Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I just cast my vote for Tom Barrett.  It felt great, if a little deja vu. 

On the bright side; my polling place had long lines for people waiting to register.  This is a sign that people whom ordinarily feel disenfranchised by state and federal politics have realized the power of casting a single ballot.  I was encouraged to see this, and hope that in this, and future elections, the people's voice will be heard, regardless of who wins the election.

The complacent, apathetic attitude of Americans has come to a screeching halt here in Wisconsin.  Believing your vote won't make a difference paves the way for fascists to gain control.  Scott Walker and the far right conservative tea bag republicans are fascists.  Pure and simple.  The people who vote for them are white supremacists and Wisconsin has looked like Nazi Germany for a few years. 

Thank you!  To all of the people who are voting for the first time, taking the time to register and standing in long lines, really, thank you!  With you, we might kick Walker out of office.  That's an accomplishment of which one can be proud. 

I'm proud of Wisconsinites today and my fervent wish is that they will never again take the right to vote for granted.

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