Monday, June 27, 2011

Leaving Wisconsin

My husband and I are pondering where to move, once we leave Wisconsin.  There truly isn't an ideal place, that's for sure.  Better climate, yes, of course.  It doesn't take much to deduce that Wisconsin's climate is awful way too frequently.  I truly love New Orleans, but after watching the HBO special series, Treme, I can't quite see myself living in a place that is politically more corrupt than Wisconsin is right now.

We both love the wild west and the mountains of Nevada.  I, however, truly believe that all power struggles will come down to who controls fresh water, and there is precious little water in the desert.  The water shortage probably won't happen in my lifetime, but why take chances?  I'm very partial to green.  Just painted one of my living room walls a most amazing shade of green.  Although I could get used to the muted desert color palette, I would miss the green.

Cocoa Beach in Florida is a beautiful spot, wonderful ocean breezes, plenty of sunshine, amazingly affordable real estate market right now.  Florida, however, has never really been high on my list of places I wanted to settle, unless it's in the keys, which is not really like the rest of Florida at all.  Trouble with the keys is hurricane evacuation.  One road.  Two lanes.  Ugh.  The thought of being stuck on seven mile bridge during a bad storm really scares me.

So, we are going to take my new car on a little road trip next spring and visit Savannah, Georgia.  Neither of us has ever been there and it sounds pretty picturesque.  So does the route we've mapped out to get there.  I always thought the south was a little too redneck for me, but Savannah does have a reputation of gentility and graciousness.  We'll see.

Meanwhile, I have to endure a few more years here in America's fascist land, but I'm hopeful that the political climate will change and that I'll feel better about that.  Right now, I just wish I could bitch-slap Justice Prosser.  I could probably die happy here, with all the satisfaction that would give me.

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