Friday, March 8, 2013

Sheriff Clarke is Obstructing Justice

Anyone who follows Sheriff Clarke, (including those who follow him for humorous content) has to be completely fed up with this man's inability to act like an adult.

That he is armed is a real concern for we citizens who believe that all government agencies should work together for the good of the people.

Sheriff Clarke works for himself. 

Does anyone out there have any idea how we can remove Sheriff Clarke from office before he loses the next election?

I am sick to death of this egg head running to the media and filing lawsuits every time he wants to pick a fight with someone. 

Sheriff Clarke is simply ineffective as a Sheriff, as a politician, as a human being.  He seems to be suffering some kind of emotional/mental disorder and Milwaukee County does not need any further problems caused by a person who is supposed to serve and protect.  Sheriff Clarke has not done this.  Sheriff Clarke promotes himself and his whacked out right wing agenda, and that is the sum total of his career agenda.  Why are we continuing to pay his salary?  Remove Clarke from office, or watch the devastation he'll bring.  Prepare to hear me say, "I told you so".


AlexisAR said...

What?!?!?!? Sheriff Clarke is obstructing justice?!?!?!?! Are you sure!?!?!?!?!

Just kidding. Of course he's obstructing justice. It's what he does best.

Citizen X said...

That and inserting his foot in his mouth at every opportunity.

AlexisAR said...

Too often an electorate insults or demeans itself merely by allowing an elected or appointed official to lay claim to an office or title, even if along with said office or title, no perks or privileges were associated with the office or title. The idea that the public is paying said incompetents to [in a best-case scenario] do nothing and in a worst-case scenario to do harm is reprehensible.