Thursday, June 16, 2011

Appalling Truths about the Walker Budget

Everyday, the paperboy brings more.

In Scott Walker's budget, there is a clause that removes any restrictions for ethical treatment of animals used in research facilities.

Okay, so we have Walker denigrating the middle class, eliminating the poor (because many people will die due to his budget cuts) and handing out huge amounts of money to people who already have huge amounts of money.

What absolute astounds me is that Scott Walker has now set his sights on another defenseless target, animals.

So maybe you're set in your ways and you don't like the present America.  You don't give a damn about public employees and want to abolish all of their rights.  You think its fine to take money you don't deserve because Scott Walker is handing it out.  You can always justify your behavior.  Scott Walker is your hero.

But most people who have any kind of honor system, any smidgen of integrity, know that it is simply unethical to abuse a creature who cannot defend itself.

Scott Walker truly does kick dogs.  The bastard.  And anyone who stands with Scott Walker is also a dog-kicking bastard.  May you all be research animals in the future, while some scientist tries to find out where your soul has gone.  May you be prodded, poked, injected, infected, dissected and rejected by the higher power you all seem to subscribe to.  Freakin' sixty-minute Christians.  Don't forget to say a prayer in church next Sunday for all God's creatures.  Donate your way into the hereafter on Greased Palm Sunday, and don't look back.  None of us want to see you, anyway.

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