Monday, June 6, 2011


Wisconsin has an idiot for a governor, but is has been easy to stop him in his confused tracks.

Wisconsin's GOP is enmeshed in behavior that is  best classified as "dirty politics" and in reality is just downright ugly and inappropriate, much like the republican agenda.

But there are some bright spots on the horizon.  Like Russ Feingold running for Herb Kohl's senate seat.  At least we would have some presence in Washington.  Has anyone seen Ron Johnson?  Obviously, the rhetorical comments he consistently made in his campaign for office clearly is not serving him well in the realities of politics.  He seems to be hiding in his office, wondering what, exactly, he is supposed to do now that he's won the prize.  Here's a clue, Ron.  Resign.  Go home and count your money.  Admit you are in the deep end and you don't know how to swim.  As we all suspected, you have NOTHING to say.

The recall elections seem to be progressing as they should.  I think Sandy Paasch is going to definitely kick Alberta Darling right back to the slums of Mequon.  This is very important to me since Alberta Darling has been in office far too long to be an effective lawmaker.  Alberta is a walking poster for limited terms.  She went to Madison when she was relatively young.  She's entrenched in her job, not engaged for her people, as are most career politicians.  We need to stop allowing people to use legislative buildings as a place to grow old. 

In short, Wisconsin seems to be emerging from one of its most dark moments in politics to a new dawn where intelligence and moderation is replacing fanatical and illegal manueverings by those currently in charge.  Although the wool had been pulled over the voter's eyes in the last election, it is always hard to maintain an illusion, which is what the rabid right politicians didn't understand.  Maybe because they believed the illusion.  Maybe because so many of our politicians are delusional.  Maybe because they actually didn't understand that wanting something to be true doesn't make it true.

Whatever the reason, the pendulum always swings, and it is swinging back to the age of reason.  I have faith that Wisconsinites have learned the importance of responsible voting and the danger of political rhetoric.

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