Sunday, October 7, 2012


I think I can speak for just about every citizen in the United States who has watched back to back political ads paid for by right wing radical millionaire groups that we have reached saturation with the negative ad campaign.

Please stop the assault on not only our sense of a just world, but on our intelligence.

Voting people, especially here in Wisconsin, have to remember that just a few short months ago, Scott Walker was the golden boy of the moment in promotional ads paid for by the same groups now supporting Mitt (JUST BELIEVE) Romney. 

Well, Scott Walker is in office.  Act 10 is in the courts.  Walker is now, effectively, reduced to nothing more than a mouthpiece (and not a very articulate one) to those people who were intent on destroying public employee unions.  It appears that Act 10 is going to be written off as a totally illegal waste of their time.

Now why would anyone think that the same organizations who brought you Scott Walker have picked a likely candidate for president in Mitt Romney?  Seriously, Americans are just like slow cave men.  You need them to be clubbed over the head a few times to get them to understand anything fundamentally simple. 

We certainly seem like a society ripe for an invasion.  In my world, where homo sapiens possess little to be desired as a species, alien intervention is, indeed, America's last hope.  ET PHONE HOME.  Of course, we'll just have our usual response, send lawyers guns and money, the $hit has hit the fan.

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