Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Breed of a Different Kind (BOK's)

Michelle Bachman.  Seriously?  A tea bagger?  For President of the United States of America?  She's worse than Sarah Palin.  Well.  As bad.  She's from Iowa, where people stop at the end of freeway ramps leading to I-80.  These folks are just a little bit unclear on the concept.  Of just about everything.  A Breed of a Different Kind.

Okay, so what, exactly, is a breed of a different kind?  Someone considered less than human?  Someone reviled?  Someone psychotic describing her lawyer? 

Today, let's just think about what I consider a "Breed of a Different Kind".  Tea Baggers.  People who want to reduce the minimum wage to "help" business.  What about helping the people who are trying to live on $8.25 per hour.  That equates, in a forty-hour week, to a wage of $330, less taxes, which would amount to about $258 take home pay.  Let's envision a family of four living on $258 per week.  Housing costs for a cock-roach infested duplex in a bad neighborhood would equal at least $450.  That leaves $582 left to pay the electric bill, ($582 minus $75, we're at $507).  You can't feed a family of four for less than $100 per week, so now we are at $107 left in income, which will be eaten up in heating bills, doctor bills, dentist bills, clothing, school fees, gasoline for the wreck of a car that has to remain uninsured.  Tea Baggers.  Their my favorite Breed of a Different Kind, today.  Sub-human. 

Business.  Now there's an across the board Breed of a Different Kind.  Greedy beyond imagination.  Disinterested in the health and welfare of employees.  Willing to break any law or regulation in the name of profit.  Beyond sub-human.  Breed of a Fecal Kind.

Anyhow, BOK's are destroying America.  It is sad to watch the empire fall, but falling it is.  A good friend told me once that anarchy is an unknown devil, and better to deal with the devils you know.  Perhaps he's right.  Regardless of who is right, I have a feeling we will all get to see anarchy unfold.  That's the legacy of the tea baggers.

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