Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Coupla Questions

For all of you people out there with Romney/Ryan stickers on your bumper, do you really not need social security?

If so, what's your secret? 

I had my appendix out in July.  My doctor bills are overwhelming right now because my insurance (and yes, I'm a 47%'er who had a government job) just didn't cover a great big portion of my health care costs.  Of course, health care for profit is the biggest scam perpetrated on American society and if you need proof, Americans are in the poorest health of all the third world countries.

Romney/Ryan supporters have never been sick, except mentally, and obviously have never sought treatment for their mental health issues.  Listen, folks, you'd have to be half nuts to elect two yokels who couldn't plan a halloween party much less steer a course for a stronger America.  What fools these mortals be.  Well, at least Romney/Ryan have their halloween costumes all picked out.  Bernie Madoff and Eddie Munster.  Yup.  Exactly who I want running my country.  NOT. 

I have just one fervent wish.  Obama wins reelection, takes of his kid gloves and comes out swinging.  It's time America had a president who could kick some serious a$$.  Or a$$es, like Romney/Ryan.


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Anonymous said...

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