Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Two Classes of Wisconsin Citizens

Wisconsinites have been called cheeseheads.  We like cheese.  We make great cheese here.  And, for many people, all of that cheese has caused cheese-like cellulite growing on top of our cheese wheel a$$es.

But there is more to Wisconsin than cheeseheads.  For all of you people who voted for Scott Walker, I hereby dub you F*ckheads, and it will give me great pleasure to bestow that greeting on you when we cross paths.

Meanwhile, as the first act of the ridiculously inept Scott Walker, Wisconsin's motto is no longer "forward", it is "f*cked". 


Anonymous said...

I have to say, once again, that I really enjoy reading your blog.

Well, anyway, yesterday, while I was standing in line at my polling place waiting for a ballot to cast my vote for Barrett and Mitchell, my ears and hearing were repeatedly raped by teenyboppers and twenty-somethings chattering amongst themselves about how great walker is and about all the great, wonderful things he has done for Wisconsin. They continued rattling on about walker's balls, "walker has some big balls, dudes" (Ha! Ha!, I gotta laugh at that one because walker's big balls will be getting plenty of action in prison), and how cool walker is because he does whatever he pleases and he does whatever it takes. So, of course, they were telling each other that walker has their vote.

I'm scared, I'm really scared because one day those walker punks are going to abuse us when we end up in a nursing home. They're the "Children of the Corn" and walker is their Malachai.

Ugh, this is our future, this is what we have to look forward to! A bunch of brain-dead, zoned-out, tea-party, republican walker-ites. I'm surprised they were even able to find their way to their proper polling district place.

Citizen X said...

You are so right. Of course, it would make sense that the children of the soul-less would also be soul-less. At any rate, the Walkerites are destined to see just how stupid they are at some point. That's how the big pendulum of time works. I hope they feel it, as well, but they are rather unfeeling unless they drop a nickel.

Meanwhile, our next opportunity of ridding Madison of the vermin Walker is a John Doe indictment. Instead of some country club federal prison, I say we put him in a stock and sell tickets to a "Take A Whack At Walker" festival on the Capitol grounds. This would make me feel infinitely better on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

What is it with walker's wife? How can she stand by him? What's in it for her?

Citizen X said...

I don't know. Empty heads stick together, I guess. As first lady of Wisconsin, she has clearly distinguished herself as the essence of nothingness.