Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Difference - Part 2. Then and Now

President Obama was on national news last night reassuring New Jersey citizens, and in essence, all east coast citizens, that the United States would be there to help them right the destruction left by that ultimate of all terrorists, mother nature.

I wonder how this made the people of New Orleans and the rest of the gulf coast feel?  Bush did a flyover, and then proceeded to let people die, never once offering U.S. assistance in the aftermath of Katrina.  If he did offer it, it was lip service.  Any gulf coast resident will tell you it was lip service.  Bush was really good at lip service. 

At any rate, the difference is clear; Democrat = Help, Republican = F*ck Off. 

It is beyond my ability to understand why anyone in America, especially anyone who is not a very wealthy person, would believe anything Mitt Romney or that lying A$$ Paul Ryan would say.  But that's Mitt Romney's whole premise, isn't it:  JUST BELIEVE.

You yokels out there who would vote republican must really be empty-souled creatures, with very, very small brains.  Why would you just believe?  Do you all still believe in Santa Claus?  The Easter Bunny?  The Tooth Fairy?  Romney just believes in himself, a rich bastard who got rich on the broken backs of the working class.  He believes that getting rich that way is right, just and acceptable.
And he believes that this will work in building a strong America.

Wake up and smell the horse$hit.  JUST BELIEVE your vote can make a difference, and in order for it to make a difference, vote democratic.


Anonymous said...

Voted last night for what it's worth in Maryland because I know that the Democrats will win in Maryland without my vote. Still, it felt good to vote against Romney/Ryan and I let my thumb linger on the button for a few seconds to soak in the feeling. Would that I lived in a Swing State where my vote would count for more. While 50% of the voters will vote for Romney, I feel that they really do not support him as much as they hate Obama. Still, lemmings do not have a reputation for being the brightest species on the planet. Go Dems on Nov.6, not that I really like you , but the alternative is so much worse.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so against Ryan? Is he not the chosen one who will lead the GOP out of the wilderness? How can you not support a fellow Wisconsinite who is the intellectual leader of the GOP, a brilliant number cruncher who has almost mastered the art of simple arithmetic. Shame on you. This humble man is the almost perfect combination of homespun virtue, intellectual power, modesty, articulate prowess, and honesty. He is so wonderful that you should keep him in Wisconsin.

Citizen X said...

If Paul Ryan is the intellectual genius you claim him to be, and a brilliant number cruncher; why does every economist in the country declare his budget as incompetent and inconceivable? That he's a Wisconsin boy is immaterial, so was Joe McCarthy and look what happened there. But, there will always be the "Just Believe" element, of which you are a part. Unfortunately, a true intellect never "just believes". They look at the facts. Try it sometime.

Citizen X said...

Thank you, Maryland, for voting! Never underestimate the importance of this basic right! I do live in a swing state and I'm a bit terrified that Wisconsin will be a problem with recounts and other republican nonsense to stop Obama from getting his second term. All we can do is vote, and hope there is some thought behind the vote.

Anonymous said...

I'm the Anonymous who wrote: "Why are you so against Paul Ryan?" etc. etc.

I was being facetious. Ryan is a jerk and I hope he is a 2 time loser next Tuesday. My sarcasm has regularly got me in trouble on the internet. Anyway, at least your reply was polite.

Citizen X said...

So sorry! I guess I should have been more thoughtful when I read your post!

Anyhow - so glad it WAS sarcasm! Means another vote against the unholy alliance!

AlexisAR said...

I don't turn 18 until 26 days after the election. The timing of my mother's cycle really sucked. It's at least some consolation that President Obama should carry California with relative ease.

It's looking as though the president might be elected without actually winning the popular vote. i can't wait to hear the Fox News moaning and groaning if uch is the case. They certainly had no problem with it in 2000. I personally think the electoral college should be abolished, but not mid-election. I'll gladly accept it if it works out in my candidate's favor this time.

Citizen X said...

You sound quite wise for such a young woman! Always feed your head; it's a good one.

I think Obama will win, unless some dirty tricks happen like the Bush/Gore election. I put nothing past republicans. They are without a moral compass.