Thursday, June 7, 2012

Post Recall Malaise

I am completely without energy.  I guess I'm depressed over the recall election, and the fact that Walker did not get his a$$ booted.  But far more depressing is the realization that I am surrounded by uncaring, uninformed, uneducated and underwhelming people.  These are my neighbors, here in Wisconsin.  That there are that many people in Wisconsin with so little going on intellectually  is disheartening; but to know that these people are reflected all across the United States is more than I can bear. 

Is the United States sufficiently dumb-downed, as has been the plan all along?  I think so.  Days like today make me wish for alien intervention.  I mean, wouldn't  scaly and scary lizard star trekkers be more interesting than the majority of people here in Wisconsin?  Bring on the ray guns.  I'm just too tired of the human race to give a rat's a$$ whether this species survives.  In fact, a large part of me believes it shouldn't.  We seem to have lost that thing that made us unique and wondrous creatures.  And the tea bags are determined we never find it.

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