Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scott Walker's Art

Scott Walker and his equally tasteless wife, Tonette, removed a commissioned painting by an artist that hung above the mantel at the governor's mansion.  It was a painting of three children of different ethnic backgrounds playing with bubble wands.  There are several stories behind the painting and the artist is well known and celebrated.  But, Mr. and Mrs. Walker decided a bald eagle painting was more appropriate, as they wanted to celebrate some civil war anniversary.  Had it not been for those eagles, the civil war would have been lost.  These dang Republicans are always celebrating war instead of working toward and honoring peace!

Personally, I think the Walkers didn't really want to look at children who didn't fit the particular profile of what the Walkers deem good taste in children, i.e. white kids with private school educations.  Rather than have a painting commissioned depicting a bunch of boarding school kids in matching blazers, drinking vodka and smoking weed, the Walkers conveniently located a picture of a bald eagle, and replaced the offending masterpiece.

Well, one does not dispute questions of taste, I guess.  It is quite obvious that Mrs. Walker was hoping (desperate) to get married, so she sunk her talons into a much younger (inexperienced) Mr. Walker.  I hereby dub Tonette as Wisconsin's First Cougar.  Why not a cougar picture?  Wisconsin has a few of those.  I've spotted them on Highway 51 between Mercer and Hurley.  But there is no explaining taste.  Still, the eagle picture makes sense from her perspective.  Raptor.  On the hunt.  Bald.  

I just think Wisconsinites need to say enough is enough, already.  The Walkers have devastated the working class.  Allowing the Walkers to impose their art tastes on a public building, in the name of war, is just plain hideous.  I guess they didn't like the reminder of the class war they both engage it with the ethnic children painting.  It's what we've come to expect from the Walkers.  No taste.  No class.  No art.  No smart.

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