Sunday, October 14, 2012

The United States of Racists

A Romney supporter was photographed wearing a T-shirt at a Romney/Ryan rally that said this:

I guess I've always known that this is the reason so many people hate Barack Obama - because of his skin color.
I also believe that the people who really run this country, old rich white men, would all sport this T-shirt, except they know to do so spells doom for their party.  Nevertheless, just because you're not wearing the T-shirt doesn't mean you don't wholeheartedly agree with it's message.
Now there are true statesmen, like Barack Obama, who should be judged on his abilities to strongly lead a country that is on the brink of disaster.  He has done so, perhaps with less aggression than I would like, but he has done so.  He has also championed the things that truly matter; while going after the things that don't, like tax breaks for millionaires.  Millionaires hate Barack's stand on taxing the wealthy, but they hate his skin color more. 
When will these rich old white men just curl up and die?  Of course, their sons and daughters will come along and fill the void because they've been silver spoon fed racist propaganda all their lives.  The rest of the Romney/Ryan supporters should just call themselves by their true name:  racists.  Unfortunately, most of them our proud of it.


AlexisAR said...

Comments such as the one you saw on a T-shirt cause me to be embarrassed to be the same race as Mitt Romney. While Romney neither printed [at least I HOPE he didn't] nor wore the shirt, enough of his supporters are of a like mentality of that of the T-shirt wearer that it's scary. While the first amendment protects a person's right to wear such a T-shirt, what person with an IQ above the moron category would wer anything emblazoned whith such a backward slogan?

Citizen X said...

I agree. It's an embarassment to live in a country where blatant racism lies just beneath the surface of so much white skin.

I can only hope that all the racists in this country someday are the victims; someday have to endure the hatred they espouse, no matter how obliquely they espouse it.

AlexisAR said...

How did you like the debate?

Citizen X said...

Alas, I missed the debate as I attended an Ayurveda seminar that evening. From what I heard, Obama did better, but he still needs to call Romney on every lie by calling him a liar. Which Romney is.