Monday, March 11, 2013

Walker's Joke is on All of you Republicans

So, here's Scotty Walker signing the mining bill into legislation.

Points to remember:

The thousands of jobs he's promising Wisconsinites won't materialize for ten years (at the earliest) when the permitting process for the mine is actually finished.  It will most likely never happen because the environmental laws, which would have to be broken to allow this mine in the first place, will end up in the courts, so that's another ten year process.

The legacy of Scott Walker is that everything he tries to do ends up in court, because his plan is not well thought out, not strategically possible, and falls apart at the first legal test.  Scott Walker is your governor, but he's a hopeless moron.  But then, that's what a moronic constitutency deserves.

I have to laugh at all you Scott Walker backers.  You're full of ideology, but really low on intelligence.  Too bad so many ignorant people are the majority here in Wisconsin.  Makes me so happy to plan my escape!  I think living with bayou people and fringe communities in the Louisiana delta will be more intellectually stimulating than living with a population that hasn't had an original thought in decades.  As if lowering taxes and stopping government spending is an answer to anything.

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