Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wisconsin Republicans Insane

Just when I think things will tone down in this seriously f'd up state, we've got nine crazy Wisconsin state legislators talking about arresting anyone who tries to implement Obamacare here. 


Speaking to a group called Campaign for Liberty (Liberty not being for all in this latest fringe group), the legislators espoused their radical right wing agenda, declaring, among other insane proclamations, the affordable health care act to be unconstitutional.  Obviously, these mental giants seem to think they know more about the law than the United States Supreme Court.

Let's list these morons:

Chris Kapenga (R) Delafield.    Delafield?  Land of strip malls, McMansions, and tainted water; of which he's been drinking way too much.

Mary Lazich (R) New Berlin.  Mary's cross-eyes have certainly tunneled her vision.  Please, can't someone take up a collection for a new pair of glasses for this rigid Olive Oyl lookalike.

Don Pridemore (R) Hartford.  Hartford?  Who gives a rat's ass about Hartford? 

Erik Severson (R) of Star Prairie.  I have never even heard of Star Prairie, but I'm betting it has never produced a star, unless it's a star a$$hole like Severson.

Tom Larson (R) Colfax.  Another nonentity.  Obviously this man has drunk way too much unpasteurized milk from cows with that cow crazy disease.

Scott Krug (R) Wisconsin Rapids.  Obviously he's been breathing in the stink of paper mills for too many decades.

Rob Hutton (R) Brookfield.  Brookfield.  Seriously?  He needs to stop the nonsense and start looking for fresh water for his community.  I'll send him a divining rod for Christmas.  And a one way ticket to Syria.

Mark Born (R) Beaver Dam.  Was Mark actually born?  Sounds like he was hatched in some conservative think tank.

Dave Murphy (R) Greenville.  Way too much fertilizer in Greenville methinks.  Eating a lot of $hit lettuce sandwiches there.  He must love them.

So there's your list of the most seriously, mentally compromised people in the State of Wisconsin at the moment. 

Of course, the leader of the pack, Scott Walker, must surround himself with idiots to appear, at most, semi-literate.

Wisconsin is going to hell in a hand basket.  Glad I'm leaving.  Such an embarrassment to live here, unless you're as mindless as the leaders. 

Wisconsin.  Backward.  Hillbilly.  Moronic.  Redneck.  Racist. America's A$$hole Land.


Anonymous said...

Where are you going after Wisconsin? I can empathize with your frustration. At least my home State is true Blue and will not change any time soon. In the last 43 years, we have had a Republican governor elected once and he was unceremoniously booted out after 4 years. Before that, Spiro Agnew was the Gov. In my previous job, I visited WI a number of times and am amazed that the people I met there would put up with the crap that Walker is serving out.

AlexisAR said...

My favorites were your descriptions of tom Larson and mark born.

At least Karl Rove isn't from Wisconsin. He's more evil than stupid. He has enough stupidity to pass around to the entire stable of talking heads at Fox News in the unlikely event that anyone there is, against all odds, deficient in stupidity. Still, wickedness is his dominant trait. I cannot get past what he did to Vslerie Plame.
Evil, ugly, stupid troll of a man!

Citizen X said...

I'm going to that epitome of corruption, the State of Louisiana. I love New Orleans, and I figure if I have to live with a bunch of stupid redneck racists, I might as well do it in a state that's warmer than Wisconsin. Plus.....think of all my blogger fodder!

Citizen X said...

Yes, Karl Rove has bad things coming his way if one believes in karma, and I do. He is the penultimate bastard.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you in Louisiana. Personally, I have always felt an affinity with rednecks, just not those who are racist and vote GOP. I believe that the GOP appeals to those whose education or experiences are somewhat limited. Unfortunately, rednecks tend to fall into that category, not necessarily through any fault of their own. They are just easy pickings for the Koch/Murdoch/Trump run GOP. All the best.

Anonymous said...

But you have to admit that this bastard did one good thing. He redistributed (wasted) $300-400 million of wealthy Romney supporters back to the economy.

Citizen X said...

Yeah, the rich did lose; see previous blog about what makes me happy. Hopefully, the uber-wealthy will go out shopping to make themselves feel better, redistributing even more.

Citizen X said...

There are some serious rednecks in my family; but they are just uneducated through no fault of their own. I don't even try to have a political conversation with them. They got their blinders on tight as a Sunday churchgoer's girdle.

Citizen X said...

As Jimi Hendrix once said, "have you ever been experienced, well I have". Guess they were listening to Elvis.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I repeated my redneck comments on yahoo and was reported by some overly sensitive GOP redneck. My accounts on yahoo are now closed. I feel that your blog is aomehow at least partially responsible for my being banned from yahoo,because you started the conversation about rednecks.

My point. The GOP rednecks are so protective of the First and (especially) the Second Amendments, that they had to get me banned from yahoo. I guess I will have to post my First Amendment rantings here now instead of yahoo.

Citizen X said...

Banned from Yahoo? Wow. What, exactly, did you say about rednecks that got you censored? I'm dying to know.

I am sorry that you feel I'm partially responsible for your exile; tell me how this happened.

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