Friday, June 29, 2012

Grab 'N Stab Walker

A giant chunk of federal mortagage relief funds will be diverted to close State of Wisconsin budget gaps.
Huh?  What budget gaps?

Walker "balanced the budget".  Isn't that what he's always saying?  Is it really necessary or prudent to rob people who have already lost their homes, yet again?  I guess all's fair in hate and totalitarian politics.

Walker is the Reverse Robin Hood.  He steals from the poor to pacify the rich.  What I wouldn't give for a lightening bolt to strike him dumb.  Oh yeah, waste of energy.  He couldn't get any dumber.  At any rate, I hereby dub the guv'nor as Ostrich Hood.  His head is buried up to his gullet, and not in sand.  This is what happens when you kiss your own a$$ too frequently; you ultimately end up eating your own $hit.

Walker will, unfortunately, get a whole lot more greedy.  But that just makes him a typical American.  Still, as I sit here and watch the disintegration of the United States because of people like Scott Walker and his supporters, I can't help but admire Karl Marx.  He sure nailed it.  Capitalism most definitely is collapsing.  And not a moment too soon.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Health Care for Everyone

In Costa Rica, definitely a third world country but with a great big first class heart, everyone has health care.  Just like they do in Canada.  So why the big outrage that supposedly the richest country in the world wants to offer health insurance to all of its citizens?  Costa Rica has been providing this service for years.  Canada for decades.  England.  Sweden. 

In Costa Rica, one quarter of the nation's land is set aside for environmental protection.  Maybe had we done that here, Colorado Springs wouldn't be burning and California wouldn't be on the very edge of total environmental catastrophe.  

In America, everything is about much it costs, who can afford it, how much we make, how much we spend, and what we "possess".   

Perhaps this tunnel vision has caused us to be a nation of morbidly stupid people.  The rich steps on the middle class, the middle class steps on the poor, and everybody seems to think that all this is just fine.  American life, as usual.  But it is not just fine.  If you think I'm wrong, then you're just hiding from the fact that another big economic meltdown is on the way to America, courtesy of the corporations and the politicians in their pockets.  It won't be so easy to survive after that; and the cause is not because a compassionate president made a decision to care for the health of the United States citizenry.  It will be because the corporations can't make the obscenely greedy profits they once reaped off the sweat, blood and death of Joe Average.

I'm glad I have off shore investments.  You should get some money out of here, too.  Because the United States cannot survive in its current incarnation.  And that, my friend, IS a good thing.  I'm going to rethink living in New Orleans.  Costa Rica is a benevolent and thoughtful nation.  They truly have a reason to feel good about themselves.  I can't find one here. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Reunions

One of my favorite cousins is in town from New Mexico, so she, her sister and daughter and I all went out for Mexican food for lunch.

Aye ca rumba, I guess it was my idea to get the large pitcher of strawberry margaritas.  It was a good idea.  We had wonderful conversation, catching up, and remembering all the childhood moments that made us who we are.

I love my cousins; they fill the void in my life left by my estranged sisters.  One cousin said, "resolve the issues"; but there aren't really any issues to resolve.  Life is short, but not so short one has to tolerate truly unkind behavior or emotional abuse.  In the name of peace, I just keep my distance.  But I'm glad I have my cousins.  I felt a little bit like I had to justify the estrangement, but then I realized, I didn't.  It is what it is.  No one is any the worse for wear with that particular lack of a sisterhood relationship.  In fact, I've never been better.  I hope I can stay that way.  I'm sorry that my original family is not a family at all......but I also know it's not my fault nor is it a situation I can fix, or even want to fix.  I've attained a comfortably numb peace with things the way they are. 

I guess a lot of families end up like mine, estranged, distant, barely speaking anything but the most polite civilities.  And its okay.  I've found my family.  I hope they've found theirs.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ouch I Hurt Myself

Great.  Fell down, and no, I was neither drunk nor stoned.  Now I have to sit with ice packs.  Read two newspapers this morning, finished a novel, tried to watch television and now I'm forced to write because I cannot walk  The novel I finished was neither particularly interesting nor well written.  Got published, though.  Made me feel like the publishing industry is in some kind of creative fog.  Still, I read the whole novel.  Boredom. 

I fell down a step.  I sprained my left ankle and landed on my right kneecap.  I was wearing the wrong shoes.  I miss my old self, who was graceful and lithe.  And thin.  And young.  And quite fetching, some said.  Jesus, I need a wheelchair.  For real.  We live our lives and then we become dependent on apparatuses.  Apparati?  Medical equipment. F*ck.

My husband is away and the best version of walking I can come up with is the limping left club foot drag trying to keep up with the unbendable right peg leg kick.  It is a sad little sidle, wherein I make crab like and painfully slow progression.  Adding insult to injury, I'm so stiff I appear to have been someones favorite b*tch in cell block nine.  I am not kidding, I need a wheelchair.  But I don't have one.  Of course, I live in America, so I can just call an 800 number and one will be delivered to my door.  As long as I have insurance and a MasterCard.  Master.  Card.  Sheesh, could they be more blatant?  I know I'm a slave.  Somehow, the spin is that it's prestigious to be a slave.

Does anyone think the United States has slipped into a very bad malaise, from which it might never recover?  Did the United States slip and fall and injure itself so egregiously that it, too, is practically crippled?  All the kings horses.....and all that?  If so, we should coddle the baby and not throw her out with the bath water.

  We all know there is:

"No political solution."  This should be the battle cry of the new revolutionaries.

Or perhaps, "I flat out refuse and you can't f*cking make me".

Or my super angry personal favorite, "Take that MF!".
I'm a little stir crazy today.  Guess I'll go work on my novel.  How hard can it be?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Sunny Side of My Personality

Yes, I might actually have a sunny side to my personality.  It's hard to find, though.  I just keep seeing the negative, bleak side of all things.  To my credit, there are far more opportunities to see things for what they are, i.e., mountains of crap, rather than scratching the dirt in hopes of digging up some glimmer of nice.

But today I will try.  Let's see.  Good things? 

Pizza is still totally satisfying.  I'm going to have one tonight.

I have never defiled a child

I have managed to avoid familial relationships, which in my family, only leads to abuse of those with an honest nature.  I can't beat the liars, but I'll be damned if I'll join them.

I am successful in relinquishing cigarettes thus far.

I ALWAYS wear clean underwear.

I adore picnics, especially the fried chicken kind.

Men (albeit older men) still flirt with me.

So, see, I managed to list half a dozen things that prove I can rejoice in simple things and look on the sunny side of life. 

But my favorite color will always be black.


Friday, June 22, 2012

I Like To Be In America!

Reasons to love living in America.

1.  I don't need to be smart; the government will tell me what to think.

2.  I have access to any ridiculous amount of useless junk made in China.

3.  If I have rotten garbage to wrap, almost every newspaper in the country is up to the task.

4.  The air, water and ground is tainted, insuring me low cost at the grocery store.

5.  If I get sick, I'll be treated immediately, as soon as I come up with the co-pay.

6.  The government is all up in my womb, making it possible for me to get f*cked without taking my clothes off.

7.  Pornography is totally legal, I can watch it or take part in it.  Of course, American porn is actually big business.

8.  I am American, therefore, I have the holy right to destroy other cultures in my quest for resources.

9.  I can drive my cheaply made American car on any number of roads that will take me any number of places, anytime I can afford the gas.  I do, however, stay off bridges because I don't trust the infrastructure, at all.

10.  My favorite reason for being American?  I can be STUPID and still be valued by my fellow Americans. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What the F*ck Ever

I've been sitting here, depressed, about this country, its politics and its people, when it occurs to me, again, that there never is going to be a political solution.  So I should just give up feeling bad that Wisconsin's governor is on the same intellectual plane as your common, garden variety, turnip.  We Wisconsinites, after all, are Farmers.......why shouldn't we all resemble root vegetables?

And the United States is, indeed, the people of Walmart.  Fat asses, bad fashion choices and sow's ears dressed up like silk purses.  I don't care what your socio-economic level is, or how much you don't pay in taxes.  You are the people of Walmart.  You are ridiculous in your quest for the material miracle.  Drop to your bloody knees and worship your real God -- no one could ever accuse you of having a false God!  This is who you are.  No aisle in which to buy a soul, poor you, and even if there was, you would be blinded by all that is shiny.

And the rest of the people of the world?  Caught up in their own cultural devotions.  All ridiculous.  All designed to devour downward on the food chain.  Why am I on this ridiculous planet.  How did I get left here to fend for myself in all this discord, disbelief, dishonesty?

ET  Phone Home

Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

Monday, June 18, 2012

All Aboard! United States - Next Stop Hell

Lately, Mitt Romney is annoying me as much as Scott Walker does.  The U.S. economy is in the dumper.  News Flash!  This is not, I repeat, NOT Barack Obama's fault.  No where do the republicans accept responsibility for the dismal state of economic affairs.  Their vision is non-existent.  The blind have no vision; the rich, even less than none.

I seriously need to leave the United States; go to a country where I can get real news stories about what's really happening here.  The republican propaganda machine is reminiscent of the Brown Shirts in Nazi Germany. 

I have just one question.  All you yokels who voted republican, do you actually understand you brought freedom to only one class of people, that being the richest 1%?  Of course you don't get that.

ATTENTION WALMART SHOPPERS!  On Sale in Aisle 6.  The Bill of Rights.  The United States Constitution.  Lowest mark downs of the century (because frankly, they are no longer worth the paper they're printed on.)

Go America!  Straight to the Slaughter.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Seriously? A Recount?

Apparently, Van Wanggard is a sore loser, and is demanding a recount.  On the bright side, I'm very happy the people in Racine voted to dump this particularly annoying misogynist.

Politics as usual here in Wisconsin, i.e., having nothing to do with democracy.  I'm really sick of this state, but you all know that. 

Let's talk about something completely different today.  Like why people drive like total idiots.  Granted, it is Wisconsin, where we have the most drunk drivers of any other state in the union.  That being said, I find it hard to believe that at 8:00 a.m. there are that many drunk drivers on the city streets I travel.  What I've noticed is a certain type of driver, rushing to work in the morning who just doesn't have a clue about the rules of the road.

Here are my driving tips for the ridiculous people I'm constantly swerving to avoid:

1.  A red light means stop.  It doesn't mean rush through before the right of way traffic gets going. 
2.  A bike lane is, well, a bike lane.  Don't pass me in it.
3.  That thing on the left side of your steering wheel - it's a blinker.  Turn it on once in awhile.
4.  Your music choices are fine, just don't make them mine.
5.  If you're smoking crack at a stop light, please understand my deep interest in keeping an eye on you and don't mean mug me.
6.  When you're doing 65 down a 30 mph city street, those little stumps you see as you fly by are actually children whom are notoriously known for running out in the street.
7.  If there is no parking space available, please don't block traffic to talk to your friends on the sidewalk.
8.  Put a seatbelt on the kids jumping around in the backseat.
9.  Go the the MVD and get a handbook on rules of the road; most of you have forgotten everything you really need to know.
10.  Take the bus and leave your wild ride at home. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

How Intelligent Wisconsinites Really Feel

Scott Walker is going around, touting his new "popularity" and promising to use it for the "good" of the state.  Fat chance.

First of all, it's an embarrassment having this yokel fly around the country, representing me.  This man (and I use the term loosely) does not represent me and he never will.  There are an estimated 58,000,000 people in the United States of America who have no more than a sixth grade education.  I guess they all live in Wisconsin and they all voted this moron into office.  Twice.  Like birds of a feather, people with limited IQ's stick together, as well.

I sincerely hope Scott Walker chokes on a deviled egg at one of the soirees surely to be held in his honor.  But that doesn't solve the problem of all those millions of people who are just as stupid as he is.  They are by far the biggest threat to America. 

I was watching "Cash Cab" the other night and had to turn it off because basic questions could not be answered by the contestants on this show.  It's depressing to be surrounded by so many people who don't know their a$$es from holes in the ground.  Perhaps that's why I'm disillusioned to the point of wanting to run away.  People of Walmart is a misnomer.  That's what's out there, folks, that is your voting American populace.

The problem doesn't seem to be the politics of the United States as much as the IQ level of its citizenry.  For me, the reasons don't matter anymore.  Getting out matters.  I need to get out of here quickly.  It's too depressing to live amidst all this stupid.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Scott Walker's Wienie Fest

Doesn't it just figure that the pin head otherwise known as Governor Walker would host a bipartisan wienie-roast?

What else would you expect from the State's Number One Knob.

Now that it looks like he's lost the state senate (although the number two knob still has failed to concede the election), Scott Walker is going to make "nice"?

The only nice thing Scott Walker could possibly do for the State of Wisconsin is to go to prison.  Here's hoping.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Un-United States

It's amazing how polarized this country is.  The tea bags and radical right want to take it in one direction.  The liberals and intellectuals believe this nation has thoughtful people in it and keep pandering to them, when in fact, dumbing down is the only way to accomplish things.


I'm just sick of living in a country where the populace is the last thing on the mind of the government, and the last thing they consider when passing laws.

Thought I'd live in New Orleans, but the governor of Louisiana is a bigger horse's a$$ than Walker, so I'd ultimately just get more annoyed, which is hard to imagine.

Don't know where I'll end up......I just hope I'm out of here soon.  The United States is not united at all.  It's a terrible disaster and proof positive that capitalism is doomed, democracy is doomed and we're doomed as human beings.

What I wouldn't give for some intelligent life!

Friday, June 8, 2012

The Single Thing I Find Most Incredulous About Wisconsin Citizens

Somehow, Scott Walker managed to convince people that all the economic evils were caused by public sector employees and the unions that represented them.

How about both Bush presidents getting us involved in wars over oil that cost us trillions of dollars?  Ask the average Wisconsinite, and they'll tell you we were after Saddam Hussein because of the World Trade Center terrorist attack.  They believe this.  Their ignorance is legendary.  I'm guessing Al Qaida is not even in their vocabulary, nor any knowledge of what really transpired on 9/11.

How about Ronald Reagan deregulating the banking and finance industry, causing the economic meltdown that clearly our children, their children and countless future children will pay for forever? 

It just seems to me that idiots shouldn't be allowed to vote.  You should have a passing knowledge of world affairs and the United States to be eligible to get a ballot.  I'm not saying that people who haven't had the best education shouldn't be allowed to vote, I'm saying f*ckheads who turn up at the polls should have a some understanding of basic current affairs.  But fat, lazy Wisconsin f*ckheads like to get their info from ridiculous lying sound bytes or from that pillar of moronhood, Rush Limbaugh.  Wisconsinites do love their fat stupid a$$es and they keep dragging them around, wreaking havoc with their mindlessness.  I'm glad the people of Wisconsin are as fat and stupid as they are.  They won't be able to run fast or far once the revolution comes.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Post Recall Malaise

I am completely without energy.  I guess I'm depressed over the recall election, and the fact that Walker did not get his a$$ booted.  But far more depressing is the realization that I am surrounded by uncaring, uninformed, uneducated and underwhelming people.  These are my neighbors, here in Wisconsin.  That there are that many people in Wisconsin with so little going on intellectually  is disheartening; but to know that these people are reflected all across the United States is more than I can bear. 

Is the United States sufficiently dumb-downed, as has been the plan all along?  I think so.  Days like today make me wish for alien intervention.  I mean, wouldn't  scaly and scary lizard star trekkers be more interesting than the majority of people here in Wisconsin?  Bring on the ray guns.  I'm just too tired of the human race to give a rat's a$$ whether this species survives.  In fact, a large part of me believes it shouldn't.  We seem to have lost that thing that made us unique and wondrous creatures.  And the tea bags are determined we never find it.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Two Classes of Wisconsin Citizens

Wisconsinites have been called cheeseheads.  We like cheese.  We make great cheese here.  And, for many people, all of that cheese has caused cheese-like cellulite growing on top of our cheese wheel a$$es.

But there is more to Wisconsin than cheeseheads.  For all of you people who voted for Scott Walker, I hereby dub you F*ckheads, and it will give me great pleasure to bestow that greeting on you when we cross paths.

Meanwhile, as the first act of the ridiculously inept Scott Walker, Wisconsin's motto is no longer "forward", it is "f*cked". 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Clearly, Wisconsin is full of ignorant, propaganda gulping, redneck morons.

Please, God, let me win the lottery so I can leave not just this totally f'd up state, but the entire country.  I can't live with all these idiots.  I detest Wisconsin and the fascist majority who live here.  So should you.

I hereby invite the rest of this country to look at Wisconsin, because this is where this nation is headed.  Totalitarian regimes.  You dumb-a$$ middle class folks who voted for this pimp of the rich are about to get a rude awakening.  And you deserve it.


I just cast my vote for Tom Barrett.  It felt great, if a little deja vu. 

On the bright side; my polling place had long lines for people waiting to register.  This is a sign that people whom ordinarily feel disenfranchised by state and federal politics have realized the power of casting a single ballot.  I was encouraged to see this, and hope that in this, and future elections, the people's voice will be heard, regardless of who wins the election.

The complacent, apathetic attitude of Americans has come to a screeching halt here in Wisconsin.  Believing your vote won't make a difference paves the way for fascists to gain control.  Scott Walker and the far right conservative tea bag republicans are fascists.  Pure and simple.  The people who vote for them are white supremacists and Wisconsin has looked like Nazi Germany for a few years. 

Thank you!  To all of the people who are voting for the first time, taking the time to register and standing in long lines, really, thank you!  With you, we might kick Walker out of office.  That's an accomplishment of which one can be proud. 

I'm proud of Wisconsinites today and my fervent wish is that they will never again take the right to vote for granted.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Do Your Civic Duty While It's Still Passive

Get out and vote Wisconsinites......because if the republicans win, there will be a revolution, and you're going to be asked to do a whole lot more than just vote as part of your civic duty.

Sounds like fun!  But I always choose the path of least resistance, so get out and VOTE!