Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Sunny Side of My Personality

Yes, I might actually have a sunny side to my personality.  It's hard to find, though.  I just keep seeing the negative, bleak side of all things.  To my credit, there are far more opportunities to see things for what they are, i.e., mountains of crap, rather than scratching the dirt in hopes of digging up some glimmer of nice.

But today I will try.  Let's see.  Good things? 

Pizza is still totally satisfying.  I'm going to have one tonight.

I have never defiled a child

I have managed to avoid familial relationships, which in my family, only leads to abuse of those with an honest nature.  I can't beat the liars, but I'll be damned if I'll join them.

I am successful in relinquishing cigarettes thus far.

I ALWAYS wear clean underwear.

I adore picnics, especially the fried chicken kind.

Men (albeit older men) still flirt with me.

So, see, I managed to list half a dozen things that prove I can rejoice in simple things and look on the sunny side of life. 

But my favorite color will always be black.



AlexisAR said...

Congrats especially on gaining headway in your avoidance of cigarettes, having clean underwear, and espcially on never having defiled a child.

Citizen X said...

Yes.....thank you. Small satisfactions, I know, but if all of us found meaning in small things, maybe we could avoid the big pits we constantly find ourselves digging out of.