Friday, June 24, 2011

The Silent Ron Johnson - OR - There was a Crooked Man, Who Walked A Crooked Mile

Ron Johnson's former firm has paid him $10,000,000 in deferred compensation.  However, Ron Johnson dropped $9,000,000 on his campaign, which unseated a great senator, Russ Feingold.  This sounds to me like a little bit of a stinker of an illegal corporate campaign contribution.  I'm from the midwest, where if it looks like cow shat, smells like cow shat, then it probably is cow shat. 

Ron Johnson has been notably quiet since becoming Wisconsin's junior senator.  He seems to be a fish out of water in the heart of politics.  A cold fish out of water.  Let's poach him.  I am hopeful that Mr. Johnson will be unable to provide documentation that outlines this deferred compensation package, which he says was agreed upon.  Show me the legal documentation.  The entire transaction is suspicious.

All that aside, I have to ask Wisconsin citizens, just what do you have in common with Ron Johnson and his $10,000,000 payoff, er, payout?  Ron Johnson doesn't work for the common good of anyone but the ultra-wealthy.  I am sincerely hopeful that we can rid the United States Legislature of corrupt and contemptible politicians like Ron Johnson.  Unfortunately, we lost a truly good senator because so many Wisconsin citizens were completely hogswaggled by the likes of Ron Johnson.  Furthermore, this arrogant, ignorant S.O.B. declares he doesn't have to explain anything.


Lets get these Ron Johnson-like pigs out of our lives, once and for all.  Demand accountability.  And cherish your voting rights in the next election.  In other words, don't believe everything some millionaire tells you.  We are, hopefully, not a nation of ignorant and illiterate pygmies......but that is getting harder and harder for me to believe.

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