Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The GOP (Greatly Opposed to Progress)

From John McCain saying illegal immigrants started the Arizona/New Mexico wilfires (not a single shred of evidence to support the statement) to Scott Walker and the list of campaign payoffs currently exposed in this week's Shepard Express, the GOP looks more and more like the Party of the Psychotic.

John McCain may well be losing his mind. 

Scott Walker never had a mind to lose.  He's just a shell of a human being that grew up around his giant bald spot.  Frankly, if you were hair, would you want to be caught dead on Scott Walker's head?  I'd exit hurriedly, as well.  No chance of any nourishment in that scalp.

My husband and I are working very hard to support the recalls of all the Republican senators here in Wisconsin.  I don't like the crazy swing this country has taken to the rabid right, nor do I want these empty-headed people making any more decisions that may negatively affect my life.  
And let's not forget Paul Ryan, who rakes in plenty of lettuce from big oil company investments.  He, in turn, hands out dirty little legislative gifts in the name of tax breaks and deregulation of the industry. This guy, literally, is probably the most despised and least respected human being currently in Washington D.C.  I know he is at our house.  Opie f*cking Taylor goes to Washington.

Can we just stop for a minute and take stock of what Republicans have actually done?

New Orleans, right after Hurricane Katrina.  Forgotten by a Republican administration.  New Orleans, the least American city in America, and therefore, quite possibly the greatest city in America, was nearly destroyed by a hurricane, and then got f*cked by the Republicans.  This city is still in recovery mode.  If this had happened in New York or San Francisco, you can bet the response would have been remarkably different.  Too many black people, too many poor people lived in New Orleans.  Too many people with too small a voice to matter.  Relief and restructure (not) brought to you by Republicans.  The Republicans brought you more misery than the hurricane did.

The BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  Too lax regulation and too little industry oversight.  Thank you, again, Republicans.  May you someday be soaked in oil and forced to live in brackish squalor for months.

The deficit.  Poor Obama.  He gets elected, but did he win?  He inherited George W. Bush's disaster.  The deregulation and lack of fiscal controls on Wall Street was completely brought to you by Republicans.  News for all you ostriches with your head in the sand, the collapse of the financial world was engineered by greedy, obese pricks, like James Sensenbrenner, in other words, the GOP.  Sensenbrenner is still driving drunk the wrong way down a freeway at the feeding trough for Republican corruption, the U.S. Capitol.

The disintegration of labor unions and fair labor practices.  Courtesy GOP.

Tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% of people living in this country.  I'm not talking little tax breaks, I'm talking obscene amounts of money.  Stinkin' GOP, again. 

The gutting of social programs that could, actually help America become strong again.  Republican inspired.

The attacks on Planned Parenthood, Gay Rights, Health care for Everyone, the Environment --- all coming from one place, the GOP.

Let me just say this.  Barack Obama was a cautious first term president, yet he did manage to accomplish some things within a system that is completely dysfunctional.  That, in itself, is remarkable.

I believe that the GOP, by virtue of how very stupid they are, will not win the next presidential election, but that Obama will continue as our leader.  If so, I have just a few words of advice for him.  Come out swinging, Obama.  Lay down your diplomatic kid gloves and DO something REAL with REAL ramifications.  We (thoughtful, intelligent, well-intentioned and liberal people) want our country back.  And we want you to give it to us.  America is on the brink.  We don't need a diplomat, we need a leader.  We don't need cautious leadership, we need a strong man to take a strong stand and bring down this house of cards we call America.  This is not America anymore.  Whatever it's ugly.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Breed of a Different Kind (BOK's)

Michelle Bachman.  Seriously?  A tea bagger?  For President of the United States of America?  She's worse than Sarah Palin.  Well.  As bad.  She's from Iowa, where people stop at the end of freeway ramps leading to I-80.  These folks are just a little bit unclear on the concept.  Of just about everything.  A Breed of a Different Kind.

Okay, so what, exactly, is a breed of a different kind?  Someone considered less than human?  Someone reviled?  Someone psychotic describing her lawyer? 

Today, let's just think about what I consider a "Breed of a Different Kind".  Tea Baggers.  People who want to reduce the minimum wage to "help" business.  What about helping the people who are trying to live on $8.25 per hour.  That equates, in a forty-hour week, to a wage of $330, less taxes, which would amount to about $258 take home pay.  Let's envision a family of four living on $258 per week.  Housing costs for a cock-roach infested duplex in a bad neighborhood would equal at least $450.  That leaves $582 left to pay the electric bill, ($582 minus $75, we're at $507).  You can't feed a family of four for less than $100 per week, so now we are at $107 left in income, which will be eaten up in heating bills, doctor bills, dentist bills, clothing, school fees, gasoline for the wreck of a car that has to remain uninsured.  Tea Baggers.  Their my favorite Breed of a Different Kind, today.  Sub-human. 

Business.  Now there's an across the board Breed of a Different Kind.  Greedy beyond imagination.  Disinterested in the health and welfare of employees.  Willing to break any law or regulation in the name of profit.  Beyond sub-human.  Breed of a Fecal Kind.

Anyhow, BOK's are destroying America.  It is sad to watch the empire fall, but falling it is.  A good friend told me once that anarchy is an unknown devil, and better to deal with the devils you know.  Perhaps he's right.  Regardless of who is right, I have a feeling we will all get to see anarchy unfold.  That's the legacy of the tea baggers.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Leaving Wisconsin

My husband and I are pondering where to move, once we leave Wisconsin.  There truly isn't an ideal place, that's for sure.  Better climate, yes, of course.  It doesn't take much to deduce that Wisconsin's climate is awful way too frequently.  I truly love New Orleans, but after watching the HBO special series, Treme, I can't quite see myself living in a place that is politically more corrupt than Wisconsin is right now.

We both love the wild west and the mountains of Nevada.  I, however, truly believe that all power struggles will come down to who controls fresh water, and there is precious little water in the desert.  The water shortage probably won't happen in my lifetime, but why take chances?  I'm very partial to green.  Just painted one of my living room walls a most amazing shade of green.  Although I could get used to the muted desert color palette, I would miss the green.

Cocoa Beach in Florida is a beautiful spot, wonderful ocean breezes, plenty of sunshine, amazingly affordable real estate market right now.  Florida, however, has never really been high on my list of places I wanted to settle, unless it's in the keys, which is not really like the rest of Florida at all.  Trouble with the keys is hurricane evacuation.  One road.  Two lanes.  Ugh.  The thought of being stuck on seven mile bridge during a bad storm really scares me.

So, we are going to take my new car on a little road trip next spring and visit Savannah, Georgia.  Neither of us has ever been there and it sounds pretty picturesque.  So does the route we've mapped out to get there.  I always thought the south was a little too redneck for me, but Savannah does have a reputation of gentility and graciousness.  We'll see.

Meanwhile, I have to endure a few more years here in America's fascist land, but I'm hopeful that the political climate will change and that I'll feel better about that.  Right now, I just wish I could bitch-slap Justice Prosser.  I could probably die happy here, with all the satisfaction that would give me.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Silent Ron Johnson - OR - There was a Crooked Man, Who Walked A Crooked Mile

Ron Johnson's former firm has paid him $10,000,000 in deferred compensation.  However, Ron Johnson dropped $9,000,000 on his campaign, which unseated a great senator, Russ Feingold.  This sounds to me like a little bit of a stinker of an illegal corporate campaign contribution.  I'm from the midwest, where if it looks like cow shat, smells like cow shat, then it probably is cow shat. 

Ron Johnson has been notably quiet since becoming Wisconsin's junior senator.  He seems to be a fish out of water in the heart of politics.  A cold fish out of water.  Let's poach him.  I am hopeful that Mr. Johnson will be unable to provide documentation that outlines this deferred compensation package, which he says was agreed upon.  Show me the legal documentation.  The entire transaction is suspicious.

All that aside, I have to ask Wisconsin citizens, just what do you have in common with Ron Johnson and his $10,000,000 payoff, er, payout?  Ron Johnson doesn't work for the common good of anyone but the ultra-wealthy.  I am sincerely hopeful that we can rid the United States Legislature of corrupt and contemptible politicians like Ron Johnson.  Unfortunately, we lost a truly good senator because so many Wisconsin citizens were completely hogswaggled by the likes of Ron Johnson.  Furthermore, this arrogant, ignorant S.O.B. declares he doesn't have to explain anything.


Lets get these Ron Johnson-like pigs out of our lives, once and for all.  Demand accountability.  And cherish your voting rights in the next election.  In other words, don't believe everything some millionaire tells you.  We are, hopefully, not a nation of ignorant and illiterate pygmies......but that is getting harder and harder for me to believe.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jail Population Down

Interesting that the discouragement all Americans seem to be suffering has now extended to the criminal element.  In Milwaukee, Wisconsin's largest city, jail population is down by 16%.

Is this a trend away from criminal activity?  Are criminals getting smarter and thereby avoiding arrests?  Are the investigators getting lazy?  Or are the criminals simply finding good jobs and settling down?   Not bloody likely.

Perhaps the most interesting development in this story is Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke's reaction.  Obviously, when jail population decreases, so does his annual budget, so there is much to lose, in Clarke's eye, to this current trend.  He points the fingers at alternative sentencing programs and "soft on crime" judges.  Of course, this has everything to do with the lack of respect the Judiciary has for Sheriff Clarke, and vice versa.

America has the largest prison population in the world.  Incarceration in America practically guarantees a life of crime; there is no rehabilitation in our facilities, only a dehumanizing experience that robs  inmates of any sense of self-worth, and guarantees a future that is almost completely hopeless.  That is not rehabilitation, that is cruel and unusual punishment.  Americans in prison are repeat offenders, by and large.

I believe that some of the programs in place right now, for non-violent offenders at the local level, will keep offenders out of the penal system in the future.  Sheriff Clarke's dismay over these programs makes me question his personal agenda.  He smells an awful lot like Scott Walker, and his ego surely is as large.  Next time you vote in a local election for County Sheriff, please remember that although David A. Clarke runs as a democrat, his actions are generally republican, pedestrian, and punitive to anyone who disagrees with him. 

At any rate, I'm glad to see the current trend, no matter what the cause, and slightly dismayed by Clarke, who obviously wants to keep his budget money at top levels, without regard to favorable crime statistics.  So here's a message for all you felons out there:  you're not doing your part......not according to Sheriff Clarke.  I only hope this isn't the lull before the storm.  America is really ripe for a revolution.  Could this be the start?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scott Walker goes after Planned Parenthood.....and the Poor, Yet Again

Scott Walker, Chief of the Assholery Department of State Politics, is expected to sign a budget bill that eliminates state and federal funding from nine of the state's Planned Parenthood health centers.  Adding insult to injury, Mr. Walker's budget also cuts men out of BadgerCare, the state's Medicaid-funded family planning program, and tightens the eligibility restrictions for women, which could jeopardize the entire program. 

Why is Mr. Walker so adamantly opposed to family planning?  Why is he attacking basic health care coverage for the poorest segment of Wisconsin's population?  The public spin Walker and his supporters give this is they are trying to fix the state's budget.  The reality is, Walker must know he is not going to survive a recall election, and is doing everything in his power to wreak havoc for programs he does not, personally, endorse.

What, exactly, doesn't Mr. Walker like.  Here's a partial list:

1.  The Poor
2.  The Pregnant
3.  The Unpregnant
4.  Teachers
5.  Municipal Workers
6.  Sexuality
7.  Homosexuality
8.  Family Planning
9.  The Unemployed
10. The Disabled

Oh forget it.  This could take forever.

Let's do a list of what Scott Walker does like:

1.  Power
2.  Money
3.  Powerful people with Money
4.  Anyone who lies
5.  Anyone who gets elected via lies
6.  Anyone who believes the lies and therefore elevates themself to idiot status.  These are people he can identify with.

Mr. Walker, we do not personally endorse you.  Soon enough, the polls will prove that.  The only thing larger than your ego seems to be your capacity for stupidity.

If Scott Walker is trying to restore morality by destroying family planning, his weapon of choice - defunding - will come back to haunt him and all of Wisconsin.

Cutting minimal health care coverage to poverty level men is just disgusting, as if men don't ever get sick.  Walker is mentally ill; every action he takes in the name of budget woes supports this diagnosis.  What is sad is that his emotional dysfunction affects people he hates, i.e., sexual human beings, the poor, the disenfranchised, single mothers, working families.  With all this capacity for hatred inside him, what is left? What does he live for?  Who is Scott Walker?  Too bad his own mother didn't believe in birth control.  Then we wouldn't have to listen to this talking egg or watch him defecate over a once beautiful place.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scott Walker - Lost in Delusionville

In a meeting with the press, Scott Walker said "upcoming recall elections are an inconvenience and a distraction to most Wisconsinites". 

Hello?  Just about everyone in this State can't wait for these recall elections, and the resounding kick in the pants they will give to the GOP party in this state.  Scott Walker and his band of buffoons have polarized this state with every move they have made since his election.  And now, Mr. Walker, pompous as ever, thinks that the mess they have made of just about everything, from getting rid of high speed rail, to the attack on public employee rights, can be conveniently swept under their finely woven rug of delusion.

Walker is quoted saying "when I talk to people, if that issue comes up (recall campaigns), they're like, "Can't that just be over?".  Who is he talking to?  Obviously other people who are as rabidly right-wing as Mr. Walker is.  He never would engage in conversations with voters in the state who questioned his point of view.  Mr. Walker insulates himself because he is utterly clueless about what the people in the State of Wisconsin expect from their leaders.  Mr. Walker has one goal for himself, to promote his agenda at the expense of every thoughtful citizen in this state.  Unfortunately, Mr. Walker's agenda is, at best, utterly fascist.

Wisconsin voters are not delusional.  Scott Walker will undoubtedly be recalled, and if Scott Walker truly had his pulse on the voter climate in this State, he would realize this.  His cohorts in injustice, unfairness and backward thinking will also be recalled.  To say that the recall elections are a distraction and an inconvenience is to further denigrate the democratic process, of which Mr. Walker has no working knowledge.

It is time for this Empty-Headed, Low IQ, rhetoric spouting Peacock to be run out of town on a rail.  Beep Beep.  Bitches on a Bus has you and your fascist regime in their headlights.  Hope the sound of your fall from power is not too distracting or inconvenient for you. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Appalling Truths about the Walker Budget

Everyday, the paperboy brings more.

In Scott Walker's budget, there is a clause that removes any restrictions for ethical treatment of animals used in research facilities.

Okay, so we have Walker denigrating the middle class, eliminating the poor (because many people will die due to his budget cuts) and handing out huge amounts of money to people who already have huge amounts of money.

What absolute astounds me is that Scott Walker has now set his sights on another defenseless target, animals.

So maybe you're set in your ways and you don't like the present America.  You don't give a damn about public employees and want to abolish all of their rights.  You think its fine to take money you don't deserve because Scott Walker is handing it out.  You can always justify your behavior.  Scott Walker is your hero.

But most people who have any kind of honor system, any smidgen of integrity, know that it is simply unethical to abuse a creature who cannot defend itself.

Scott Walker truly does kick dogs.  The bastard.  And anyone who stands with Scott Walker is also a dog-kicking bastard.  May you all be research animals in the future, while some scientist tries to find out where your soul has gone.  May you be prodded, poked, injected, infected, dissected and rejected by the higher power you all seem to subscribe to.  Freakin' sixty-minute Christians.  Don't forget to say a prayer in church next Sunday for all God's creatures.  Donate your way into the hereafter on Greased Palm Sunday, and don't look back.  None of us want to see you, anyway.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Developmentally Disabled Wisconsin

The Supreme Court has upheld Scott Walker's union busting budget bill, stating that doors were open at the State Capitol, and therefore, the meeting that decided to bust the unions was "open".  HUH?

What part of open meeting laws don't these supposed "esteemed" members of Wisconsin's Supreme Court understand?  The meeting clearly was in violation of acceptable notice being given that the meeting was going to take place.  The action by certain clowns serving on the Supreme Court, aka Walker puppets (think of how pathetic you are if Scott Walker is pulling your strings), surely will be appealed to a higher court, although these justices seem pretty high themselves with this latest action.  It begs the question, who put the LSD in Justice Prosser's water? 

Wisconsinites have one chance left to rid themselves of the Nazi lookalikes who are clearly running this state, into the ground, I might add.  Get involved in all GOP recall elections, and when Walker's comes up, every citizen in this state needs to stand against him.  Wisconsin looks too much like Nazi Germany, right now.  It needs a good colonic to rid itself of the vermin that has crawled up it's ass.  Alberta Darling.  Scott Walker.  David Prosser.  Michael Gableman, Patience Roggensack.  Annette Ziegler.  The Fitzgerald fatties.  On and on, the list unfolds.   Back door politics for back door men.  Hopefully, the only action that this band of morons will ever accomplish is the complete destruction of the GOP in the State of Wisconsin.  They are well on their way.  Praise Sanity!

Oh yes, and by the by, for Alberta Darling to call Judge Sumi's original decision on this "despicable", well, I'm sure Ms. Darling's familiarity with despicable will be proven during her recall election. 

Meanwhile, all citizens of Wisconsin are suffering under the leadership of Scott Walker and his paid political hacks.  We are clearly the most oppressed people in the nation, right now.  Since no one will fight for us, we will have to fight against the fascist politics rampant in this state.  Do your part.  Get involved.  Vote these idiots out of office.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Don't Send Me a Picture of Your Junk

What is with the latest trend of men sending pictures of their personal junk to women?  Do they really think we want to see this?  News Flash.  We don't.

Monkeys at the zoo like to flash their genitals, grab them, wave them, swing them.  Is this some inherent monkey thing that these men seem to have not evolved from?

I can't believe these guys.  The next time one of you males has an overwhelming desire to stuff a camera phone down your shorts, please try to remember that women have very little interest in that sort of photo.  It's not that we dont' find men attractive, its just that we find them more attractive with a little dignity. 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fake Candidates?

The proposed idea of running fake candidates in primary elections has me disgusted, appalled and unhappy.  This is absolute evidence that the ruling class in this country is completely out of touch with their constituencies, and only concerned with personal agendas and dirty politics.

In a time when every vulnerable citizen of the State of Wisconsin is in extreme jeopardy, both political parties now want to engage in "playing dice with the universe". 

As America sinks lower, American politics have hit the sludge at the bottom of the barrel. 

The Democrats have, and need to keep, the moral high ground.  I am an independent voter, who happens to vote for democratic candidates because they are the best person for the job, 99% of the time.  When I see a political party support mean girl high school tactics to win elections, I don't see any reason to support them.

We need to get rid of the politicians who have brought the State of Wisconsin to its lowest point in history.  The Scott Walkers.  The Alberta Darlings.  Ad infinitum.

What we don't need is people who have avoided dirty politics so far to jump in and counteract this assault on democracy by engaging in equally unproductive politics.  Democratic candidates need to take the moral high ground on this issue and refuse to use the same repulsive tactics that are being used by the GOP.

Voters in Wisconsin have had enough of the Republican leadership.  Have we now come to a point we've had enough of the Democratic leadership, too? 

I say we use the same method to hire legislators in the next election, as we use for selecting people for jury duty.  You get a slip that tells you to report for four years of political service in Madison.  At least we'd have a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  And avoid all the NONSENSE that is currently happening in this state's political arena.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sheriff Clarke and His Amazing Ego

Sheriff David A. Clarke, one of the head cops in Milwaukee, has entered a war of wills with the judiciary in Milwaukee County.

It is a sad day when someone's ego takes over what should be expected behaviors from a top law enforcement officer.  Sheriff Clarke needs to let some of the air out of his super-inflated head.

First of all, going to war with the Judicial System is not a good idea.  Ever.  Law Enforcement and the Judiciary are supposed to work together to rid the streets of hardened criminals.  Not so in Milwaukee County right now.  Sheriff Clarke seems determined to obstruct justice by imposing restrictive procedures on delivering a prisoner to a courtroom, tactics that impede the justice system and waste time.  If he was doing this out of any kind of real security risk, it would be one thing.  But the particular prisoner in this story has never been a problem in court appearances.  Sheriff Clarke is playing this "I'm Bigger Than You" game because he does not like the particular judge presiding over the case, or the orders that the Judge has imposed in this case.  A war of wills, if you will, which never ends happily.

You would think that a law enforcement officer would know better than to disrespect the judiciary.  Not so, David Clarke.  Sheriff Clarke seems to be suffering massive ego bruising, and he's going public with a formal complaint against the Judge and continuing to impede the judicial process.

Is this who we want in a position of power?  The position of power seems to have gone straight to Sheriff Clarke's ability to understand his role, clouding his judgement.  That is not what the citizenry of Milwaukee County needs or wants.  We want intelligent leaders who work well together.  Sheriff Clarke can't seem to grasp the concept that the judicial system holds sway over him.  He doesn't like it one bit.  So he's an obstructionist.  Great.  With leaders like this, it is not hard to understand why this country is in the dumper.

David Clarke is a little bit like Scott Walker.  Too big for his britches.  Time for a more thoughtful Sheriff.  When I read of silliness like this, I'm appalled and disgusted that we have a giant ego entrenched in a powerful position, rather than a reasonable and intelligent person.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scott Walker's Art

Scott Walker and his equally tasteless wife, Tonette, removed a commissioned painting by an artist that hung above the mantel at the governor's mansion.  It was a painting of three children of different ethnic backgrounds playing with bubble wands.  There are several stories behind the painting and the artist is well known and celebrated.  But, Mr. and Mrs. Walker decided a bald eagle painting was more appropriate, as they wanted to celebrate some civil war anniversary.  Had it not been for those eagles, the civil war would have been lost.  These dang Republicans are always celebrating war instead of working toward and honoring peace!

Personally, I think the Walkers didn't really want to look at children who didn't fit the particular profile of what the Walkers deem good taste in children, i.e. white kids with private school educations.  Rather than have a painting commissioned depicting a bunch of boarding school kids in matching blazers, drinking vodka and smoking weed, the Walkers conveniently located a picture of a bald eagle, and replaced the offending masterpiece.

Well, one does not dispute questions of taste, I guess.  It is quite obvious that Mrs. Walker was hoping (desperate) to get married, so she sunk her talons into a much younger (inexperienced) Mr. Walker.  I hereby dub Tonette as Wisconsin's First Cougar.  Why not a cougar picture?  Wisconsin has a few of those.  I've spotted them on Highway 51 between Mercer and Hurley.  But there is no explaining taste.  Still, the eagle picture makes sense from her perspective.  Raptor.  On the hunt.  Bald.  

I just think Wisconsinites need to say enough is enough, already.  The Walkers have devastated the working class.  Allowing the Walkers to impose their art tastes on a public building, in the name of war, is just plain hideous.  I guess they didn't like the reminder of the class war they both engage it with the ethnic children painting.  It's what we've come to expect from the Walkers.  No taste.  No class.  No art.  No smart.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Wisconsin has an idiot for a governor, but is has been easy to stop him in his confused tracks.

Wisconsin's GOP is enmeshed in behavior that is  best classified as "dirty politics" and in reality is just downright ugly and inappropriate, much like the republican agenda.

But there are some bright spots on the horizon.  Like Russ Feingold running for Herb Kohl's senate seat.  At least we would have some presence in Washington.  Has anyone seen Ron Johnson?  Obviously, the rhetorical comments he consistently made in his campaign for office clearly is not serving him well in the realities of politics.  He seems to be hiding in his office, wondering what, exactly, he is supposed to do now that he's won the prize.  Here's a clue, Ron.  Resign.  Go home and count your money.  Admit you are in the deep end and you don't know how to swim.  As we all suspected, you have NOTHING to say.

The recall elections seem to be progressing as they should.  I think Sandy Paasch is going to definitely kick Alberta Darling right back to the slums of Mequon.  This is very important to me since Alberta Darling has been in office far too long to be an effective lawmaker.  Alberta is a walking poster for limited terms.  She went to Madison when she was relatively young.  She's entrenched in her job, not engaged for her people, as are most career politicians.  We need to stop allowing people to use legislative buildings as a place to grow old. 

In short, Wisconsin seems to be emerging from one of its most dark moments in politics to a new dawn where intelligence and moderation is replacing fanatical and illegal manueverings by those currently in charge.  Although the wool had been pulled over the voter's eyes in the last election, it is always hard to maintain an illusion, which is what the rabid right politicians didn't understand.  Maybe because they believed the illusion.  Maybe because so many of our politicians are delusional.  Maybe because they actually didn't understand that wanting something to be true doesn't make it true.

Whatever the reason, the pendulum always swings, and it is swinging back to the age of reason.  I have faith that Wisconsinites have learned the importance of responsible voting and the danger of political rhetoric.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Winning Strategies for Perpetual Losers

I like self help advice because usually it's so ludicrous, it provides comic relief.  But there are so many losers lately, I just feel I must reach out and try to help. 

The first problem is that losers don't recognize themselves as such.  Not all losers are stupids and not all stupids are losers, but there is a close correlation between being a loser and being ignorant.  Ignorant is not the same as stupid.

First off, how to recognize if you're a loser:

1.  Do you have to depend on other people to support the image you're trying to project?  Does your fantasy begin at home and involve people who "can" to make you (who "can't") look good?

2. Do you have to call people and arrange for all aspects of your social life?  Is anyone reaching out to spend time with you?

3.  Do you have secret behaviors that are detrimental to healthy relationships?

4.  Are you a liar?  Not white lies.  Big fat horrendous lies.

5.  Are you perpetually sad, angry and lonely, despite being surrounded by people?

6.  Do you pray a lot for good things to come your way?  Do you ever pray for anyone you dislike?

7.  Are you secretly delighted when bad things happen to people whom you envy or of whom you are very jealous?

8.  Do you covet?

9.  Are you upset or are you confused when people find out the truth about your personality and back off from a relationship with you?

10.  Do you have any clue in your head about what really makes you function or what would actually make you happy?

So what are the winning strategies for losers?  There are two loser roads.

1.  Accept that you're a loser, probably always have been a loser, and will die a loser's death.  It's the one thing that can make you less of a loser.

2.  Plato said "the unexamined life is not worth living".  Look at yourself.  All the things you're hiding need to be unveiled and all the harmful behaviors you've engaged in need to be honestly addressed, either through sincere apology or just by going forth and noting that you used to be a major f*ck head but you're really trying to change.

Accept that even though you might be a major loser, its never to late to shed that skin.

Or not. 

The world is full of losers and you all will certainly find each other, and drive each other crazy, much the way you're driven the good people from your lives.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Ed Flynn vs. Scott Walker

It is such a sad state of affairs when the police chief in Wisconsin's biggest city tells the governor that his proposed concealed carry legislation is detrimental to law enforcement officers and law abiding citizens.

You would think a governor would get that.  You would think a governor would want to protect the citizens of his state.  You would think a governor would have some sense of society. 

But we are talking Scott Walker, who could rent out the vacant space in his head for plenty of cash.  Warehouses of room there. 

I am really not interested in packing heat to go to the local Pick 'n Save.  But it appears that this may be in my future, if this legislation passes.  I might have to engage in a gunfight over a parking space, or the last bottle of Orangina.  I know for sure that the self-check-out line will be a dangerous place as will the deli counter.  I see mangled bloody fingers reaching for the ticket dispenser and being driven off by the salami addicts.

Fundamentalists, like Scott Walker, have their place.  It just doesn't happen to be in American society.  I want to see Scott Walker's birth certificate.  I just don't believe he's an American.  I don't believe he was born here.  I don't believe he was born at all.  He seems to have crawled out from under some rock that was dropped on him. 

Does Scott Walker have traumatic brain injury?  Can we demand that Scott Walker be given a mental competency test?  I think we need to do something to stop this train wreck.  And soon.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Society of Mean People

My daughter-in-law is a very gentle soul; not that she doesn't have her moments, as do we all.  But she recently had to quit a job because one of her co-workers had become so outrageous in her attacks.  The coworker not only was abusive verbally to Shelly, but refused to answer any questions or offer any assistance (Shelly was new on the job) and then left threatening messages on Shelly's cell phone after Shelly talked to the supervisor about the communication problem.  Shelly said she felt so vulnerable to attack that she didn't have a choice but to move on.  It's too bad.  We all know how hard jobs are to come by.

The point is, people in the United States have a mean factor I don't really see in other cultures, and I travel a great deal.  Some people are just mean, and they seem to relish in their obnoxious behavior.  They smugly interact with people they deem of "lesser" value than themselves.  They are quick to point out how superior they are to people with less money, less status, less ______ fill in the blank.

The more successful people are, the meaner they seem to be.  Perhaps the biggest indicator of how mean a person is would be how judgmental a person is.  Those narrow minded souls see things from one perspective, their own, and if another person's behavior varies from what they deem "appropriate", it seems to give them free license to be mean, rude and disrespectful.  I don't know how they elected themselves "God", but they have and you're basically screwed if you try to intelligently disagree with them.

What's particularly worrisome is that this meanness extends to their own family members.  I grew up in a mean family, and I think I've finally outgrown it, but it took years of self-examination and insight to get here.  My mom was very mean, especially to me.  I guess some parents have to have one child they don't necessarily like, but it bothers me to see this behavior repeated with two of my sisters and their own daughters.  It seems to me a little honest historical review would highlight the reasons for, and hopefully resolve the issues and how they arose, but mean people are very incapable of self-examination.  They just believe they're right and incapable of wrong.  They seem to live in a vacuum of self absorbed and painfully inaccurate views of reality.  And they do so much damage.  The withholding love and refusal to apologize keeps them so enmeshed in these toxic behaviors.

Mean behaviors can be tied in to mental and/or emotional illness.  I worked with a woman whom was so toxic that we finally had to transfer her out of the department.  Her dysfunction was legendary among her peers and one never knew what would set her off on one of her many distasteful, outrageous and sometimes utterly bizarre tangents.  It was an enormous relief to not have her in our workplace anymore.  The voices in her head were so loud, the rest of us could almost hear them.  She continues her dysfunctional behavior in her new department, and because she is so obviously disturbed, no one takes her to task.  For some reason, America thinks its alright to tolerate this behavior, rather than treat the underlying illness that causes it.

Mean people are disturbed people.  They want to be well-thought of, but it just doesn't seem to ever work out that way.  They're driven by their meanness, by their judgments and ultimately, by their illness.  Since mental health care is so important, but so lacking, very few mean people get the psychological help they truly need.  And this is evident all across America.