Sunday, November 18, 2012

Why Not Walker for President?

Scott Walker was at the Reagan Library giving a speech on what his budget plans will be for Wisconsin.  Why would Californians need to know this?  How about telling Wisconsinites the plan?  Well, obviously, Scott Walker doesn't have any credibility for most Wisconsinites, so why waste a speech in his home state, where the general consensus is that he's a complete idiot.   Besides, not telling his citizenry what he intends to do is sort of modus operandi for Scott Walker.

The real reason, I think is that Scott Walker is setting the stage to make a run for the presidential election in 2016.  Jesus, Mother, Mary  Just when you think things can't get worse.  You see that Scott Walker is so stupid, he doesn't recognize the hand-writing on the wall.  The GOP is licking the wounds inflicted on them by their rabid ideology, something Scott Walker wholly buys into.  This is the mark of a truly stupid man, someone who keeps repeating ineffective behavior and expecting outcomes to change. 

The thought of President Walker is laughably dangerous.  Let's hope Obama shakes things up in this country in the next four years so that people as monstrously inept as greasy little monkey Scott Walker won't stand a chance; even in local elections.


Anonymous said...

When is John Doe Walker going to be fitted for handcuffs? For crying out loud, how much longer can the investigation be dragged out? I know this is the MidWest, but this investigation makes a snail race look like the Daytona 500. I don't mean to be insulting, but I would like to see John Doe find a nice comfortable home (albeit with barred windows) before I kick the bucket. I'm sorry if my frustration shows.

Citizen X said...

Well, we'd all like to see that. But the GOP protects Walker like he's their retarded little brother. Too bad we're not in Texas, huh?