Monday, November 5, 2012

Tomorrow Is Upon Us.

Well, that gracious time is upon us when we can put the bickering political ads behind us and elect a president.

We will have a few years reprieve from the extreme nastiness of this year's campaign, and hopefully concentrate on rebuilding a country that is seriously on the brink of disaster. 

Rich people everywhere are biting their manicured fake nails over this election.  They have the least to lose --- money.

Poor people everywhere are wringing their hard working hands and hoping the last straw isn't placed on their backs with the wrong outcome.

I'm just glad I don't have to look at Romney/Ryan ads anymore.  That much spoon-fed bull$hit would make anyone in their right mind violently ill.

Whatever happens in America tomorrow, there is definitely a great divide of people.  There are the rich.  There are the redneck.  There are the racist.  And then there are just plain American people who take the time to understand the issues.  It will be interesting to see which group represents the majority.


Anonymous said...

I'm already celebrating the demise of Romney/Ryan and hopefully Ryan will not even make it back to the House. Tomorrow will see the end of Bachmann, Akin, Mourdock and their ilk. This is the last hurrah of the GOP because demographics will destroy them over the next 4 years. The GOP "philosophy" will go the way of the dinosaurs. Not that I particularly care for the Democrats either but at least the Dems have some semblance of empathy. After the demise of the GOP, the Kochs will fund the Democrats and we will need a new party.

Citizen X said...

Well, the GOP had only one direction to go: DOWN.

Never seen an entity with such a low bar.

Hope the Koch brothers start suffering financial reversals immediately!