Saturday, October 13, 2012


Note to Republican Party:

When you put a candidate on national television, make sure he knows what to say. 

We were all laughing at Paul Ryan.  Not only did he not answer any questions about the Romney(Just Believe)/Ryan(Lick My Eddie Munster) plan, he seemed generally unprepared for very real questions.

Listen, folks, the republican candidates are unprepared for leadership roles anywhere except maybe the Mormon Church (bunch of morons) or the Catholic Church (the true antichrist).

It's no wonder Joe Biden looked derisive.  Ryan just could not answer the important questions, and then his boldfaced, outrageous lies and ridiculously off formulas and percentages made us all laugh.

Romney(Just Believe)/Ryan(Just Lick) are laughable human beings.  What's sad is that obviously American society is filled with just as laughable and ignorant people who will undoubtely vote for these f*ckheads.  I guess they would deserve the country they'd get.  But what about the REST of US?


AlexisAR said...

I'm really hoping the president does well in Tuesday night's debate. While it would seem as though everyone who has any intention of voting has probably already made up his or her mind, supposedly a few votes are still up for grabs. The mere thought of a Romney/Ryan administration gives me nightmares.

Citizen X said...

Yes, I agree. Romney/Ryan is a plague being visited upon the middle class. As if our backs aren't already broken carrying the dead weight of millionaires.

Anonymous said...

How can you poke fun at Ryan? He is supposed to be the intellectual of the GOP. Not only the intellectual, but a wizard when it comes to crunching numbers. From what I saw in the debate, he had problems with simple arithmetic such as subtraction and addition. Granted that 5 trillion is a large number, but he should still have been able to explain how he would pay for 5 trillion in tax cuts. My old elementary school teacher would have simplified 5 trillion to 5 apples, for example. She then would have said that you need to steal $1 per year from the middle class for the rest of their lives to pay for the 5 apples. Voila, why could Ryan not have explained it in such simplistic terms?

Citizen X said...

Well, giving Ryan the opportunity to explain himself would just prove one thing; he can't.