Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Now that Act 10, Scott Walker's debacle of a state law limiting public employee unions, has gone to the courts, where it is most likely going to be found totally illegal and thrown out, there is very little media coverage regarding Scott Walker.  Why?

Here in Milwaukee, the ugly rag known as The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel gave Walker so much positive coverage during his anti-employee campaign, I guess they've got nothing to say now that it looks like Act 10 will become the most misguided piece of legislation ever proposed.  If they can't be right, they'll be silent.  Of course, giving this newspaper any credibility as a legitimate media outlet is questionable, anyhow.  It is run by a bunch of biased rich old white men; which is the exact problem suffered by the rest of the country.

At any rate, this proves Scott Walker is not the thinking man's candidate (if indeed you needed any proof).  Act 10 was thought up by a bunch of millionaires, i.e., the Koch Brothers; Walker was just a pawn to get the dirty work done.  Now that it looks like a complete failure, Walker is hung out to dry, all alone without even a single original thought banging around in that empty head of his.  If there's no media coverage, it's because there's no governor on duty.  Scott Walker is running around Madison trying to find a clue. 

Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.  Guess Scott Walker missed that lesson.


Anonymous said...

At one point Scott was being touted as Presidential material based on his union busting skullduggery and his spectacular results in revitalizing Wisconsin's economy. Since neither has come to fruition, does that mean that Scott's Presidential chance has also evaporated or will the Tea Party continue to give him an A+ for his misguided efforts?

Citizen X said...

The thought of Scott Walker as President is about as scary to me as the thought of having Ed Gein for a gynecologist.

I think the tea bags had their moment, and the thoughtful people of the nation have decreed them brain dead. Let's hope.