Thursday, October 4, 2012


Since Mitt Romney never got around to telling you what his actual plan is for the United States of America, let me:

1.  Continue fighting senseless wars in ridiculous places with no intelligent governments so as to perpetuate the military/industrial complex and let fat, rich white men get fatter and richer.  He will draft the children of middle and lower classes to fight these wars as these children wouldn't probably amount to much anyway, and are expendable.  He will pay for these wars on a credit card because he'll be long dead before the bill comes due, and what does he care?  His kids will be alright.

2.  Deregulate banks even further, eroding any trust relationship citizens might have with these institutions.  He will do this so rich, fat white man can get richer and fatter.  He will laugh all the way to his bank in the Cayman Islands.

3.  Additional tax breaks for the 1% will border on the obscene.  You can't have a multi-millionaire president and expect anything less.  Do you get it?  I know you're American, but try.  Who will pay for these tax breaks?  The middle class and the poor.  You will be happy to have your minimum pay job which will be taxed at upwards of 30% because it beats starving to death.  Not by much, unfortunately.  But you can live on spam and macaroni. 

4.  He will push the button.  Mitt Romney can't wait to start wars that guarantee his opportunity to look like a tough ass hero.  He will never try to look like an intelligent diplomat; even he understands his limits.

5.  He and his Mormon followers will continue to trample all over the rights of women. 

There's more, but if you really want to find out; vote for him. 

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