Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Ludicrous Odyssey of Scott Walker

Seriously - Scott Walker posturing for a presidential run?  Please pay attention, folks, you are actually seeing delusions of grandeur unfold right before your eyes.  Scott Walker has to be mentally ill if he actually believes he has any presidential potential.  For many of us in Wisconsin, he is the most disliked public figure to ever stand in front a podium and vomit ideology in place of intelligence.

The only reason Scott Walker got anywhere in his life is because he's a sell out pimp.  His political agenda is completely orchestrated by big business and bigger buttholes who have found in him a worthy puppet.  He is easily controlled and too stupid to understand that his ego is being stroked by one hand while the other inserts a bomb up his rectum.  God forbid this is presidential material.  Marionette material, yes; and the string pullers are the people to fear, here.  Scott Walker is too vapid to ever be a threat, but once you hook him to the rafters with corporate strings; well, that's a different story.

Take back America, and start by properly taxing corporations so they don't have the disposable income to buy the legislature.  The rich have been robbing the masses for far too long.  I say its time we start stealing from them.  Start by robbing them of your vote.  It's your most valuable asset.

Friday, March 29, 2013

What Fools these Wisconsinites Be

Well, job data is in and Scott Walker's promise to create 250,000 jobs is what we all, who didn't vote for him, knew at the beginning - NEVER going to happen.  In fact, Wisconsin is losing jobs daily.  In fact, no one would open a business in Wisconsin because of the fools in charge here.  We really ought to change our state motto to "America's Dummyland". 

I can't wait to leave this armpit of a state  --- Wisconsin makes Louisiana look like the epitome of ethical politics.  That, my friends, speaks volumes, because we all know that southern politics are enmeshed in corruption.

Well, what can you do?  The country is going down, and Wisconsin seems to be leading the march to its death.  I really am a little happy to see the United States faltering; we've been so arrogant, so empirical and so unfair for so long, one with any kind of moral consciousness welcomes the signposts that decline is at hand.  We know that democracy simply does not exist here any longer.  What we're left with is practically unspeakable. 

Yet, people like Scott Walker get elected.  I can only believe its because Wisconsinites are pretty damn stupid.  One does not buy a car based on the promises of the manufacturer.  One takes it for a test drive and does some research.  If the people in Wisconsin would do their homework, they would have known Scott Walker is an idiot, incapable of progressive thought.  But they didn't do their homework or research and now we're stuck with a total moron running the show. 

As long as ideology rules the day, idiots will rule the land. 

No one in politics has come up with an idea worth expanding in a long long time, except, maybe, Barack Obama and his health care plan.  But the people opposed to Obamacare will fight it because they are actually enjoying being robbed by insurance companies. 

When you don't even have a clue about who is sticking what to you, you are doomed to go down in flames.  Shame on the people of Wisconsin for being as dumb as they are.  That they are dumb by choice is a statement on the pathetic condition of Wisconsin's collective intellect.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Scott Walker Writing a Book?

Seriously?  The guy couldn't write a term paper (see flunked out of Marquette).

Jesus H. Christ.  H for Ha Ha Ha.

Scott Walker writing a book?  Well, well, well,  Do wonders never cease?  Do morons ever believe in their own limitations?  Of course, a Dubya Bush speechwriter is going to help him.  Rumor is, any word over four letters is beyond Walker's spelling ability.  I guess he did master "pander".  He had to.  A Bush speechwriter.  Well, doing a spin on weapons of mass destruction I guess qualifies a person as a writer, in some cheap imitation of life.

Let's think of some book titles that will work for me if Scott Walker is, indeed, going to be an author.  Hey --- he's a governor.  No one in their right mind would have ever believed that ten years ago.  Proof positive, Wisconsin's citizenry is seriously under the influence of LCD (latent cerebral decline).

Okay, here goes:

How to Turn A Grease Ball into a Governor

Politics for Dummies

What's That Smell?

The Skin Hole on My Pate

The Marionette of Madison

How to Drive to Madison in Five Easy Lessons

Proper Methods for Hating Poor People

Devil Son of a Minister



Mendota Bound

Blame it on the Tosa Bosa

How to F*ck People with your Pants On

Cheesy and How to Attain It

Forked Tongue English

My Lazy Eye Matches my Lazy Mind

How to Hunt a Cougar.....or......Marriage Backward Style

How I Single-Handedly Brought Down the GOP

Just Believe

and my all time favorite:

Things are Getting Harder, I Wish I was Dead

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Club for Growth

Those bastions of corporate greed, the Koch Brothers, are flooding the airwaves here in Wisconsin with ads for Patience Roggensack, a fascist judge on Wisconsin's supreme court.  Of course they want to keep her, and people like her in high judicial positions; it can only benefit their varied and voracious business interests, to the detriment of the common good.

However, there is a very good candidate running against her; someone who stands for justice and not right wing rhetoric.  Fallone is the supreme court candidate to vote for in Wisconsin - not someone as cheap as Patience Roggensack, who is obviously for sale to the highest bidder. 

As for the Club for Growth --- the only thing they're growing is their bank accounts, their greed and their ever reaching political puppetry.  Do not believe, for a second, that these are sincere business men; they are overzealous megalomaniacs who will never satiate their desire for absolute control of your money.  Club for Growth???? --- trust me, you're not a member.  And you don't want to be.

Please contribute to sanity on April 2nd and vote for Fallone for Supreme Court.  If you honestly believe in the American system, than you can't possibly believe Patience Roggensack has any place in it.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Losing Tara

Tara and I had a very bad night; she woke me up at 2 a.m., stumbling, knocking things over, confused, blind.  In her fright, she had really made a mess of the downstairs and I was disinfecting floors until 3 a.m.  That's the least of it.  My husband was gone, and she sensed this and was obviously distraught over it.  It took two hours of petting and trying to soothe her before she fell asleep.  I fell asleep at about 4:30 a.m. and woke up when Tim called me at 8.  Tara does better in the morning, at least she is less confused, so she ate and we went for a walk......but the bad night will stay with me for a long time.  It is very hard when our animals are trying to tell us things and we are not getting it; just like when I was trying to soothe her, and she was having none of it.

At any rate, I called the vet and she is coming to end Tara's misery on April 1st.  We will try to make her as comfortable, relaxed and loved until then.  I cried all day today.  Had a horrible painting project to complete and managed to get through it because Tara was so exhausted, she slept on the sofa all afternoon.  The painting is complete and the stairwell looks clean and fresh.  I wish I did. 

Let me tell you the benefit of having a bipolar mother; she never would tolerate us having a dog; so Tara is my first experience with losing a dog.  It's ridiculously sorrowful.  I adopted Tara when her owner, Sherry, who was my best friend, died of breast cancer.  So I not only lose my dog, I lose my last connection to Sherry.

I believe, somehow, that all the animals we loved and cared for will be with us again.  They will be young and healthy and beautiful, like we all will be in my idea of a final manifestation.  No, not necessarily heaven, which sounds like a crowded, noisy place to me.  Don't really believe in heaven, but something about my earthbound experience makes me believe I will live forever, in some form or another.  And I hope to throw a ball for Tara again, and go swimming with her.  Right now, I'm just too sad.  March is my saddest month.  It always will be.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It Must Be Spring Somewhere

Winter is really dug in here in Wisconsin.  To stay, it would seem.  All of Wisconsin seems to be in an icy death grip by a season that just won't quit.

All of you out there in America's Dairyland who are as fed up as I am with this climate have my utmost sympathy.  I have a real bad case of cabin fever.  I hate white and gray, which were once two of my favorite colors.  The City of Milwaukee looks like a big greasy black snow cone.

It is a cruel month, to say the least, and every day the weatherman brings more. 

My cat's internal clock is telling him its spring; he meows at the backdoor and insists on being let out.  He has hibernated all winter; I've never seen anything sleep quite the way my cat sleeps all winter long.  Alas, he was outside for all of one minute today.  When I opened the back door he leaped in, clearing three steps in a single bound and made a beeline for my bed with its angora blanket, which someday I may actually get to use.  For the moment, it belongs to Muggle.  I don't have the heart to remove him from it.  As if he'd let me.

My dog is failing and it is time to address the fact her life is not good and we should help her.  My husband and I are heartbroken, but are slowly coming to terms with the loss of a good and faithful friend.  Still, she is sleeping on the floor, blind, confused, unhappy, and we are trying to resolve our own (somewhat selfish?) needs with what's best for her.  It is an unhappy moment when we lose one of our furry friends and we are procrastinating mightily.  I'm beginning to see that this is the height of insanity.  But we both have to be ready and willing to face the loss. 

Meanwhile, I will bless the day when I finally pack up and move out of this frozen wasteland to a southern climate.  I will make every attempt to never travel north of the Mason/Dixon line anytime from November to May.  I will make it my life's work to never ever see another snowflake as long as I live, unless it's on a mountain top which I'm viewing from a valley far below.  I will burn all my woolen mittens, scarves, winter coats, boots and hats.  I will spend the rest of my life wearing thin little cotton dresses and sandals and lamenting the heat.  My toes will be out; no more socks.  Ever.  I will drink hurricanes and mai tais and icy cold beers and bask in sunshine the rest of my natural born days.  Can't come soon enough.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Why We Love Leonard Cohen

I was fortunate to have a ticket to the Leonard Cohen concert this weekend; and the show was one of the best concerts I've ever been to.  Bear in mind, I'm a child of the sixties and seventies, and I've gone to a lot of concerts - some of which I even remember. 

I love Leonard Cohen because I hear with more than my ears his beautiful, yet dark poetry.  His words surround my heart.  I share Leonard Cohen's dismal view of humankind.  I feel Leonard Cohen's pain and I grasp, if not totally believe, Leonard Cohen's underlying spiritual belief that this will all pass. 

Leonard Cohen speaks to me because, like him, I choose not to ignore the plight of this planet.  I choose not to pretend love exists where clearly the message underneath is not love, but something sinister and self-serving.  In short, I look at the world with little delusion and very little forgiveness in my heart for those who perpetuate the fraud.

Leonard Cohen, despite being firmly grounded in the stark reality of the human experience, believes in the bright light of hope at the end of despair.  I, hard as this may be for some people to believe, also believe in this.  I'm just impatient after 61 years of dealing with the dark and sinister people who have crossed my path.  I feel emotionally exhausted and it would be much easier to just not care anymore.  But alas, care I must.  As with all of you, I'm cracked and damaged, but that's where the light gets in.  I love Leonard Cohen.  10,000 Kisses Deep.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Gafia

So, if a bunch of crooks organize crime and create an underworld, you call them the mafia, right?

Seems as fitting to call Scott Walker and his quagmire dwelling cronies the gafia, because they have literally wiped out all ethics in government.  They steal money and votes (see redistricting debacle) and they will most likely execute anyone who gets in their way.  They're already killing off the poor.

The redistricting data that has magically disappeared from government computers is proof positive that Scott Walker is Wisconsin's own Nixon.  Can't someone please charge this sonofabitch with a crime?  Where's the justice?

I don't know how some people look in the mirror without retching their slimy guts out.  Scott Walker probably avoids mirrors like a vampire.  How can people who commit crimes against the public they're elected to serve ever stand the sight of themselves?  Probably just because they are rotten to the core.  Talk about the walking dead.  The wheels of justice move slowly, but these guys deserve to be ground to powder underneath them.

The republican legislature in Wisconsin stinks.  And the people of Wisconsin who elected these bastards stink even worse. 

Wisconsin is a cesspool.  Thanks you idiots.  We're so happy that for every dollar you covet you've lost ten million brain cells.  We're just unhappy you're in power.  It's like Godzilla came to town and the Japanese fleet is out fishing.  The emperor isn't just not wearing any clothes, he's wearing a lizard suit.  It's as bad as any B-movie ever to come out of Japan.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Scott Walker is a Bag Man

Anyone who really wants to know what Scott Walker is all about doesn't have to look any further than the amount of the contribution the mining industry gave to him.

Please, educate yourself.  And vote with your brain instead of your ignorance next election.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Three Things that Prove the Human Race is a Joke (On Us)

Okay, really, who gives a bleeping f*ck what kind of smoke comes out of the chimney at the Sistine Chapel.

Child sexual abusers and those who stand by them have no place in a just or moral world.  The catholic church is a menace.  I am not really giving a rat's ass who the next pope is because the next pope can never be more than what he stands for.  And what these people stand for is abhorrent.  The jokes on us.

An e-mail message to me from a state democratic senator that Governor Oil Can, Full of $hit, Air head, skin head Scott Walker is going to run for president in 2016.

Well Jesus Christ and the Pope, why not?  Why not have the king of f*ck ups running the whole f*cked up show!  We can charge admission to other countries to come watch the entertainment, and while they're here, they can take us over.  Scott Walker as President?  The jokes on us. 

Ron Johnson, that puke pussy from Wisconsin is going to seek another term as our senator.  What the f*ck for?  He hasn't done a goddamn thing since he got to Washington, he's about as useful as a box of condoms to dickless Scott Walker. 

I used to think that sending a summons to appear would be a good way to staff congress, instead of elections.  No choice, you get a dang notice, you're a dang congressman for the next four years and that's that.  It's your f*cking civic duty.  But then this $hithead Johnson appeared out of nowhere, and I'm starting to think that there are entire metropolitan areas all over this once fine land, full of clueless, ignorant, half brain dead men and women who can't wait for a little bit of power.  Sending the clueless to govern us is the same as reelecting Ron Johnson.  The jokes on us.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Walker's Joke is on All of you Republicans

So, here's Scotty Walker signing the mining bill into legislation.

Points to remember:

The thousands of jobs he's promising Wisconsinites won't materialize for ten years (at the earliest) when the permitting process for the mine is actually finished.  It will most likely never happen because the environmental laws, which would have to be broken to allow this mine in the first place, will end up in the courts, so that's another ten year process.

The legacy of Scott Walker is that everything he tries to do ends up in court, because his plan is not well thought out, not strategically possible, and falls apart at the first legal test.  Scott Walker is your governor, but he's a hopeless moron.  But then, that's what a moronic constitutency deserves.

I have to laugh at all you Scott Walker backers.  You're full of ideology, but really low on intelligence.  Too bad so many ignorant people are the majority here in Wisconsin.  Makes me so happy to plan my escape!  I think living with bayou people and fringe communities in the Louisiana delta will be more intellectually stimulating than living with a population that hasn't had an original thought in decades.  As if lowering taxes and stopping government spending is an answer to anything.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Sheriff Clarke is Obstructing Justice

Anyone who follows Sheriff Clarke, (including those who follow him for humorous content) has to be completely fed up with this man's inability to act like an adult.

That he is armed is a real concern for we citizens who believe that all government agencies should work together for the good of the people.

Sheriff Clarke works for himself. 

Does anyone out there have any idea how we can remove Sheriff Clarke from office before he loses the next election?

I am sick to death of this egg head running to the media and filing lawsuits every time he wants to pick a fight with someone. 

Sheriff Clarke is simply ineffective as a Sheriff, as a politician, as a human being.  He seems to be suffering some kind of emotional/mental disorder and Milwaukee County does not need any further problems caused by a person who is supposed to serve and protect.  Sheriff Clarke has not done this.  Sheriff Clarke promotes himself and his whacked out right wing agenda, and that is the sum total of his career agenda.  Why are we continuing to pay his salary?  Remove Clarke from office, or watch the devastation he'll bring.  Prepare to hear me say, "I told you so".

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

BHD and the John Doe Investigation

So a young man is sent to BHD because his behavior is out of control.  He dies of a broken neck and blood clots, mainly because the medical (and I use the term in the loosest definition) staff failed to correctly diagnose or treat him.  After all, he was in a mental institution.  Why should anyone believe he had physical problems or pain.  All mentally compromised people should be treated as suspects, unworthy of quality medical care.

The problem with BHD is that the staff is old and inured; to the point of uselessness.  A physician failed to treat this person responsibly.  Nursing staff failed to alert staff members that this patient was complaining of paralysis and pain.  I suppose they might have asked a custodial staff member what he thought, for all the good they did.  In fact, a janitor might have been 100 times as helpful as any member of the medical staff who saw this patient. 

It is an absolute injustice that the people, all the people, who had anything to do with this patient's treatment should retain their licenses to practice medicine.  These people are doing nothing more than practicing incompetence, routinely. 

Regardless, if the County and the Behavioral Health Division manages to weasel out of criminal charges or medical malfeasance in this young man's case, take it as a lesson that you should NEVER send anyone to this institution for treatment because the likelihood that they will be further damaged is absolutely certain.

The members of BHD's medical staff whom had anything to do with this patient's care need to lose their medical licenses and be criminally charged.  If anything less happens, than this entire institution should be shut down as a menace to society.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Meaning to "Scott Free"

After years of investigation, Scott Walker is off the hook for wrongdoing in public office.  The John Doe Investigation has officially ended, with no charges for the big fish himself, although some of his staff members went down.

Ah well.  There is no justice in our lives.  However, there is poetic justice and Scott Walker will surely get his just desserts at some point. 

Wisconsin is on the total "f*cked up" road, and we've got the master pilot at the helm.  Can't do much about it.  It's winter here, but the road construction has already started.  Scott Walker paying off the Road Builders for those massive campaign contributions. 

The environmentally devastating mining legislation is being pushed through, sure to destroy the pristine northwoods of our state.  Fortunately, this will get tied up in the courts for decades.  Unfortunately, your tax dollars will be sucked into this black hole.

Rarely has someones face on television brought on my gag reflex, but Scott Walker and his big, fat lying mouth makes me retch. 

Waiting for poetry in a land of people who can barely read.