Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scott Walker - Lost in Delusionville

In a meeting with the press, Scott Walker said "upcoming recall elections are an inconvenience and a distraction to most Wisconsinites". 

Hello?  Just about everyone in this State can't wait for these recall elections, and the resounding kick in the pants they will give to the GOP party in this state.  Scott Walker and his band of buffoons have polarized this state with every move they have made since his election.  And now, Mr. Walker, pompous as ever, thinks that the mess they have made of just about everything, from getting rid of high speed rail, to the attack on public employee rights, can be conveniently swept under their finely woven rug of delusion.

Walker is quoted saying "when I talk to people, if that issue comes up (recall campaigns), they're like, "Can't that just be over?".  Who is he talking to?  Obviously other people who are as rabidly right-wing as Mr. Walker is.  He never would engage in conversations with voters in the state who questioned his point of view.  Mr. Walker insulates himself because he is utterly clueless about what the people in the State of Wisconsin expect from their leaders.  Mr. Walker has one goal for himself, to promote his agenda at the expense of every thoughtful citizen in this state.  Unfortunately, Mr. Walker's agenda is, at best, utterly fascist.

Wisconsin voters are not delusional.  Scott Walker will undoubtedly be recalled, and if Scott Walker truly had his pulse on the voter climate in this State, he would realize this.  His cohorts in injustice, unfairness and backward thinking will also be recalled.  To say that the recall elections are a distraction and an inconvenience is to further denigrate the democratic process, of which Mr. Walker has no working knowledge.

It is time for this Empty-Headed, Low IQ, rhetoric spouting Peacock to be run out of town on a rail.  Beep Beep.  Bitches on a Bus has you and your fascist regime in their headlights.  Hope the sound of your fall from power is not too distracting or inconvenient for you. 

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