Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Three Things that Prove the Human Race is a Joke (On Us)

Okay, really, who gives a bleeping f*ck what kind of smoke comes out of the chimney at the Sistine Chapel.

Child sexual abusers and those who stand by them have no place in a just or moral world.  The catholic church is a menace.  I am not really giving a rat's ass who the next pope is because the next pope can never be more than what he stands for.  And what these people stand for is abhorrent.  The jokes on us.

An e-mail message to me from a state democratic senator that Governor Oil Can, Full of $hit, Air head, skin head Scott Walker is going to run for president in 2016.

Well Jesus Christ and the Pope, why not?  Why not have the king of f*ck ups running the whole f*cked up show!  We can charge admission to other countries to come watch the entertainment, and while they're here, they can take us over.  Scott Walker as President?  The jokes on us. 

Ron Johnson, that puke pussy from Wisconsin is going to seek another term as our senator.  What the f*ck for?  He hasn't done a goddamn thing since he got to Washington, he's about as useful as a box of condoms to dickless Scott Walker. 

I used to think that sending a summons to appear would be a good way to staff congress, instead of elections.  No choice, you get a dang notice, you're a dang congressman for the next four years and that's that.  It's your f*cking civic duty.  But then this $hithead Johnson appeared out of nowhere, and I'm starting to think that there are entire metropolitan areas all over this once fine land, full of clueless, ignorant, half brain dead men and women who can't wait for a little bit of power.  Sending the clueless to govern us is the same as reelecting Ron Johnson.  The jokes on us.


Anonymous said...

The scary ticket for 2016 is Walker as Pres. candidate and Lyin Ryan as VP candidate. This comes to pass and I will go back to live with my convict relatives in Australia.

Citizen X said...

Yeah, good plan. At least you'd be related to the crooks.