Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scott Walker goes after Planned Parenthood.....and the Poor, Yet Again

Scott Walker, Chief of the Assholery Department of State Politics, is expected to sign a budget bill that eliminates state and federal funding from nine of the state's Planned Parenthood health centers.  Adding insult to injury, Mr. Walker's budget also cuts men out of BadgerCare, the state's Medicaid-funded family planning program, and tightens the eligibility restrictions for women, which could jeopardize the entire program. 

Why is Mr. Walker so adamantly opposed to family planning?  Why is he attacking basic health care coverage for the poorest segment of Wisconsin's population?  The public spin Walker and his supporters give this is they are trying to fix the state's budget.  The reality is, Walker must know he is not going to survive a recall election, and is doing everything in his power to wreak havoc for programs he does not, personally, endorse.

What, exactly, doesn't Mr. Walker like.  Here's a partial list:

1.  The Poor
2.  The Pregnant
3.  The Unpregnant
4.  Teachers
5.  Municipal Workers
6.  Sexuality
7.  Homosexuality
8.  Family Planning
9.  The Unemployed
10. The Disabled

Oh forget it.  This could take forever.

Let's do a list of what Scott Walker does like:

1.  Power
2.  Money
3.  Powerful people with Money
4.  Anyone who lies
5.  Anyone who gets elected via lies
6.  Anyone who believes the lies and therefore elevates themself to idiot status.  These are people he can identify with.

Mr. Walker, we do not personally endorse you.  Soon enough, the polls will prove that.  The only thing larger than your ego seems to be your capacity for stupidity.

If Scott Walker is trying to restore morality by destroying family planning, his weapon of choice - defunding - will come back to haunt him and all of Wisconsin.

Cutting minimal health care coverage to poverty level men is just disgusting, as if men don't ever get sick.  Walker is mentally ill; every action he takes in the name of budget woes supports this diagnosis.  What is sad is that his emotional dysfunction affects people he hates, i.e., sexual human beings, the poor, the disenfranchised, single mothers, working families.  With all this capacity for hatred inside him, what is left? What does he live for?  Who is Scott Walker?  Too bad his own mother didn't believe in birth control.  Then we wouldn't have to listen to this talking egg or watch him defecate over a once beautiful place.

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