Monday, October 29, 2012

Most Offensive Romney Commercial

I'm sorry, but losing a child is incredibly horrendous.  I speak from experience.

Losing a child, and letting Mitt Romney parlay your loss into a testimonial on national television is perhaps the lowest degradation to the memory of a loved one that I can think of.

This ad, wherein the elderly couple mourns the death of their son, while extolling the virtue of Mitt Romney, is, without question in my mind, one of the worst things I've ever been exposed to in my life.  Tasteless?  Check. 

I'm sorry, but after watching this ad numerous times, I have no sympathy for these parents or their loss.  I'm disgusted by them.

That this campaign ad is airing at all has the stench of desperation attached to it.  Romney's losing.  Thank God.

Friday, October 26, 2012

How Stupid is America?

Stupid, really stupid.

And being made even more stupid by the daily political ads being blasted in our face like so many shotguns.  We have eleven more days of listening to political rhetoric.  Eleven more days of listening to outrageous lies in the form of campaign advertising.  Eleven more days of the worst example of an expenditure of two billion dollars in the history of mankind.  Two billion  dollars is what the candidates have spent on promoting themselves.  I ask you, America, couldn't that money have been put to better use? 

And we take it.  We don't demand that campaigns be run fairly.  We don't demand that it be declared illegal to buy a political office.  We just sit back and take this horse's a$$ nonsense over and over and over again. 

We're victims, every one of us who has been subjected to the incredibly destructive process known as American politics. 

We're all suffering from campaign burnout. 

I want Obama to win the election because he is the best man for the job.  I want Romney to crawl back into the same space Sarah Palin crawled into, the land of political has beens who came dangerously close to destroying the world.  I want to give John McCain a new airplane to fly.

But mostly, I just don't want to ever hear another political ad as long as I live.  I propose that a national campaign fund be initiated, whereby every candidate gets, say, $500,000 to promote his beliefs, and no outside source can give money to a candidate.  You make the most of that $500,000.  You take your shot.  You don't rely on PACs and corporations, and you keep private interests out of public office.

But here in America, everyone seems to be insane.  What's scarier is we all accept this as normal.

Two billions dollars all spent toward an outcome that will happen the first week in November.  How much health care coverage does two billion dollars buy?  How many food pantries could be stocked with two billion dollars?  I can't get past this.  I can't get past the feeling that I'm living in a land that just isn't worth perpetuating.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Scott Walker - Crook Extraordinaire

Walker's semi-private business development agency, which conveniently lost track of millions of taxpayer dollars in loans to his cronies, now is refusing to disclose how this happened.   In fact, they are so secretive about this, the media will probably have to sue them to get anymore information.  This violates open records law; but Scott Walker can't be bothered with little things like being lawful.  Not when there's so much opportunity to rape and pillage the State of Wisconsin taxpayers.

Scott Walker's lazy eye is asleep at the wheel again.  So is his bone head.  He's like Mr. Magoo, running down a highway paved with taxpayers.  Ouch!  We're starting to feel the accident known as Scott Walker now!

Folks, take note of this. 

If Romney wins office, this kind of thing will happen continually - because you can't put the lunatics in charge of the asylum.  We've done it here in Wisconsin, and look at us.  We're hopelessly pathetic! 

The people who voted this moron in deserve this kind of monetary loss.  Nothing pleases me more than to see fools and their money parted.  But what about the rest of us? 

You say you want a revolution?  I know I do.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Disgraceful Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan touts his Catholicism at every opportunity, especially when talking about abortion.

But Paul Ryan plans to do away with food stamps for people who literally can't afford to eat.  Where is his Catholicism now?

Paul Ryan is a mean person, flirting with the dark side.  Anyone who ever believed in a divine power wouldn't act the way Paul Ryan acts.  He's a poser.  Letting him, or anyone like him, near the presidency is a vote for disaster.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Romney Lacking in Foreign Policy Knowledge - and Lying About It

I think it is important to remember that when we elect a president, he represents us globally.  Mitt Romney just doesn't have the credibility a leader needs in a global environment. 

Mr. Romney is unclear on aspects of foreign policy and is not widely respected in the world as a leader.  In fact, because he belongs to a cult (the Mormon Church), Mr. Romney is immediately suspect by many world leaders.  Most people don't have any idea what the dogma of the Mormon Church is, but in a nutshell, they believe they are the chosen people and they must perpetuate church teachings.  They believe Jesus Christ traveled to the United States on a boat, and spoke to Joseph Smith through a bunch of golden plates and a translating stones.  No one has ever seen these plates or stones.

I believe everyone has a right to believe whatever they want to believe in a spiritual sense.  However, an organized religion with an agenda such as the Mormon Church is scary to me when a potential political leader is also an ordained bishop of that church. 

Mormons are notoriously anti-women.  They seem to also be anti-intellectual.  They are absolutely racist.  Nowhere in the bible was Jesus Christ ever referred to as a sailor.  But we have a lot of people out in Utah (and elsewhere) who buy this lock, stock and barrel. 

I digress.  Romney clearly lacks a plan, or a thorough knowledge of foreign affairs.  What I'd like to see is Mitt Romney retrace the supposed voyage of Jesus Christ and show us the gold plates and the translating stones.  Then I might give him some credibility.  But he'll never have my vote.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Apparently, the administrators in charge at the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Complex have single handedly come up with a cure for all mental illnesses and are implementing it on a trial basis.

They merely kill the patient. 

It's cost effective and guaranteed.

Think twice before calling the cops to take your hysterical relative to BHD lest they become a part of this social experiment.

Personally, I always wondered how they could pay the medical director so much money, but now I see the cost-effective savings he engineered.

Friday, October 19, 2012


BIG.  B-I-G big.  Ginormous BIG.

Okay, along comes a horse's a$$ completely funded by big business (bunch of greed-driven horse's a$$es) and he wins a governorship. 

But the guy is incompetent.  Always has been.  Always will be.  If Scott Walker is a governor, a County Executive, any type of leader at all, then I'm a  neurosurgeon.  All you people who voted Scott Walker into office need to come and see me for your horrible headaches.  I'll fix you right up, the Walker Way.

Scott Walker is quite possibly the worst joke ever perpetuated on good citizens anywhere.  Except, its not funny anymore. 

He creates a big agency to fund business growth.  Here we are, a year and change later, and the agency hasn't tracked repayment of any of the millions in loans they've basically handed out based on cronyism.  Millions of dollars in loan repayment funds are in default.  In fact, the mismanagement of this agency borders on malfeasance and betrayal of the public trust.

Walker doesn't need an accountant.  He needs to go to jail.


The man is a portrait of corruption .

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Alright, let me translate RomneySpeak to TrueSpeak for what this horse's a$$ plans on his first day in office.  

Cut corporate income taxes. 

F*ck the middle class.

Start Drilling Everywhere in America for oil.

F*ck the environment

Adopt the Mexico City Policy (Ban foreign aid to groups that provide abortions or related (birth control?) care.

F*ck as many women at once that he possibly can.  (Are all Mormons Perverts?  One would think.)

Reduce the corporate income tax from 35% to 25%.

F*ck the wage earner.

Demand that Congress cut $20 billion from the federal budget.

Doesn't have a F*cking clue which $20 billion. 

Reproach China for manipulating the value of its currency.

Set the course for a war with China, thereby F*cking everyone on the planet.

So folks, if you love love love being f*cked by snake oil charmers and crooked politicians.
Vote for the #1 F*ck in the country,  Mitt Romney.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The United States of Racists

A Romney supporter was photographed wearing a T-shirt at a Romney/Ryan rally that said this:

I guess I've always known that this is the reason so many people hate Barack Obama - because of his skin color.
I also believe that the people who really run this country, old rich white men, would all sport this T-shirt, except they know to do so spells doom for their party.  Nevertheless, just because you're not wearing the T-shirt doesn't mean you don't wholeheartedly agree with it's message.
Now there are true statesmen, like Barack Obama, who should be judged on his abilities to strongly lead a country that is on the brink of disaster.  He has done so, perhaps with less aggression than I would like, but he has done so.  He has also championed the things that truly matter; while going after the things that don't, like tax breaks for millionaires.  Millionaires hate Barack's stand on taxing the wealthy, but they hate his skin color more. 
When will these rich old white men just curl up and die?  Of course, their sons and daughters will come along and fill the void because they've been silver spoon fed racist propaganda all their lives.  The rest of the Romney/Ryan supporters should just call themselves by their true name:  racists.  Unfortunately, most of them our proud of it.

Saturday, October 13, 2012


Note to Republican Party:

When you put a candidate on national television, make sure he knows what to say. 

We were all laughing at Paul Ryan.  Not only did he not answer any questions about the Romney(Just Believe)/Ryan(Lick My Eddie Munster) plan, he seemed generally unprepared for very real questions.

Listen, folks, the republican candidates are unprepared for leadership roles anywhere except maybe the Mormon Church (bunch of morons) or the Catholic Church (the true antichrist).

It's no wonder Joe Biden looked derisive.  Ryan just could not answer the important questions, and then his boldfaced, outrageous lies and ridiculously off formulas and percentages made us all laugh.

Romney(Just Believe)/Ryan(Just Lick) are laughable human beings.  What's sad is that obviously American society is filled with just as laughable and ignorant people who will undoubtely vote for these f*ckheads.  I guess they would deserve the country they'd get.  But what about the REST of US?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sheriff Clarke's Continued Confusion

I use the County Parks all of the time.  I have a dog.  She loves the park. 

The big brohaha in Milwaukee is that Sheriff Clarke is upset that park patrols are going to be taken over by the Milwaukee Police Department.


What is Sheriff Clarke doing with the park patrol money that he currently has budgeted?  It's not patrolling the parks.

In the park closest to my home, I have NEVER, I repeat, NEVER seen a Sheriff Patrol.  I generally go there once a day.  Summer, Fall, Spring and Winter.  I have, however, seen many Milwaukee Police Department members here because this park lies just to the west of a pretty bad area.  So the police are actually doing the Sheriff's Department jobs in this park, and I want to know what Clarke is doing with the money.  Probably buying guns he can't use (the average cop can only carry so much firepower, afterall) and sending people to Harvard.  Well, I guess we wouldn't want a Harvard-educated cop to waste all that brain power on park patrol.

My dog is a springer and she loves to swim, so I go to a big park that runs for miles along the lakefront.  I can guarantee you I have also never seen a Sheriff patrol in this park.  What I do see is a lot of broken booze bottles in the creek and on the beach.  Maybe underage drinkers aren't a priority for the Sheriff, but my safety certainly should be. 

The bottom line is Sheriff Clarke seems to get the money to do park patrols, but spends it elsewhere.  We all know about Sheriff Clarke's creative accounting......or in layman's terms, ability to cook the books. 

Clarke needs to go.  He's not thinking with a clear head.  Must be the weight of that white cowboy hat he always dons.  Someone should tell him he looks like the Sheriff in Blazing Saddles. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Coupla Questions

For all of you people out there with Romney/Ryan stickers on your bumper, do you really not need social security?

If so, what's your secret? 

I had my appendix out in July.  My doctor bills are overwhelming right now because my insurance (and yes, I'm a 47%'er who had a government job) just didn't cover a great big portion of my health care costs.  Of course, health care for profit is the biggest scam perpetrated on American society and if you need proof, Americans are in the poorest health of all the third world countries.

Romney/Ryan supporters have never been sick, except mentally, and obviously have never sought treatment for their mental health issues.  Listen, folks, you'd have to be half nuts to elect two yokels who couldn't plan a halloween party much less steer a course for a stronger America.  What fools these mortals be.  Well, at least Romney/Ryan have their halloween costumes all picked out.  Bernie Madoff and Eddie Munster.  Yup.  Exactly who I want running my country.  NOT. 

I have just one fervent wish.  Obama wins reelection, takes of his kid gloves and comes out swinging.  It's time America had a president who could kick some serious a$$.  Or a$$es, like Romney/Ryan.


Sunday, October 7, 2012


I think I can speak for just about every citizen in the United States who has watched back to back political ads paid for by right wing radical millionaire groups that we have reached saturation with the negative ad campaign.

Please stop the assault on not only our sense of a just world, but on our intelligence.

Voting people, especially here in Wisconsin, have to remember that just a few short months ago, Scott Walker was the golden boy of the moment in promotional ads paid for by the same groups now supporting Mitt (JUST BELIEVE) Romney. 

Well, Scott Walker is in office.  Act 10 is in the courts.  Walker is now, effectively, reduced to nothing more than a mouthpiece (and not a very articulate one) to those people who were intent on destroying public employee unions.  It appears that Act 10 is going to be written off as a totally illegal waste of their time.

Now why would anyone think that the same organizations who brought you Scott Walker have picked a likely candidate for president in Mitt Romney?  Seriously, Americans are just like slow cave men.  You need them to be clubbed over the head a few times to get them to understand anything fundamentally simple. 

We certainly seem like a society ripe for an invasion.  In my world, where homo sapiens possess little to be desired as a species, alien intervention is, indeed, America's last hope.  ET PHONE HOME.  Of course, we'll just have our usual response, send lawyers guns and money, the $hit has hit the fan.

Saturday, October 6, 2012


I think the republicans and the millionaires in this country have focused so exclusively on a negative presidential campaign that probably none of their candidates will win office.  People can only take so much.

My mother was negative; and that's putting it mildly. I grew up with a constant stream of trashy remarks, blows to self esteem and a definite feeling of being resented and wished dead.  My mother had bipolar disorder, so I guess she didn't know how to help herself, and the reality was that back in the fifties, there just wasn't a lot of medications available to treat the illness.  My point is, people can't stand listening to the negative on a constant basis; and for the past year, that's what has happened in the presidential campaign.  I know I reached my saturation point with my mother's negativity and unleashed verbally on her on many occasions.  It made no difference in the long run, but I felt better just telling her what a drag she was.  On some level, I knew how hurtful I was being, and I wanted to be that hurtful.  Maybe it was part of my therapy. 

In politics, the truth is we don't really know what causes these greedy millionaires, whom have SO VERY MUCH, to get so involved in hatefulness and negativity.  Do you think maybe their money isn't making them very happy?  That would be my first guess.  Do you think tax breaks would make them happier?  What does it take for these people to be happy?  I don't think there's an answer.  If you're a millionaire, please contribute to making the world a better place --- off yourself.

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Since Mitt Romney never got around to telling you what his actual plan is for the United States of America, let me:

1.  Continue fighting senseless wars in ridiculous places with no intelligent governments so as to perpetuate the military/industrial complex and let fat, rich white men get fatter and richer.  He will draft the children of middle and lower classes to fight these wars as these children wouldn't probably amount to much anyway, and are expendable.  He will pay for these wars on a credit card because he'll be long dead before the bill comes due, and what does he care?  His kids will be alright.

2.  Deregulate banks even further, eroding any trust relationship citizens might have with these institutions.  He will do this so rich, fat white man can get richer and fatter.  He will laugh all the way to his bank in the Cayman Islands.

3.  Additional tax breaks for the 1% will border on the obscene.  You can't have a multi-millionaire president and expect anything less.  Do you get it?  I know you're American, but try.  Who will pay for these tax breaks?  The middle class and the poor.  You will be happy to have your minimum pay job which will be taxed at upwards of 30% because it beats starving to death.  Not by much, unfortunately.  But you can live on spam and macaroni. 

4.  He will push the button.  Mitt Romney can't wait to start wars that guarantee his opportunity to look like a tough ass hero.  He will never try to look like an intelligent diplomat; even he understands his limits.

5.  He and his Mormon followers will continue to trample all over the rights of women. 

There's more, but if you really want to find out; vote for him. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Now that Act 10, Scott Walker's debacle of a state law limiting public employee unions, has gone to the courts, where it is most likely going to be found totally illegal and thrown out, there is very little media coverage regarding Scott Walker.  Why?

Here in Milwaukee, the ugly rag known as The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel gave Walker so much positive coverage during his anti-employee campaign, I guess they've got nothing to say now that it looks like Act 10 will become the most misguided piece of legislation ever proposed.  If they can't be right, they'll be silent.  Of course, giving this newspaper any credibility as a legitimate media outlet is questionable, anyhow.  It is run by a bunch of biased rich old white men; which is the exact problem suffered by the rest of the country.

At any rate, this proves Scott Walker is not the thinking man's candidate (if indeed you needed any proof).  Act 10 was thought up by a bunch of millionaires, i.e., the Koch Brothers; Walker was just a pawn to get the dirty work done.  Now that it looks like a complete failure, Walker is hung out to dry, all alone without even a single original thought banging around in that empty head of his.  If there's no media coverage, it's because there's no governor on duty.  Scott Walker is running around Madison trying to find a clue. 

Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.  Guess Scott Walker missed that lesson.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Mitt Romney's Garbage

Mitt Romney's garbage collector went on the record today telling the world how Mitt Romney doesn't appreciate him or the job he does, and lumps him in with the 47% who drain America's resources.

Well, well.  Interesting.  But what would be even more interesting is if the garbage man told us what he found in Mitt Romney's garbage. 

Let's surmise.

1.  For Men Only packages of hair coloring.

2.  Blonde Ambition hair coloring.

3.  Back issues of The Republic.

4.  Divining rocks so he can translate the gold plated messages given to Joseph Smith.  (Found out they didn't work; translated everything to pig latin.)

5.  Income statements that made up 75% of his trash.

6.  Toe Fungus Spray.

7.  Empty cases of single malt scotch.

8.  A map to the White House Panic Room.

9.  A copy of "How to Convincingly Lie and Deceive People in a Presidential Campaign".

10.  A background check of Paul Ryan, which he fell asleep reading.