Friday, June 3, 2011

Ed Flynn vs. Scott Walker

It is such a sad state of affairs when the police chief in Wisconsin's biggest city tells the governor that his proposed concealed carry legislation is detrimental to law enforcement officers and law abiding citizens.

You would think a governor would get that.  You would think a governor would want to protect the citizens of his state.  You would think a governor would have some sense of society. 

But we are talking Scott Walker, who could rent out the vacant space in his head for plenty of cash.  Warehouses of room there. 

I am really not interested in packing heat to go to the local Pick 'n Save.  But it appears that this may be in my future, if this legislation passes.  I might have to engage in a gunfight over a parking space, or the last bottle of Orangina.  I know for sure that the self-check-out line will be a dangerous place as will the deli counter.  I see mangled bloody fingers reaching for the ticket dispenser and being driven off by the salami addicts.

Fundamentalists, like Scott Walker, have their place.  It just doesn't happen to be in American society.  I want to see Scott Walker's birth certificate.  I just don't believe he's an American.  I don't believe he was born here.  I don't believe he was born at all.  He seems to have crawled out from under some rock that was dropped on him. 

Does Scott Walker have traumatic brain injury?  Can we demand that Scott Walker be given a mental competency test?  I think we need to do something to stop this train wreck.  And soon.

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