker Wants a New Kitchen

For what?

Does she cook a lot of state dinners?

Does the governor entertain anyone......besides wiener roasts on the back lawn?

Give me a break. 

What Tonette Walker, and all Stepford Wives, really need is a new life, not the Maple Grove Kitchen Project.

Has Tonette Walker confused herself with Jackie Kennedy, who redecorated the White House?  Here's a clue; Jackie probably never saw the inside of a kitchen in her life.

Wisconsin's first lady keeps trying to find causes that will give her some sort of credibility.......but this idea is pretty far off the radar when it comes to meaningful.  Let's see; Jackie had the White House redo and the Rose Garden, Rosalyn Carter had quality mental health treatment, Mrs. Obama has childhood obesity in her sights with the get up and move program, and here comes Tonette Walker with plans for a new (taxpayer funded) kitchen.

Sheesh.  What a hick town the whole State of Wisconsin has become.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Behavioral Health Division Turned Over to State?

I agree that things aren't working well at the Behavioral Health Division.  This is what happens when administrations are in power too long; they become stagnant and mired in their own dysfunction.  The administration at BHD seems overly concerned with their own bull$hit behaviors and not at all engaged in patient well-being.  Hopefully, an investigation will uncover all of the ridiculous activities BHD administration has enmeshed itself in, to the detriment of patient care.  I can only hope the investigators know exactly where to look for evidence.

But to let Dennis Smith and the Department of Health and Human Services take over; well, we might as well just put in the order for leg and neck irons now and start building the snake pit.  Dust off the lobotomy tools and start spreading straw on the floors of the locked wards to soak up the urine. 

Dennis Smith is a uncompassionate, over-employed crony of Scott Walker.  Birds of a feather; in this case, cuckoos, stick together.    Sufferers of mental illness deserve compassionate care; which is not likely to be granted at the state level in its current incarnation.  What is sad is that the poor people who end up at BHD can't count on any real support at the local level, either.   I can't remember the last compassionate act performed by the State of Wisconsin; possibly a supreme court justice merely choke holding a fellow jurist rather than killing her, but that is truly all that comes to mind.

I digress.  BHD is a mess and its long overdue that someone looks long and hard at the institution and proposed significant changes to its operation. What has happened at BHD in the past few years is a tragedy, and a travesty of justice for the many people who just can't get help anywhere else.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Mall At Christmas

Well, maybe because its pouring rain here in Milwaukee, but Mayfair Mall was relatively dead today, so I was able to breeze in and out and buy the last of my Xmas presents.  For a Unitarian, I don't even know why I celebrate Xmas.....oh that's right; I like to get presents.

The sermon at church today was The Addams Family Christmas, which was meant to look at how people survive the holidays with today's dysfunctional families.  It was the most entertaining sermon I've heard in awhile......and there certainly was a great deal of truth in it, i.e., warm and fuzzy families seem to only happy in the movies.  Genuine peace and joy only exist on Christmas cards.  Well, at least those things happen somewhere, right!

I guess I just have this bit of advice for people who dread their relatives.  Keep it simple.  Go in knowing what you're going into, in many cases, a mine field of emotional explosions.  Refuse to engage.  Probably the only thing worse than a Christmas Scrooge is a Christmas Hypocrite with their fake smile and phony warmth that chills to the bone.  Just remember, anything is tolerable for a few hours, even torture.  Eat cookies; this makes anything better!

And find someplace to enjoy the seasonal peace and joy.  For me, it's drinking 100% Kona coffee on Christmas morning, with my husband, opening our gifts to each other and preparing for an afternoon with his family; which is something I actually look forward to after years of dread and sadness with my own.

It is what it is. 


Enjoy it!

Personally, I like Festivus for the Rest of Us.  Especially the Airing of Grievances.  My biggest grievance will always be why do the unholy celebrate the holy days? 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sheriff Clarke Should Go Hat Shopping

Back in the news, Sheriff Clarke has now declared he will sue Milwaukee County if they take oversight of a correctional facility in Franklin away from him.

Huh?  Arm chair lawyering again.  Clarke has elevated himself to a position of power that clearly only exists in his own mind.

Sheriff Clark has enough troubles getting it right at the Milwaukee County Jail, i.e., prisoners are in serious danger because the medical staff there is inadequate.  And he's worried that some work will be taken away from him?  He ought to be relieved; but his narcissism doesn't allow for rational thought processes.

Sue Milwaukee County?  Of course, he'd be suing himself, which might not be a bad idea.

It is time for Sheriff Clarke to go.  Hat shopping seems to be his only functional behavior.  Sheriff Clarke should not only not be reelected, he should be summarily dismissed because the job is simply too much for him.  He has no leadership ability in that the entire Sheriff's Department lacks respect for him.  In fact, Sheriff Clarke has no respect from anyone.  Clarke's answer:  demand respect.  Respect cannot be demanded, it must be earned.

Sheriff Clarke is costing the taxpayers money.  Let's not pay anymore cash for a person who is clearly incompetent to perform the duties of his job.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Police State

I think it's appalling that the Police and Fire Commission reinstated a Milwaukee police officer who was videotaped slugging a handcuffed woman in the back of a squad car.

I find most life in America these days simply appalling.

The Wisconsin Public Service Commission gives WE Energies, the greediest whores on the planet, the right to raise rates to private citizens so they can give energy cost breaks to corporate customers.....and pay their executives huge bonuses.

What this country really needs is a watch dog group that really does watch these dogs.  Our country has certainly gone to the maniacal curs.  I'd like to take a big bite out of these A$$holes who threaten the safety and security of average citizens, just trying to get fed and stay warm. 

In my idealized view of things, on December 21st, when the Mayan calendar says the world will end, I'd like all cheats and liars to wake up with a huge, hairy black wart on the tip of their noses.  That way, we can steer clear of these human tragedies because you can finally recognize them.

I'd like a huge banking computer failure, that will render billionaires penniless, and put money into hard working people's accounts.

I'd like to see politicians forced to live as their constituency lives; without a whole lot of hope for the future, shabby clothing and cheap cuts of tough mutton for dinner.

No, that's not true.  I'd like politicians to live in nuclear waste dumps until they pee fluorescent green liquid and their mouths cave in.

I'd like to see all fast food restaurants swallowed by mother earth and tomato patches planted in their wake.

I'd like to see Donald Trump's hotels infested with super bed bugs.

I'd like to see the Koch Brothers disappear in quicksand.

I'd like to see BP Oil at the bottom of the sea, in concrete containment, of course.

I'd like a lot of things for Christmas, but here's the biggest thing I'd like; that human beings stop slaughtering each other, be it with guns, or laws, or apathy.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I'm Happy

Obama is standing firm; no more tax breaks for the rich. 

But the greed force won't go down without a fight.  The repetitive cry is that the 1% are the job creators.

Well......they've had quite a few years to create all these supposed jobs since they were given the tax cuts; where are they?

Oh yeah.  China.  India.  Anywhere but here. 

The rich need to pay a hugely increased tax rate.  Plain and simple.  They don't create jobs.  They suck the life out of this country to feed their greed. 

The 1% must pay more in taxes.  This is the kindest thing that can happen to them. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Same old same old

The GOP opposing tax increases for the rich and demanding we cut social programs and safety nets for the rest of us.

You have to say this for the GOP, they never learn.  Can't teach a sneak.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Humble Pie

It must have been extremely difficult for Mitt Romney to walk into the White House, the prize he so doggedly and underhandedly tried to buy for himself, and have to be cordial to Barack Obama.

Chili and chicken salad aside, I believe Mitt ate huge bits of humble pie at that luncheon.  I think this is the answer for America.  Let's feed the rich magnificent servings of humble pie.  Mitt must have been psychologically devastated as he looked around the White House surroundings and then had to sit down to lunch with the current owner, a black man .  Barack is a very smart man.  Knowing when to twist the knife is an important skill.  A good president embodies diplomacy as well as a thorough understanding of psychological warfare.

Speaking of great statesmen, I saw the movie "Lincoln" last night.  This movie is so far beyond great and Oscar material, it's hard to find the right descriptors.  I can only say this, if you have half a brain, go see this as it is fascinating, even for non-history buffs like me.   Alas, for most Americans, this movie is going to be way over their red neck balanced heads.

One final note, actually, a word of warning to Scott Walker.  When you meet with the President next Tuesday, please keep your mouth shut.  You're an idiot and everytime you say something, that fact is verified.  So please shut up and let someone else do the talking.  Try not to pee on the rug, neither.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mental Status Evaluations

I think Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., needs to be examined by a professional.  His behavior is getting more strange and he has exhibited an ongoing inability to work with others. 

The latest news reports wherein Sheriff Clarke wants to privatize jail health care is a symbol of someone dealing with a very limited perception of the problems that exist in the Milwaukee County Jail.

Sheriff Clarke's ego seems to stand in the way of all progress.  There was a time when the Milwaukee County Jail functioned very well, it had a Director of Health Services, it had a Chief Physician, it had a Chief Psychiatrist.  Unfortunately, the threat of having three competent people housed under Sheriff Clarke's roof was too much for him.  He fired the Director and the other two medical men retired at the first available opportunity.

Sheriff Clarke can run things.......but he runs them into the ground.  It is time that Milwaukee County recognize the symptoms of mental illness and demand an evaluation of Sheriff Clarke.  Come to think of it, my own experience working at Milwaukee County was constantly maneuvering around the crazies in the system.  The place is a hotbed of nut jobs.  I think it will be Milwaukee County's unraveling if they don't take some action against the kind of behaviors that create the disharmonious atmosphere that exists in most departments at Milwaukee County.

In my career at Milwaukee County, I had one boss who drank himself into a stupor everyday at lunch.  He returned to work surly and obnoxious.  When I reported it, my job was written out of the budget.  I had an underling who accused fellow workers of poisoning her (she was the only poison in the department) and I dealt with people who got self-righteously angry if their personal phone call gossip session was interrupted by my asking them to do some part of their job.  Local government here in Milwaukee, at least at the County level, is entrenched in ridiculous behaviors and emotional ineptitude.

But I digress. 

Sheriff Clarke is costing Milwaukee County (i.e., taxpayers) money.  Its time someone woke up and passed the lithium.

Monday, November 26, 2012

No Presidential Bid by Scott Walker

On behalf of human beings everywhere, Thank You, Scott Walker, for deciding against a run at the oval office.

My faith in humanity is renewed.  Some losers actually recognize their loser status.

Oh, and as far as Scott Walker not being the target of any investigation as he reported to the AP, how would he know?  John Doe investigations are "secret".  While his comrades fall left and right, I think Oil Can Scotty showed a remarkable lack of intelligence by making a statement like that.  But then, we can always count on him to say and do the most moronic thing possible.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Clarification on Narcissistic Personality Disorder

I found this paragraph in a Psychology magazine and really have to reprint it here, partially because it so perfectly sums up narcissistic tendencies, but also because so many people have accessed my post about this personality disorder.

This is a brief, but thorough commentary on the behavior of all narcissists. 
In a sense, narcissists are out of touch with reality. They are not mentally ill, like a psychotic; they are just unwilling to acknowledge truth that doesn't match their preferences. While normal people can weigh events rationally and draw fair conclusions about themselves, narcissists do not. They lack the objectivity to live with reasonable insight because their need for self exaltation does not allow them to accept that their perceptions might not be the ultimate truth. Their idealized view of themselves blinds them as they try to make sense of life, particularly the elements in themselves that might be imperfect or that might require adjustments (and they never want to make adjustments).
We've all known narcissists, and we've all sighed and rolled our eyes when dealing with them.  I guess the really sad thing is that there is no magical medication to help narcissists get over themselves.  We're just stuck with them.  But it could be worse.  They're stuck with themselves.

At the Movies

Argo is an excellent, nail-biter kind of film that keeps the action going from start to finish.  I truly respect Ben Affleck as both an actor and a director.  The man is truly talented.  Ordinarily, I'm not a big fan of action movies, but there are some that transcend formula, and Argo is certainly one of them.

Go See ARGO.

ARGO F*ck Yourself.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Pies and Whipped Cream and Stuffing, OH MY.

Just one thing to utter.


Okay, tomorrow I really am going to start the attempt of shedding these extra five pounds. 

But tonight, I'm going to let my dishwasher do the work and enjoy the fact that food is the great uniter.

Let's feed the world!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Things to be Thankful For

1.  Obama won.

2.  Tax breaks for the uber-wealthy are ending.

3.  Food is awesome on Thanksgiving; especially when someone who really loves the holiday cooks it.

4.  You don't live on the east coast.

5.  You actually like your in-laws.

6.  You can make a conscious choice to avoid the family you like to avoid.
7.  It's football season.

8.  The Packers look more than adequate this season.

9.  You're off work for a few days (if you don't work retail).

10.  You don't have to go shopping on Black Friday, and who, in their right mind, would?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Another Brilliant Idea

Come on, really?   Scott Walker's idea on how the republicans can win elections --- eliminate same day voter registration?


You can put an idiot in a suit.  You can elect the idiot to high public office.  You can invite the idiot to speak at the Ronald Reagan Library for Idiots.  But he is, and always will be, an IDIOT first and foremost.

Perhaps instead of trying to find ways to prevent people from voting against them, the republicans should invest some time and effort in making people want to vote for them.  Yeah.  Good luck with that.

WE Energies - More Extortion on the Horizon

I have had philosophical problems with WE Energies all my life.  First of all, what possible reason can there be for southeastern Wisconsin to pay some of the highest utility rates in the nation other than these greedy whores have found it very easy to gouge the consumer, repeatedly. 

Currently, WE Energies is planning yet another rate boost (this coming after one of the warmest winters on record in 2012).  Do you see the correlation here?  Despite a warm winter, WE Energies managed to pay their top executives millions in bonuses.  Is it my fault the climate change contributed to less billable kilowatts?  Does WE Energies even understand that their dirty coal plants are at least part of the reason we have global warming and milder winters?  They also paid big bucks in legal fees.  As far as I'm concerned, I'm not party to the lawsuit, I didn't do anything wrong, so why am I being asked to pay for litigation that has nothing to do with me, other than I'm forced to purchase energy from the only game in town.

WE Energies wants us to pay their legal fees and  their cost overruns at their dirty coal fired plant in Oak Creek, among other ridiculous surcharges to the consumer.  They're asking for fee increases.   The biggest increase would be a fixed charge on monthly electrical bills (40%) for customers who use the least amount of energy.  Always WE Energies goes after the people least able to afford to support the gluttonous need for more cash.  This is nothing less than extortion.  WE Energies is nothing short of a cash junkie.

I don't understand who the Public Service Commission is representing here; but it doesn't seem to be Joe Public, since WE Energies gouges the consumer continuously, and Joe Public can't even fire them because they're a monopoly.  The PSC needs to crawl out of bed with this psychotic whore and get their heads around the fact that WE Energies is as out of control as the KGB was.

WE Energies is padding the numbers about how much staffing they will need to have to support future projects.  Currently, these positions are vacant, and my guess is, they'll stay that way.  Who better to cook the books than an energy company?  What better way to appeal to the state than by the promise of future jobs, even though its all lip service.

I'm sick of WE Energies, and I'm sick of corporations like WE Energies being allowed to operate in America.  Someone much bigger than the PSC needs to look at what WE Energies is pulling.  This company epitomizes corporate greed and unfair business practices at every step.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why Not Walker for President?

Scott Walker was at the Reagan Library giving a speech on what his budget plans will be for Wisconsin.  Why would Californians need to know this?  How about telling Wisconsinites the plan?  Well, obviously, Scott Walker doesn't have any credibility for most Wisconsinites, so why waste a speech in his home state, where the general consensus is that he's a complete idiot.   Besides, not telling his citizenry what he intends to do is sort of modus operandi for Scott Walker.

The real reason, I think is that Scott Walker is setting the stage to make a run for the presidential election in 2016.  Jesus, Mother, Mary  Just when you think things can't get worse.  You see that Scott Walker is so stupid, he doesn't recognize the hand-writing on the wall.  The GOP is licking the wounds inflicted on them by their rabid ideology, something Scott Walker wholly buys into.  This is the mark of a truly stupid man, someone who keeps repeating ineffective behavior and expecting outcomes to change. 

The thought of President Walker is laughably dangerous.  Let's hope Obama shakes things up in this country in the next four years so that people as monstrously inept as greasy little monkey Scott Walker won't stand a chance; even in local elections.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Walker Just Plain Dumb

Walker is going to let the feds run the Obamacare program here in Wisconsin.  This may look like a bold stand to his political supporters.  Good old governor walker not going to participate in Obamacare on any level, but the truth is, Walker is too stupid to implement such an important program.  Those of us who understand Walker's cognitive limitations know that this is just too much for Scott's little brain to comprehend, so he MUST (by federal law) let someone else do it.  What clowns you people are who voted this moron into public office.  I seriously think people who call themselves "conservative" really are just as dumb as Walker is.  Conservative and stupid seem to be interchangeable here in Wisconsin.

And while we're at it, Wisconsin lost 6000 jobs in October of this year.  Falling a little short on his campaign promise to create 250,00 jobs.  Of course, people like Walker make promises they can't keep in order to get elected.  No big news there.  But the fact that this greasy little balding monkey pulled the wool over the eyes of so many people is just nauseating to a lot of Wisconsinites.  Ah well, are there any as blind as those who will not see? 

Walker and his creepy administration of sideshow freaks is a crime being perpetrated on all of us living in Wisconsin.  Some of us see it.  Lots of us don't.  But stay tuned.  The man is an intellectual disaster.  No longer the golden boy; Scott Walker is a greasy little monkey, too dumb to ever learn sign language much less read the writing on the wall.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Romney Still Dumbfounded by Election Loss

Mitt Romney still doesn't get why he lost the election.

The United States of America truly dodged a bullet here.

The man has no insight.

Not a quality we want in our President, surely.

Here's why you lost Romney:  Failure to connect on any human level with the majority of voters.

Those you did connect with are obviously as delusional as you are.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wisconsin Republicans Insane

Just when I think things will tone down in this seriously f'd up state, we've got nine crazy Wisconsin state legislators talking about arresting anyone who tries to implement Obamacare here. 


Speaking to a group called Campaign for Liberty (Liberty not being for all in this latest fringe group), the legislators espoused their radical right wing agenda, declaring, among other insane proclamations, the affordable health care act to be unconstitutional.  Obviously, these mental giants seem to think they know more about the law than the United States Supreme Court.

Let's list these morons:

Chris Kapenga (R) Delafield.    Delafield?  Land of strip malls, McMansions, and tainted water; of which he's been drinking way too much.

Mary Lazich (R) New Berlin.  Mary's cross-eyes have certainly tunneled her vision.  Please, can't someone take up a collection for a new pair of glasses for this rigid Olive Oyl lookalike.

Don Pridemore (R) Hartford.  Hartford?  Who gives a rat's ass about Hartford? 

Erik Severson (R) of Star Prairie.  I have never even heard of Star Prairie, but I'm betting it has never produced a star, unless it's a star a$$hole like Severson.

Tom Larson (R) Colfax.  Another nonentity.  Obviously this man has drunk way too much unpasteurized milk from cows with that cow crazy disease.

Scott Krug (R) Wisconsin Rapids.  Obviously he's been breathing in the stink of paper mills for too many decades.

Rob Hutton (R) Brookfield.  Brookfield.  Seriously?  He needs to stop the nonsense and start looking for fresh water for his community.  I'll send him a divining rod for Christmas.  And a one way ticket to Syria.

Mark Born (R) Beaver Dam.  Was Mark actually born?  Sounds like he was hatched in some conservative think tank.

Dave Murphy (R) Greenville.  Way too much fertilizer in Greenville methinks.  Eating a lot of $hit lettuce sandwiches there.  He must love them.

So there's your list of the most seriously, mentally compromised people in the State of Wisconsin at the moment. 

Of course, the leader of the pack, Scott Walker, must surround himself with idiots to appear, at most, semi-literate.

Wisconsin is going to hell in a hand basket.  Glad I'm leaving.  Such an embarrassment to live here, unless you're as mindless as the leaders. 

Wisconsin.  Backward.  Hillbilly.  Moronic.  Redneck.  Racist. America's A$$hole Land.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The United States Strangely Quiet

Since the reelection of Barack Obama, the United States seems so quiet.

Of course, we have certain red (neck) states threatening secession.  Seriously, that's the best they could come up with?

Barack seems to be taking a hard stand on no negotiating the Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthy, due to expire soon.  Hmmmm?  Kid gloves in the dumpster behind the White House?  Let's hope.

Wisconsin's republicans took back the senate - largely due to their very biased redistricting maps.  That's still in the courts.  Sure to cost all Wisconsinites more tax dollars.

Scott Walker hasn't done anything stupid.  Of course, he hasn't done anything at all, lately.  When he does, you can be sure it will be stupid.

Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney are still coming out of their stupefied mental state, neither quite believing they've lost.  What arrogance!  Hubris is a B*tch.

Ron Johnson continued to make stupid remarks and do nothing as our Senator.  What a schlocky piece of crap this guy is. 

At any rate, things are quiet on the political front, both nationally and here in Wisconsin.  After such a contentious election year, it is nice.  On the other hand, we bloggers need fodder, so somebody do something, please.  Republicans, I'm counting on you to provide grist for the mill.  You're so good at creating chaos. 

Oh, and if you're the head of the CIA, don't you think you might think twice about getting caught with your pants down?  Just as I suspected, red, white and blue underwear with big brown stains.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What Makes Me Happy?

The thought that Barack Obama will take off his kid gloves and come out swinging.  It will be difficult, but in his second term, with little to lose, he needs to stand tall among the small-minded people in congress and not take any $hit.

The thought that the Koch brothers, Donald Trump and lots of empty-headed billionaires just like them spent lots and lots of money.....for NOTHING.....makes me glad down to my bone marrow.  They should have saved those dollars; they'll need them when their tax breaks finally expire.  Can't happen soon enough.

The thought that Mitt Romney won't have a chance to further damage global relations.

The knowledge that Planned Parenthood, ObamaCare, PBS, and Roe v. Wade is safe, at least for another four years.

Mostly what makes me the very happiest is that I am not alone; that America has spoken and I'm not completely surrounded by rhetoric-spouting non-thinkers.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

America Deemed Competent

It is indeed an immense relief to know that this country did not elect Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

All of you whom voted to reelect President Obama really have saved the day; possibly the world, and certainly yourselves and your fellow Americans.

I guess I can go back to picking on Scott Walker now.  He's such small fish, but he still represents the GOP mindset that truly does not have any basis in reality.

Thank you America!  Maybe we're going to be alright.

Is it Over Yet?

AT 5:15 p.m., CST, Obama is winning in New Hampshire with 7% of the state reporting. 

Is this a good sign?  I think so, since New Hampshire is quite republican; but even ignorant people know not to drink anything with a foul stench.

I'm going to the movies so I don't have to watch the election returns.  Going to see Argo, as Ben Affleck is so much more appealing than either candidate right now.  I have political ad burnout. 

I am sincerely hopeful that when I come out of that movie at 10 p.m., Romney will have conceded the election. 

If not, I've got two months to pack up and move to Costa Rica. 

Here's hoping America is not completely insane.  We'll know at midnight. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Tomorrow Is Upon Us.

Well, that gracious time is upon us when we can put the bickering political ads behind us and elect a president.

We will have a few years reprieve from the extreme nastiness of this year's campaign, and hopefully concentrate on rebuilding a country that is seriously on the brink of disaster. 

Rich people everywhere are biting their manicured fake nails over this election.  They have the least to lose --- money.

Poor people everywhere are wringing their hard working hands and hoping the last straw isn't placed on their backs with the wrong outcome.

I'm just glad I don't have to look at Romney/Ryan ads anymore.  That much spoon-fed bull$hit would make anyone in their right mind violently ill.

Whatever happens in America tomorrow, there is definitely a great divide of people.  There are the rich.  There are the redneck.  There are the racist.  And then there are just plain American people who take the time to understand the issues.  It will be interesting to see which group represents the majority.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Let's Tax The Rich at 70% - Like We Did in 1950

Back in 1950 and the entire decade, rich people were taxed at 70%.  That seems excessive, even to me - a determined liberal standing so far out in left field, Communists can barely see me.

Or at least it did.

When Richard Nixon came into office (that epitome of crooked politicians), the tax breaks started for the uber-rich.  Those tax breaks have not lost momentum; so, a modest proposal of my own would be to make up for all the monies the uber-rich have not paid in taxes by taxing them from now and forever going forward at 70%.

Here's why.

I read the New York Times every Sunday, and I love it because it seems to have the most honest reporting of any newspaper in America.

But I also love the style section because I get to peek into that world of the uber-rich to actually see how they spend their excessive amounts of cash.

There is a considerable amount of wealth concentrated in a very small number of people, yet these people are calling your shots -- by "your" I mean anyone who doesn't have a trust fund.  These rich folks are the wrong people to call financial shots for anyone because they squander all that excess cash in unbelievably stupid ways.

Now we all get a good laugh out of $40,000 Birken bags and the people who carry them.  Even $4500 Balenciaga bags are ridiculous when one's intellect overrides one's ego.  But let's talk about real stupidity.

Like the treehouse for a twelve year old girl with running water and electricity. 

Like the couple who downsized their Central Park 4500 square foot apartment and went downtown, moving into a place with half the space.  Their biggest lament?  What to do with all their "stuff".  Especially the Italian vases they had shipped home and which numbered in the hundreds.  Come on.  Give me a f*cking break.  I like nice stuff as much as the next person, even have a (very) few really nice things, but I have never worried about where to display my hundreds of Italian vases. 

Or the wallpaper that costs $5,000 a roll.  Or the bathtub at $25,000.  Are we a pretentious society?  Of course we are.  That anyone would consider buying a $25,000 bathtub when there are people right down the block who don't have food or warm jackets is beyond me. 

We need to tax the rich at 70% to help the people who would be happy just to have a roof over their heads.

We need to tax the rich at 70% to prevent them from making serious mistakes with their money, like hideous fashion choices and being taken advantage of by designers and decoraters with questionable taste.

We need to tax the rich at 70% so that their 50 year old matrons don't walk around in $900 designer jeans stretched to death over their fat behinds while their plasticine faces scare children.

We need to tax the rich at 70% to teach them that they are not alone.  This seems like the most humane way to do it.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Difference - Part 2. Then and Now

President Obama was on national news last night reassuring New Jersey citizens, and in essence, all east coast citizens, that the United States would be there to help them right the destruction left by that ultimate of all terrorists, mother nature.

I wonder how this made the people of New Orleans and the rest of the gulf coast feel?  Bush did a flyover, and then proceeded to let people die, never once offering U.S. assistance in the aftermath of Katrina.  If he did offer it, it was lip service.  Any gulf coast resident will tell you it was lip service.  Bush was really good at lip service. 

At any rate, the difference is clear; Democrat = Help, Republican = F*ck Off. 

It is beyond my ability to understand why anyone in America, especially anyone who is not a very wealthy person, would believe anything Mitt Romney or that lying A$$ Paul Ryan would say.  But that's Mitt Romney's whole premise, isn't it:  JUST BELIEVE.

You yokels out there who would vote republican must really be empty-souled creatures, with very, very small brains.  Why would you just believe?  Do you all still believe in Santa Claus?  The Easter Bunny?  The Tooth Fairy?  Romney just believes in himself, a rich bastard who got rich on the broken backs of the working class.  He believes that getting rich that way is right, just and acceptable.
And he believes that this will work in building a strong America.

Wake up and smell the horse$hit.  JUST BELIEVE your vote can make a difference, and in order for it to make a difference, vote democratic.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Most Offensive Romney Commercial

I'm sorry, but losing a child is incredibly horrendous.  I speak from experience.

Losing a child, and letting Mitt Romney parlay your loss into a testimonial on national television is perhaps the lowest degradation to the memory of a loved one that I can think of.

This ad, wherein the elderly couple mourns the death of their son, while extolling the virtue of Mitt Romney, is, without question in my mind, one of the worst things I've ever been exposed to in my life.  Tasteless?  Check. 

I'm sorry, but after watching this ad numerous times, I have no sympathy for these parents or their loss.  I'm disgusted by them.

That this campaign ad is airing at all has the stench of desperation attached to it.  Romney's losing.  Thank God.

Friday, October 26, 2012

How Stupid is America?

Stupid, really stupid.

And being made even more stupid by the daily political ads being blasted in our face like so many shotguns.  We have eleven more days of listening to political rhetoric.  Eleven more days of listening to outrageous lies in the form of campaign advertising.  Eleven more days of the worst example of an expenditure of two billion dollars in the history of mankind.  Two billion  dollars is what the candidates have spent on promoting themselves.  I ask you, America, couldn't that money have been put to better use? 

And we take it.  We don't demand that campaigns be run fairly.  We don't demand that it be declared illegal to buy a political office.  We just sit back and take this horse's a$$ nonsense over and over and over again. 

We're victims, every one of us who has been subjected to the incredibly destructive process known as American politics. 

We're all suffering from campaign burnout. 

I want Obama to win the election because he is the best man for the job.  I want Romney to crawl back into the same space Sarah Palin crawled into, the land of political has beens who came dangerously close to destroying the world.  I want to give John McCain a new airplane to fly.

But mostly, I just don't want to ever hear another political ad as long as I live.  I propose that a national campaign fund be initiated, whereby every candidate gets, say, $500,000 to promote his beliefs, and no outside source can give money to a candidate.  You make the most of that $500,000.  You take your shot.  You don't rely on PACs and corporations, and you keep private interests out of public office.

But here in America, everyone seems to be insane.  What's scarier is we all accept this as normal.

Two billions dollars all spent toward an outcome that will happen the first week in November.  How much health care coverage does two billion dollars buy?  How many food pantries could be stocked with two billion dollars?  I can't get past this.  I can't get past the feeling that I'm living in a land that just isn't worth perpetuating.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Scott Walker - Crook Extraordinaire

Walker's semi-private business development agency, which conveniently lost track of millions of taxpayer dollars in loans to his cronies, now is refusing to disclose how this happened.   In fact, they are so secretive about this, the media will probably have to sue them to get anymore information.  This violates open records law; but Scott Walker can't be bothered with little things like being lawful.  Not when there's so much opportunity to rape and pillage the State of Wisconsin taxpayers.

Scott Walker's lazy eye is asleep at the wheel again.  So is his bone head.  He's like Mr. Magoo, running down a highway paved with taxpayers.  Ouch!  We're starting to feel the accident known as Scott Walker now!

Folks, take note of this. 

If Romney wins office, this kind of thing will happen continually - because you can't put the lunatics in charge of the asylum.  We've done it here in Wisconsin, and look at us.  We're hopelessly pathetic! 

The people who voted this moron in deserve this kind of monetary loss.  Nothing pleases me more than to see fools and their money parted.  But what about the rest of us? 

You say you want a revolution?  I know I do.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Disgraceful Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan touts his Catholicism at every opportunity, especially when talking about abortion.

But Paul Ryan plans to do away with food stamps for people who literally can't afford to eat.  Where is his Catholicism now?

Paul Ryan is a mean person, flirting with the dark side.  Anyone who ever believed in a divine power wouldn't act the way Paul Ryan acts.  He's a poser.  Letting him, or anyone like him, near the presidency is a vote for disaster.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Romney Lacking in Foreign Policy Knowledge - and Lying About It

I think it is important to remember that when we elect a president, he represents us globally.  Mitt Romney just doesn't have the credibility a leader needs in a global environment. 

Mr. Romney is unclear on aspects of foreign policy and is not widely respected in the world as a leader.  In fact, because he belongs to a cult (the Mormon Church), Mr. Romney is immediately suspect by many world leaders.  Most people don't have any idea what the dogma of the Mormon Church is, but in a nutshell, they believe they are the chosen people and they must perpetuate church teachings.  They believe Jesus Christ traveled to the United States on a boat, and spoke to Joseph Smith through a bunch of golden plates and a translating stones.  No one has ever seen these plates or stones.

I believe everyone has a right to believe whatever they want to believe in a spiritual sense.  However, an organized religion with an agenda such as the Mormon Church is scary to me when a potential political leader is also an ordained bishop of that church. 

Mormons are notoriously anti-women.  They seem to also be anti-intellectual.  They are absolutely racist.  Nowhere in the bible was Jesus Christ ever referred to as a sailor.  But we have a lot of people out in Utah (and elsewhere) who buy this lock, stock and barrel. 

I digress.  Romney clearly lacks a plan, or a thorough knowledge of foreign affairs.  What I'd like to see is Mitt Romney retrace the supposed voyage of Jesus Christ and show us the gold plates and the translating stones.  Then I might give him some credibility.  But he'll never have my vote.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Apparently, the administrators in charge at the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Complex have single handedly come up with a cure for all mental illnesses and are implementing it on a trial basis.

They merely kill the patient. 

It's cost effective and guaranteed.

Think twice before calling the cops to take your hysterical relative to BHD lest they become a part of this social experiment.

Personally, I always wondered how they could pay the medical director so much money, but now I see the cost-effective savings he engineered.

Friday, October 19, 2012


BIG.  B-I-G big.  Ginormous BIG.

Okay, along comes a horse's a$$ completely funded by big business (bunch of greed-driven horse's a$$es) and he wins a governorship. 

But the guy is incompetent.  Always has been.  Always will be.  If Scott Walker is a governor, a County Executive, any type of leader at all, then I'm a  neurosurgeon.  All you people who voted Scott Walker into office need to come and see me for your horrible headaches.  I'll fix you right up, the Walker Way.

Scott Walker is quite possibly the worst joke ever perpetuated on good citizens anywhere.  Except, its not funny anymore. 

He creates a big agency to fund business growth.  Here we are, a year and change later, and the agency hasn't tracked repayment of any of the millions in loans they've basically handed out based on cronyism.  Millions of dollars in loan repayment funds are in default.  In fact, the mismanagement of this agency borders on malfeasance and betrayal of the public trust.

Walker doesn't need an accountant.  He needs to go to jail.


The man is a portrait of corruption .

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Alright, let me translate RomneySpeak to TrueSpeak for what this horse's a$$ plans on his first day in office.  

Cut corporate income taxes. 

F*ck the middle class.

Start Drilling Everywhere in America for oil.

F*ck the environment

Adopt the Mexico City Policy (Ban foreign aid to groups that provide abortions or related (birth control?) care.

F*ck as many women at once that he possibly can.  (Are all Mormons Perverts?  One would think.)

Reduce the corporate income tax from 35% to 25%.

F*ck the wage earner.

Demand that Congress cut $20 billion from the federal budget.

Doesn't have a F*cking clue which $20 billion. 

Reproach China for manipulating the value of its currency.

Set the course for a war with China, thereby F*cking everyone on the planet.

So folks, if you love love love being f*cked by snake oil charmers and crooked politicians.
Vote for the #1 F*ck in the country,  Mitt Romney.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The United States of Racists

A Romney supporter was photographed wearing a T-shirt at a Romney/Ryan rally that said this:

I guess I've always known that this is the reason so many people hate Barack Obama - because of his skin color.
I also believe that the people who really run this country, old rich white men, would all sport this T-shirt, except they know to do so spells doom for their party.  Nevertheless, just because you're not wearing the T-shirt doesn't mean you don't wholeheartedly agree with it's message.
Now there are true statesmen, like Barack Obama, who should be judged on his abilities to strongly lead a country that is on the brink of disaster.  He has done so, perhaps with less aggression than I would like, but he has done so.  He has also championed the things that truly matter; while going after the things that don't, like tax breaks for millionaires.  Millionaires hate Barack's stand on taxing the wealthy, but they hate his skin color more. 
When will these rich old white men just curl up and die?  Of course, their sons and daughters will come along and fill the void because they've been silver spoon fed racist propaganda all their lives.  The rest of the Romney/Ryan supporters should just call themselves by their true name:  racists.  Unfortunately, most of them our proud of it.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Note to Republican Party:

When you put a candidate on national television, make sure he knows what to say. 

We were all laughing at Paul Ryan.  Not only did he not answer any questions about the Romney(Just Believe)/Ryan(Lick My Eddie Munster) plan, he seemed generally unprepared for very real questions.

Listen, folks, the republican candidates are unprepared for leadership roles anywhere except maybe the Mormon Church (bunch of morons) or the Catholic Church (the true antichrist).

It's no wonder Joe Biden looked derisive.  Ryan just could not answer the important questions, and then his boldfaced, outrageous lies and ridiculously off formulas and percentages made us all laugh.

Romney(Just Believe)/Ryan(Just Lick) are laughable human beings.  What's sad is that obviously American society is filled with just as laughable and ignorant people who will undoubtely vote for these f*ckheads.  I guess they would deserve the country they'd get.  But what about the REST of US?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sheriff Clarke's Continued Confusion

I use the County Parks all of the time.  I have a dog.  She loves the park. 

The big brohaha in Milwaukee is that Sheriff Clarke is upset that park patrols are going to be taken over by the Milwaukee Police Department.


What is Sheriff Clarke doing with the park patrol money that he currently has budgeted?  It's not patrolling the parks.

In the park closest to my home, I have NEVER, I repeat, NEVER seen a Sheriff Patrol.  I generally go there once a day.  Summer, Fall, Spring and Winter.  I have, however, seen many Milwaukee Police Department members here because this park lies just to the west of a pretty bad area.  So the police are actually doing the Sheriff's Department jobs in this park, and I want to know what Clarke is doing with the money.  Probably buying guns he can't use (the average cop can only carry so much firepower, afterall) and sending people to Harvard.  Well, I guess we wouldn't want a Harvard-educated cop to waste all that brain power on park patrol.

My dog is a springer and she loves to swim, so I go to a big park that runs for miles along the lakefront.  I can guarantee you I have also never seen a Sheriff patrol in this park.  What I do see is a lot of broken booze bottles in the creek and on the beach.  Maybe underage drinkers aren't a priority for the Sheriff, but my safety certainly should be. 

The bottom line is Sheriff Clarke seems to get the money to do park patrols, but spends it elsewhere.  We all know about Sheriff Clarke's creative accounting......or in layman's terms, ability to cook the books. 

Clarke needs to go.  He's not thinking with a clear head.  Must be the weight of that white cowboy hat he always dons.  Someone should tell him he looks like the Sheriff in Blazing Saddles. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Coupla Questions

For all of you people out there with Romney/Ryan stickers on your bumper, do you really not need social security?

If so, what's your secret? 

I had my appendix out in July.  My doctor bills are overwhelming right now because my insurance (and yes, I'm a 47%'er who had a government job) just didn't cover a great big portion of my health care costs.  Of course, health care for profit is the biggest scam perpetrated on American society and if you need proof, Americans are in the poorest health of all the third world countries.

Romney/Ryan supporters have never been sick, except mentally, and obviously have never sought treatment for their mental health issues.  Listen, folks, you'd have to be half nuts to elect two yokels who couldn't plan a halloween party much less steer a course for a stronger America.  What fools these mortals be.  Well, at least Romney/Ryan have their halloween costumes all picked out.  Bernie Madoff and Eddie Munster.  Yup.  Exactly who I want running my country.  NOT. 

I have just one fervent wish.  Obama wins reelection, takes of his kid gloves and comes out swinging.  It's time America had a president who could kick some serious a$$.  Or a$$es, like Romney/Ryan.


Sunday, October 7, 2012


I think I can speak for just about every citizen in the United States who has watched back to back political ads paid for by right wing radical millionaire groups that we have reached saturation with the negative ad campaign.

Please stop the assault on not only our sense of a just world, but on our intelligence.

Voting people, especially here in Wisconsin, have to remember that just a few short months ago, Scott Walker was the golden boy of the moment in promotional ads paid for by the same groups now supporting Mitt (JUST BELIEVE) Romney. 

Well, Scott Walker is in office.  Act 10 is in the courts.  Walker is now, effectively, reduced to nothing more than a mouthpiece (and not a very articulate one) to those people who were intent on destroying public employee unions.  It appears that Act 10 is going to be written off as a totally illegal waste of their time.

Now why would anyone think that the same organizations who brought you Scott Walker have picked a likely candidate for president in Mitt Romney?  Seriously, Americans are just like slow cave men.  You need them to be clubbed over the head a few times to get them to understand anything fundamentally simple. 

We certainly seem like a society ripe for an invasion.  In my world, where homo sapiens possess little to be desired as a species, alien intervention is, indeed, America's last hope.  ET PHONE HOME.  Of course, we'll just have our usual response, send lawyers guns and money, the $hit has hit the fan.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


I think the republicans and the millionaires in this country have focused so exclusively on a negative presidential campaign that probably none of their candidates will win office.  People can only take so much.

My mother was negative; and that's putting it mildly. I grew up with a constant stream of trashy remarks, blows to self esteem and a definite feeling of being resented and wished dead.  My mother had bipolar disorder, so I guess she didn't know how to help herself, and the reality was that back in the fifties, there just wasn't a lot of medications available to treat the illness.  My point is, people can't stand listening to the negative on a constant basis; and for the past year, that's what has happened in the presidential campaign.  I know I reached my saturation point with my mother's negativity and unleashed verbally on her on many occasions.  It made no difference in the long run, but I felt better just telling her what a drag she was.  On some level, I knew how hurtful I was being, and I wanted to be that hurtful.  Maybe it was part of my therapy. 

In politics, the truth is we don't really know what causes these greedy millionaires, whom have SO VERY MUCH, to get so involved in hatefulness and negativity.  Do you think maybe their money isn't making them very happy?  That would be my first guess.  Do you think tax breaks would make them happier?  What does it take for these people to be happy?  I don't think there's an answer.  If you're a millionaire, please contribute to making the world a better place --- off yourself.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Since Mitt Romney never got around to telling you what his actual plan is for the United States of America, let me:

1.  Continue fighting senseless wars in ridiculous places with no intelligent governments so as to perpetuate the military/industrial complex and let fat, rich white men get fatter and richer.  He will draft the children of middle and lower classes to fight these wars as these children wouldn't probably amount to much anyway, and are expendable.  He will pay for these wars on a credit card because he'll be long dead before the bill comes due, and what does he care?  His kids will be alright.

2.  Deregulate banks even further, eroding any trust relationship citizens might have with these institutions.  He will do this so rich, fat white man can get richer and fatter.  He will laugh all the way to his bank in the Cayman Islands.

3.  Additional tax breaks for the 1% will border on the obscene.  You can't have a multi-millionaire president and expect anything less.  Do you get it?  I know you're American, but try.  Who will pay for these tax breaks?  The middle class and the poor.  You will be happy to have your minimum pay job which will be taxed at upwards of 30% because it beats starving to death.  Not by much, unfortunately.  But you can live on spam and macaroni. 

4.  He will push the button.  Mitt Romney can't wait to start wars that guarantee his opportunity to look like a tough ass hero.  He will never try to look like an intelligent diplomat; even he understands his limits.

5.  He and his Mormon followers will continue to trample all over the rights of women. 

There's more, but if you really want to find out; vote for him. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Now that Act 10, Scott Walker's debacle of a state law limiting public employee unions, has gone to the courts, where it is most likely going to be found totally illegal and thrown out, there is very little media coverage regarding Scott Walker.  Why?

Here in Milwaukee, the ugly rag known as The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel gave Walker so much positive coverage during his anti-employee campaign, I guess they've got nothing to say now that it looks like Act 10 will become the most misguided piece of legislation ever proposed.  If they can't be right, they'll be silent.  Of course, giving this newspaper any credibility as a legitimate media outlet is questionable, anyhow.  It is run by a bunch of biased rich old white men; which is the exact problem suffered by the rest of the country.

At any rate, this proves Scott Walker is not the thinking man's candidate (if indeed you needed any proof).  Act 10 was thought up by a bunch of millionaires, i.e., the Koch Brothers; Walker was just a pawn to get the dirty work done.  Now that it looks like a complete failure, Walker is hung out to dry, all alone without even a single original thought banging around in that empty head of his.  If there's no media coverage, it's because there's no governor on duty.  Scott Walker is running around Madison trying to find a clue. 

Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.  Guess Scott Walker missed that lesson.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Mitt Romney's Garbage

Mitt Romney's garbage collector went on the record today telling the world how Mitt Romney doesn't appreciate him or the job he does, and lumps him in with the 47% who drain America's resources.

Well, well.  Interesting.  But what would be even more interesting is if the garbage man told us what he found in Mitt Romney's garbage. 

Let's surmise.

1.  For Men Only packages of hair coloring.

2.  Blonde Ambition hair coloring.

3.  Back issues of The Republic.

4.  Divining rocks so he can translate the gold plated messages given to Joseph Smith.  (Found out they didn't work; translated everything to pig latin.)

5.  Income statements that made up 75% of his trash.

6.  Toe Fungus Spray.

7.  Empty cases of single malt scotch.

8.  A map to the White House Panic Room.

9.  A copy of "How to Convincingly Lie and Deceive People in a Presidential Campaign".

10.  A background check of Paul Ryan, which he fell asleep reading.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tammy vs. Tommy

My opinion is that in the Wisconsin senatorial debate on Friday evening, Tammy appeared to be reality based.  Tommy appeared to be senile.  He built Wisconsin?  Hello?  Quite a job.  And if he did indeed build Wisconsin, there are plenty of Wisconsinites unhappy with the result.  Which part of Wisconsin did he actually build?  He didn't say.  Must have lost his train of thought.

At any rate, one should never vote for anyone whose ears are bigger than a dinner plate.  Rules to live by.  I'm glad there wasn't a draft in the studio last night, because Tommy looks as if he could lift right off the ground in a stiff breeze.  I realize elderly people's noses and ears just keep growing.  Tommy's ears are a dead giveaway.  Too old to be effective, except to other old, rich white men.  That, my friends, is exactly whom not to vote for.

And yes, I do realize Barack Obama has sticky out ears; but they are just that, sticky out ears.  You can't lay them on the ground for a picnic cloth.

Go Tammy!  Reality based politicians.  Find them.  Keep them.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sheriff Clarke Flying His Freak Flag Again

Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., simply cannot stand to have his authority usurped, especially by County Executive Chris Abele.

Everytime Clarke faces a budget cut, he goes off the deep end with his rants; like he's the only person in the world whom ever had to face having less money to spend.  Could someone tap him on the shoulder and show him to the 21st century, please?

What really astounds me is that Sheriff Clarke doesn't seem to have a clue how ridiculous he looks, how insane he sounds, and how vindictive he actually is.  Mr. Clarke's power seems to have gone straight to his little bald head.  He needs to get voted out of office.  Milwaukee County does not need a temper tantrum throwing toddler in charge of anyone, especially anyone with a gun.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Republicans Are Stupid

In this campaign, I have never seen such mean-spirited political messages, never seen such blatant lies spun as truth, as those that the republicans have paid for and put on the airwaves.  Of course, one can expect no less from puppet masters like Karl Rove, the Koch brotherhood, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce and none other than the local Chamber of Commerce.  We know what their agenda is, and they're determined to get Americans to buy into it, truth be damned.

If this isn't reason enough not to ever vote republican, I don't know what is.

Just as an example; a current message attacking Obama claims that he has done nothing to fix the economy.  Excuse me?  Obama inherited a financial disaster created by four republican presidential terms and two unfunded wars.  Taking our country down a few more notches, let's talk about the ridiculous tax cuts given to the wealthy under these clearly addled thinkers (otherwise known as the Bushes) and the massive deregulation of the banking industry, brought to you by Reagan and the Addled Bushes, which caused the big Wall Street collapse that brought us to the brink. 

At any rate, I'm kind of enjoying the desperation that stinks out of these television ads (hmmmm, must be Odorama).  The more blatant the lies, the better Obama seems to do at the polls.  Proof positive that you don't have to be a genius to spot a lying son-of-a-bitch.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Great Quotes

Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing......when they've exhausted all other possibilities.

Winston Churchill

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Little Dwarf

Rancid Priebus is busy talking about how much money the GOP has in their coffers compared to the democrats, and how they're going to spend it in these last few weeks before the election.

You stupid, egg-sucking little beedy-eyed howler monkey.  Maybe if more members of the GOP paid their fair share of taxes, you wouldn't have so much money to crow about.  There's nothing worse than a thief who talks about how rich he is.

I'd like to kick this troll's rotten a$$.

Mitt Romney Paid 14% in Income Tax

Does anyone else who pays a 28% tax rate feel Mitt Romney would make a terrible president?  Why would he want to run a country he constantly cheats? 

America is the land of cheaters, tax beaters, and Walmart greeters.  It's a joke to live here, an embarrassment to admit being American and a real drag living in the land of stupid.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Signs of Intellectual Life Found In Wisconsin

Barack Obama is leading Mitt Romney by 14 points in polls conducted by Marquette University. 

For all of we Wisconsinites who have been embarrassed to show our faces in public anywhere in the world, this is a sure indication that intelligence is slowly returning to citizens of our state.

Despite the craziness of the Scott Walker administration and the mess this little dumb a$$ has created in Madison; despite Paul Ryan's Eddie Munster widow's peak and bizarre behavior and beliefs, Wisconsin actually does have sensibility somewhere.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

FUBAR - The Walker Way of Politics

Well, I guess its a testament on why people keep going to law school when there is more than an ample supply of bottom feeding lawyers; but it looks like Walker's Act 10 is going to lose big in the courts.

Does anyone else get the fact that the laws are so complicated, the lawyers can't figure them out?  We've just about legislated ourselves into intellectual extinction.  The law has been turned into a circus parade, and that's a sad thing.  Blame your local elected official, who most probably is either a lawyer or an uneducated moron, like Scott Walker.  In some cases, we have highly educated morons, like J.B. Van Hollen.

Long and short of it; you can't create a second class of citizens; which is what Oil Can Scotty tried to do by allowing some bargaining units to live while killing off others. 

Interestingly, this is the republican create a second class of citizens to carry the dead weight of a$$hole millionaires, to do all the dirty jobs no one wants to do at a barely living wage, and to let them die off one by one because republicans don't want anyone who can't afford it to have health care.

I hope the idiots in Wisconsin who voted Scott Walker into office and stood behind his bull$hit agenda realize just how much this is going to cost them.  But alas, ignorance is their mainstay.  I just love the sound of republicans losing money; unfortunately, this f*ck up will cost all Wisconsinites money.

Regardless, Obama!  Democracy!  Goes hand in hand; just like Romney/Ryan!  Regressive!

Power to the people.  Power to the courts to reverse the damage done via Act 10. 

I love to say it.  I told you so.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Climate Change

Just returned from a weekend in the upper peninsula of Michigan.  It's an area that will always be sacred in my heart, for many reasons. 

I spent a year in the UP when I was a young woman.  Here's what I remember.  Winter came early and it came hard.  It never stopped snowing in winter, and summer was unofficially over on August 30th.  Spring was mud and slush.  Summer didn't last nearly long enough.  Usually the snow fell before all the leaves did.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw the colors had just begun to change on Lake Superior, the temperature was a balmy 77 degrees, and it didn't cool off much once the sun went down.  I stood in Lake Superior for a good ten minutes; an unheard of thing if there isn't a stiff wind blowing all the warmed surface water into shore.  There was.  Lake Superior is cold.  It is so cold it doesn't give up its dead.  Not on Sunday, September 16, 2012.

One thing I always miss about the upper peninsula, or even just the woods as opposed to an urban setting, is the wildlife.  When I was 20, I saw a mountain lion cross the road in front of me on Highway 51 between Mercer and Hurley.  My Michigan friends envied me and told me it was a once in a lifetime experience.  Twenty years later, I saw another mountain lion crossing the road in almost the identical spot.

This trip, I had at least one witness to the cougar sighting; happened just outside of Phillips.  So that's three once in a lifetime experiences I've had and I am so grateful.

We also saw, in order of appearance, deer (try not seeing one in northern Wisconsin or the UP), a bear and her cub, a painted turtle crossing the road and a couple of eagles fishing on our little lake. 

I think the animals are trying to tell me they're in trouble.  We're all in trouble.  I don't know what the winter will bring, but I do know that if it's balmy in September in Michigan, it's delightful but troubling.  I hope we all make it through another winter season, especially the wild animals. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Say What????

I'm astounded that I'm living in the land of la la's.

Mitt Romney is certifiably insane and just itching to take this country to what will probably become its final conflict.  The world simply can't stand the United States.  That's not going to inprove with Romney at the helm. Let's just say Romney is way beyond Hawk.  He's like a rabid Morman with too many wives.  Unfortunately, the hills of Salt Lake City can't contain him.  Your vote against this walking disaster is one of the few hopes this nation has.

And speaking of crazy religions; what the hell is up with Scientology?  Having dismissed Scientology as some weird Californian cult, I never gave it any serious thought.  But there it was, in my issue of Vanity Fair, and being somewhat of a voyeur when it comes to lives of the rich and famous, I was astounded to read about Tom Cruise and Scientology.  Of course, I am now considered an S.P. by Scientologists everywhere, which is to say, I suppress the idiocy of this particular group of morons.  Still, you have to believe this country is completely nuts when you have a bunch of people buying into and supporting the church of scientology and all of its ridiculous credos.

Jesus, (ha ha), am I ever happy I'm a Unitarian.  We don't have to believe in anything. Or we can believe in everything.  Power to the Imagination.

Anyhow.  Today I think America is beyond institutionalized.  It's dead on the shock treatment table.

Monday, September 10, 2012

If all Millionaires are Liars, Why Aren't All Liars Millionaires

The Koch Brothers didn't get to be the a$$hole rich f*cks they are by telling the truth and following ethical business practices, but their PAC, Americans for Prosperity, is just so full of blatant lies, you just know the Koch's think All Americans are Stupid.

Their latest ad has a "Canadian" woman explaining how the Canadian health care system would have let her die, and so she had to seek medical treatment in the United States.

Socialized medicine is alive and well in Canada.  It's alive and well in England.  It's alive and well in Sweden.  It's alive and well in Norway.

Medicine for profit is alive and well in the United States, and therefore, people are dying every goddamn day.  You simply cannot have FOR PROFIT medicine.  It's doomed to failure because of the greed quotient.

There are no Canadians, no English, no Swedes,  and certainly no tight-fisted, cheap Norwegians overrunning our emergency departments.  They're all being treated better in their home countries.  They wouldn't come here and PAY for the same medical treatment available to them at home.  Doctors are doctors, trained to treat diseases, disorders, conditions and cancer.  If they do it in a cinder block building in Canada, or the highest tech glass building here in the United States, your care should be absolutely the same.  So, do you really need the atrium in the middle of the billion dollar medical office building?  The plants are green, but do they make you better?

The Kochs are ridiculous liars.  Let's hope their own medical conditions are untreatable, painful, and humiliating.  The Kochs should wear the same shit pants they verbally espouse.  You actually can almost smell these jerks coming.

Where's my voodoo doll?

Sunday, September 9, 2012


My husband's Swiss Army watch has been out for repairs for over five weeks.  Still under warranty, we seem to be having a problem getting the Swiss company to stand behind their product.  Needless to say, won't be buying anything else from them.  In fact, I believe these people to be so business practice challenged, I'd be happy just getting the piece of crap (don't buy Swiss Army) back so I can return it to the retailer and get my money refunded.

My daughter bought an extended warranty on her new car.  The drive shaft loosened and her car wouldn't steer properly.  Not covered under the extended warranty.  Extended warranties are a huge fraud perpetrated on unsuspecting consumers.  Almost nothing will be covered under them.  Don't fall for this scam.

We bought a coffee grinder for the second time from the same retailer, only to plug it in at home and discover it's defective.  Second time, same brand (Cuisinart), same retailer.  Obviously made in China.  Whomever designed the big trade agreements with China ought to have their balls removed with a rusty razor.

Just about everything in America, from a hotel room in New York City, to an expensive article of clothing in Chicago, is NOT worth the money.  America has turned into a greedy gouge machine, out to separate hard-earned money from unsuspecting citizens.  Most people in America don't realize that business is just a nice word for "how can I f*ck you over today"?.

Just stop buying, America.  Stop the senseless consumerism.  Stop believing you can afford this kind of shoddy treatment from giant corporations who take the profits and run.

I'm so disgusted; but for the first time in my life, I'm glad I don't have any money because there's nothing F*CKING worth buying.  It's all $hit, with a capitalism "S".

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Death Threat

I watched the video of little old lady Julia Rodriguez make her claim that if she saw Mitt Romney, she would like to kill him.

Apparently, this little old lady is considered to be a real threat to Mitt Romney.  Of course, no one embodies pansy like Mitt Romney. 

Mrs. Rodriguez looks too fragile and vulnerable to swat a fly, but she's quickly going to become a national media sensation.

Who can blame the little old ladies in the United States for not only being unable to identify with, but seriously viewing Mitt Romney as a dangerous threat?

Come November, I hope all women, no matter what their age or diplomatic skill level, view Mitt Romney as a threat.  He is.  For women, for children, for the planet.  Julia Rodriguez is not the threat; candidates like those the republicans put on the ballot ARE.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Television Deja Vu

Paul Ryan looks like Eddie Munster.

Mitt Romney looks like Ward Cleaver.

Ann Romney looks like Shop Till You Drop Barbie.

Tommy Thompson looks like Peter Fonda, Forty Years After.  That no helmut $hit just begs the question, does he believe he doesn't have any brains to lose on a highway?

Scott Walker looks like Hitler.

Barack Obama looks pretty damn good!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Democratic National Convention

Trying, really, trying to get excited about the Democratic National Convention, but frankly, I just can't do it. 

There is NO political solution.

There is probably no way to save America from the greed, ignorance, and power elite of its citizenry.

I think the best any American can hope for these days is an invasion by a benevolent dictator.  We're too stupid to govern ourselves, obviously. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Crybaby Walker

Scott Walker was photographed crying his eyes out during Paul Ryan's speech.  Walker is such a dumb f*cking crybaby.

Most major news wires are exposing Paul Ryan's speech to the RNC as full of blatant lies.  Ryan is a dumb f*ck who is counting on his devoted followers to be even dumber. 

Wisconsin citizens elected these two doofasses because a majority of Wisconsin citizens are also doofasses who would rather believe in the comfort of a political lie than deal with the reality of the problems this country actually faces.

I am so glad I'm leaving Wisconsin.  This isn't the land of cheeseheads, it's the land of total $hitheads.  Wisconsin should get kicked out of the United States for being too stupid.  Wisconsin should be exiled and become its own country of $hitheads and Morons.  Wisconsin should be the dumping ground for nuclear waste, since there's nothing left here worth saving.  Wisconsin should be ashamed of itself. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ron Johnson and David Koch

These two tea bags had the audacity to have a meal together in Tampa.  If I'd been the waiter, I'd have bitch slapped the both of them and told them to eat $hit.

Seriously, did you people who voted for Ron Johnson really have any idea that his only interest in politics was to preserve the status quo for the uber wealthy, of which YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER?  Of course you didn't, you idiots.  Your lack of knowledge of what is really happening politically in this state and in this country is exceeded only by your lack of understanding that you're not F*CKING rich.  You're not even close to being rich.....but then the Republican's motto is definitely "a fool who thinks he's rich and his money are soon parted".  You freaking morons!

Ron Johnson is a horse's ass, who obviously enjoys the company of bigger horse's asses, like David Koch. 

Whatever these two were plotting, let's hope someone much smarter is plotting something much more meaningful.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Body

My body has an amazing way of shutting down and preventing the government from controlling whether or not I have an abortion.

It's called a vote.

Exercise it.

Friday, August 24, 2012


My husband is re-reading the novel by George Orwell, 1984, which was set in the future and where autocrats (who called themselves Big Brother) ran the world according to the lies they wanted to perpetuate.

Isn't that scary?  Orwell, obviously, was a prophet.

So, here's a few tidbits from that novel, and how it fits in today.

Newspeak.  Newspeak is to rewrite everything to promote the lie Big Brother wanted the submissive masses to believe at the moment.  Any past occurrences would be rewritten to verify the lie of the day.

Here are 1984's and Big Brother's major principals:

War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.

The only people unscathed and unbothered by Big Brother in 1984, were the proles, who chose to live outside the parameters of the plasticine society, without creature comforts, but without fear of the "Thought Police". 

I am proud to say that in 2012, I am choosing to be a prole and my mind is far too complex for any thought police to penetrate.  But I see what is happening here in America, and although Big Brother is too nice a word for most republican politicians, let's just say we're living in the time of Big Dick. You're being f*cked Amerika.  And you're all too ignorant to know it, but remember, in this time, ignorance is strength!

Excuse me.  Time for me to fill out my passport renewal application.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tommy Thompson

This former mediocre politician became a very well paid insider lobbyist and now he won't release his tax returns.  Well, what would they show?  That he's now very wealthy and absolutely determined to follow the track of the uber-rich.  That is to say, Mr. Thompson will defecate on the American citizenry, write new tax laws that will benefit the 1% and effectively kill the middle class.

Gees.  And he's leading the polls in Wisconsin?  Where are the intelligent people who live in this state?  What happened to this state?   I'm moving to Louisiana, where everything is and mostly always has been corrupt.  At least I can adapt to a state that doesn't pretend to be anything other than what it is.  Wisconsin has gone blind.  Too much political masturbation, obviously.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hurricane Romney

Mormons and Catholics and Liars, oh MY!

I really do hope the hurricane building in the gulf churns its happy way right on up to Tampa and soaks the republican convention into oblivion. 

I have never seen a group of bigger liars, cheats and disgustingly cheap bastards as those people who support this party in any way.  A natural disaster would be a very kind thing to happen to them.  Personally, I'd like to see them suffer far more than water boarding.  I have some pretty good thoughts on how I'd torture these people.  First and foremost, I'd give them all smart-mouthed wives who'd cut their balls off every time they uttered anything stupid, which would be most of the time.

At any rate, the goddesses are angry!  Never, ever pi$$ off mother nature, cause she's a bitch!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Fooling Class

The wolves are at the door.  It's 1929 all over again.  The only people who don't get this are the ones who believe the republicans have something to offer.  They don't. 

Most Americans are members of the fooling class.  They've been fooled.  Maybe they deserve that which will unfold; but do I?

Someone get me out of this ignorant land.  Romney/Ryan.  What a travesty.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Paul Ryan

I can't stand this man.  He is the republican agenda all wrapped up in a clean-cut serial killer package.  There isn't, as Art Kumbalak reminds us, a scientific fact this horse's a$$ can't wrestle to the ground and piss all over.

How he got to be on the presidential ticket is very telling; morons want other morons to lead them.

What we need to do (we being the intelligent and thoughtful people of this country) is to secede and start our own country.  It should be somewhere there is a lot of fresh water because, unlike what most Americans think, it will all come down to water --- not oil, not gold and certainly not money.  Yes, it would be a precursor to civil war.  So?  The Romney/Ryan ticket will bring a bloody class war wherein we'll all die, but only after they've systematically squeezed every last dime out of us and all of our children.

If these two yokels get anywhere near power, stop reproducing!  Oh well, what will that matter?  These two bozos will probably end civilization anyhow.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Seriously?  Tommy Thompson won the primary?  Who dumped Aricept in Wisconsin's water supply?  I guess the voting populace is aged, and remembers Tommy's tenure as governor.  He wasn't terrible, he just wasn't remarkable.

This is very good for Tammy Baldwin.  Wisconsinites will have their choice between a liberal gay person who has done excellent work, or a relic of a sellout to the political flavor of the day in Tommy Thompson.

The choice is clear.  Besides, shouldn't Thompson be collecting social security by now?  First he thinks he can be president.  Now he thinks he can be senator.  What's next?  Oh, I got it.  Milwaukee County Parks Director.

South Dakota and the Black Hills Experience

I must say, the Black Hills was about the most spiritual place I've ever been in the United States.  It was not a peaceful spirituality, however.  You can feel the sorrow that the Lakota nation endured in this magical land, courtesy of our national politics at the time and the United States Army.  The Crazy Horse Memorial promises to remind people for as long as this planet exists of the horror that happens when one race of people feels superior to another.  I am so happy I visited this place and made my granddaughter promise to take her grandchildren there.  It may not even be finished in their lifetimes, but that it exists at all is enough for me.

We also went to Devil's Tower in Wyoming, another deeply spiritual place for Native Americans.  So why name it "Devil's Tower".  Since it is our very first national monument, it's too bad it's not called something other than Devil's Tower.  However, since it was sacred to the Indians, the Christian's deemed it heathen, and therefore anything heathen had to be associated with the Devil.  Much like Spirit Lake in North Dakota, which is now known as Devil's Lake.  I say we bring back feeding Christians to the Lions.  I'd buy a season ticket or two.

Be that as it may.......if you haven't seen the Black Hills of South Dakota, the Badlands, or been west of the Missouri River, you need to do this.  This is about a 16 hour drive from my home without stopping.  It's my last road trip; I prefer big jets and quick arrivals, but I couldn't have picked a better place to travel to in the United States.  Had I known it was going to be as awe-inspiring as it turned out to be, I would have made the trip a long time ago.

Visit.  Be awed.  Be humbled. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Romney/Ryan -- All Set to Railroad the Middle Class Into Extinction

Yup.  Just what Amerika needs.  A Mormon and a Nazi.  What a combo. 

I'm from Wisconsin, and I recognize Paul Ryan for exactly what he is; a hater of the middle class, and someone with an agenda and a plan not unlike the design of Albert Spears, except instead of non-Aryan types being cremated in concentration camp ovens, his victims will be the poor, sick, and elderly, left to die in abject horror and poverty.  Ryan believes these people stand in the way of the rich getting richer.

I don't exactly understand why there wasn't an absolute revolution and overthrow of the rich during the 1930's, when this country was in just about the same shape as it's in today.  I'd hope that these two yokels never see the light of the oval office.  I guarantee if they do, the revolution will have arrived on Amerika's doorstep. 

Long overdue!  VIVA LA REVOLUCION!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Black Hills

I'm embarassed to admit it, but I've never been to the Black Mountain Hills of Dakota, even thought its only two states from where I live.  Well, three if you count the state I live in, which I have to traverse.

So, I'm going to the Black Mountain Hills of Dakota, land of Rocky Racoon and a bunch of stone carved dead presidents.  I hear it's beautiful.  I'm glad I'll get to see it myself, from the cabin my husband and I rented somewhere up on a mountain. 

Going to spend some time with family I don't get to see much; so I hope to make the most of this trip and really reconnect with people I love dearly. 

Which means......I'll miss voting in Tuesday's election.  But here's my take.  Voting doesn't matter; the politicians are all pawns of the uber-wealthy, and so whomever is in office, if they're not corrupt already, they'll stand a real good chance of getting their palms greased, real soon.  The honest ones don't stand a chance, so what's the point?

Cynical I know.

Here's my answer for America.  TAX THE RICH AT 75%.  I just love that idea.  They'll either pay up and only own two handbags worth $25,000 each, or they'll move.  Either way, the citizens of the United States who aren't rich will WIN BIG!  It's like the lottery, and everyone's a winner.