Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Highlights and Low Lifes

Biggest thing for me - I got the hell out of that ice hole known as Wisconsin.  Louisiana is as backwards as a state can get, but my goodness, what a nice climate!  And also, it is so rich in history and culture, I'm constantly amazed at how alive this state is and how it embraces its cultural diversity.

I discovered Cajun cooking.

I know my way around Baton Rouge and New Orleans; enough to be a somewhat confused tour guide.

ObamaCare was enacted into law.

Pot is legal in a few states - and it should be legalized everywhere, as well as taxed so we can pay down the horrendous deficit.

Jindal won't be governor much longer.

One of the Koch brothers got swindled out of 5 million bucks for some bogus wine. 

My tenant back in Milwaukee is absolutely a perfect person to have living in a house I desperately need to sell soon, because I'm never going back there to live.  Period.

No hurricanes passed through Louisiana this year.

Low Lifes:

The republicans shut down the government, costing us and future taxpayers billions of dollars.  Here's hoping every voter remembers this come election day. No wonder the republicans are so anti-abortion. 

Some backwoods yokel with an A&E show got away with not only stupidly racist and homophobic comments, he got the governor of Louisiana to stand up for him and for a cable network to back down on taking a stand against this type of behavior.  A&E must stand for a$$holes egregious.
Won't ever be tuned in on one of my televisions.

Let's hope Miley Cyrus is just young - and will develop something bordering on class and taste someday.

BP continues to f*ck over the citizens and environment of Louisiana.

All in all, a pretty standard year for a very sick society.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Koch Sucker Wine

Anybody want to do a joint venture with me on a vineyard somewhere in California.  We could make a most delicious wine, label it with ancient paper and sell it to the Kochs.

You'll have to put up all the money, run the operation and buy all the equipment.  For my part, I will taste the wine religiously, forge the labels and run the con. 

In fact, Koch Sucker wine is such a great name, I think I'll copyright it.  That might be a smarter marketing ploy; put a little Koch Sucker in every fine wine store in Manhattan, Palm Beach and the Hamptons.  The poor may not have money, but we have very creative ideas on how to embarrass and humiliate the rich.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Recall Congress? How about giving a tax break to intelligent voters?

With the approval rating of the current congress at less than 30%; shouldn't there be some mechanism to kick the butts out of office for these time/money wasters.  Let's send them back to their congressional districts, where they could be beaten to a bloody pulp by the locals who didn't vote them into office.

I think this country only operates on a monetary reward system, so I feel anyone who can prove they didn't vote for a particular moron posing as a congressional representative should get a $10,000 tax credit.  For the voters who elected them, well, a lack of any measurable intelligence seems fitting enough as a punishment.

Everyday, the paperboy brings more. 

I know a business would fire their entire executive staff if their productivity ratio was at less than 30%.  Why can't we fire congressional members for nonperformance?  Why don't we have term limits?  Why is there nothing the citizens of this country can do to outsmart a bunch of lunatics who call themselves our leaders?

I like to be in Amerika.
Okay by me in Amerika.
Everything free in Amerika.
If you are crooks in Amerika.

Face it.  We're a nation run by thugs, money grubbers, and corrupt imposters.  Costa Rica --- Looking Better Every Day!

Monday, December 23, 2013

The United States is Untied

Just watched 60 Minutes and saw some footage of indoor pot growing operations that will be regulated, monitored, sold for recreational purposes and taxed appropriately in Colorado.

Last night on the news here in Louisiana, the biggest story was a big pot bust --- well, they did get weapons and cash, too, and probably some narcotic painkillers, but the pot bust was the big news. 

I think it is completely weird to live in a country utterly schizophrenic.  I can smoke pot and marry my same sex partner in Colorado, but I'll be arrested if I do it in Alabama? 

I think its time we move beyond the powers given to the states, and start thinking on a national, normal and sane level.  If we have to have separations, lets separate by zones, i.e., anyone living in states that get a lot of snow, states that are completely arid, states that are bounded by oceans, states that are so boring people cry when they have to drive through them, etc.

The United States is muddled in its answers to big questions and its scary to think about how much firepower we have when it appears we don't have very much brain power. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Billionaire Koch Brother Bilked


One of the stupid Koch Brothers spent a small fortune on "French" wine which was made in a California kitchen a few weeks ago.

So he goes on television to complain about it.  Does he REALLY think anyone on the planet would feel any sympathy for someone who spent upwards of five million dollars on a cellar full of fraudulently labeled grape juice?

I say drink that wine, Mr. Koch.  I can't think of anyone more deserving of a mouthful of sour grapes than you, you sanctimonious butthole.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Kick BP out of this Country NOW!

BP, that wonderful company who brought you the worst environmental disaster in the history of environmental disasters, needs to get their a$$ kicked out of this country.

They are still lying about the damage, refusing to pay legitimate claims, and engaging in fraud, malfeasance and disgusting corporate behavior.

But Bobby Jindal's biggest concern as of today is the Duck Dynasty debacle over anti-gay, anti-black statements.  No wonder Louisiana falls at the bottom of every survey for good works.  The state motto here seems to be, "If it Makes (a few of) Us Money - F*ck All, We're In".  Sheesh.  I'm becoming more and more of a g.d. yankee by the second.  I look around and realize I should run for public office.  I seriously doubt I could get much legislation passed to improve the lot of your average Louisianan, but I certainly could embark on a feeding frenzy at the public trough that would humble the paltry efforts of Ray Nagin. 

Alas, being a crook is not on my accomplishment list.  But I won't watch Duck Dynasty again, even though it had its moments and was pretty funny.  A&E must be terribly embarrassed by the ignorant mutterings of Phil Robertson; but the rest of the country is definitely offended by these senseless remarks. 

Maybe becoming a millionaire makes one stupid.  Certainly, becoming a governor does.  Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, Sarah Palin. 

Someone nominate me for governor of Louisiana.  I promise pot in every chicken!

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Dennis Rodman going to visit his bestie, Kim Jong Il in North Korea?  What the hell is wrong with Dennis Rodman, that he would align himself with a little pr*ck like Kim Jong Il?  Obviously, Dennis Rodman is a publicity whore who can't get any attention except by doing something outrageous and inappropriate.  Why are so many "celebrities" willing to sell themselves out to stay in the public eye?  Glad I'm a nobody when I see someone like Dennis Rodman behaving in a truly disgusting way.
I truly hope he makes a serious faux pas with Korean etiquette and ends up in one of Kim's jails.  Then he'll be crying for the State Department to help him out.  I also hope the cell they put him in is very, very small and they feed him muddy rice with worms in it.

The Duck Dynasty guy hating on gays?  Just further proof you can give a backwoods cracker his own television show, but you can't regulate his small-mindedness --- no matter how much money is involved.  Backwoods cracker is as disgusting a term as anything he might have said about gay people, so I just want him to see how it feels to carry a totally erroneous and mean label.

Is it really Christmas next week?  It's 75 degrees here today.  I have foregone putting up a Xmas tree this year.  Not feeling the season at all; which is about right for a Unitarian Universalist.  I like the exchanging of presents and I respect the story and the beliefs of Christians, but I've reached a point where it's more of a solstice celebration for me.  We'll be at the casino on Xmas day, where I hope to win the little red Fiat so I can give it to my daughter-in-law.  Tim has always won big money on Xmas day at the casino, so let's hope that trend continues.  Better yet -- it's my turn to win big.

No coverage in the media here about the big explosion we heard the other night.  Rumors are that it was a meth lab blowing up somewhere in the bayou.  I hated Milwaukee news stations, because they would get 10 stores, and regurgitate them all day long, calling it a news program.  At least they got the news.  Down here, well, nothing about it at all.  No info.  Very interesting.  If it was an explosion at a chemical plant, well that's a bit of a concern to me that it was not covered by the media.

No ideal place to live on this planet, which is such an amazing and sad thing.  Here we are on a garden planet and all we're planting is greed, intolerance, firepower and misery.  And it's fertile here, those things have really taken off.  Sure wish we'd have some alien intervention. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

New Things to Appall Me

Being a retired person, I surf the net.  A lot. 

So here's a couple of rants for today:

1.  Sarah Palin is going to host a red, white and blue outdoor show.  Why can't Sarah Palin just go raise her family and get out of the public eye.  Publicity is like heroin, I guess, and Sarah's hooked.  She is such an abominable human being, I can't imagine anyone tuning in to watch her shoot something, unless it's herself in the foot.  Which would make a great episode 1.

2.  Everybody hates the pop ups.  You go to read an article that looks interesting, but first, you have to watch Jennifer Aniston hawking some cheap skin lotion, that we all KNOW Jennifer Aniston would NEVER use.  Jennifer Aniston, mediocre as she is as an actress, has made millions of dollars.  Why does she have to hawk anything?  How much money is enough for someone like Jennifer Aniston?   Apparently, she'll never know.  And, as she ages, I predict she'll start hawking all the trappings of age; LifeAlert, Depends, Constipation Nation, bone calcium.  Whatever, I just get so damn sick of pop ups, especially the ones starring Jennifer Aniston.  Does anyone who lives in a ginormous mansion in Beverly Hills REALLY need to sell Aveeno skin lotion.  Methinks we've got a needy seedy greedy here.

3.  The Milwaukee Urinal, the local paper in that bastion of boredom, southeastern Wisconsin, really has a Viagra induced six hour hard on for Mary Burke --- Scott Walker's sure to be nominated challenger.  The Urinal is a very right-wing publication (can't bring myself to call it a newspaper), and they certainly have always championed that bubble brained Walker.  Mary Burke is the absolute best choice to topple the Walker F*ck Dynasty.  So citizens of Wisconsin, prepare yourself for pee yellow journalism (and I use the term "journalism" very loosely here) in the next gubernatorial election.  And of course, the Koch(sucker) brothers will get into the slander seat, as well.  Mary Burke is going to need true grit.  Let's hope she's got it.

4.  Vanity Fair magazine and the New York attorney general have exposed Donald Trump's higher education school of how to be a wise investor as so much schlock and fraud.  Boy is the Donald mad about that article.  Even madder about the litigation against him and the contention that he defrauded an awful lot of yup and comers out of their tuition money.  I've never liked Donald Trump.  He's always been a horse's a$$, except horse's a$$es have better hair.  It will be kind of fun to watch the Donald become the exposed grifter.  Now if he opened up a research lab that could conjure up the greed gene and offer to stick it in your A$$ for $3500, that might be an entrepreneurial path well worth his pursual.

Okay, feel better now. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Most Reviled Humans in America

Hands down --- the Koch Brothers.

I detest this family and everything they stand for.

Americans for Prosperity is about as accurately benevolent to the average citizen as a Nazi inviting you to take a shower. 

I'm so sick of these disgusting human beings, I retch whenever I see their ignorant propaganda.  The blatant lies their money affords them are despicably cloaked in their very strong and accurate belief of American ignorance.  Unfortunately, America is ignorant and these parasites are exploiting that ignorance to their full advantage.

I despise the Koch's.  I think I speak for entire classes of people when I say that.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mourning Nelson Mandela

It is always difficult when a great human being dies.  Nelson Mandela's passing leaves the world in sadness, but his legacy changed the world - for the better.

We don't appreciate, respect or assist the great leaders in the world --- probably because there are so very few of them. 

That didn't matter to Nelson Mandela, though.  He just did the right thing.  If only the human race could get a clue about how to have principles of decency and quietly, or loudly, live them out. 

We are such a global band of self-indulgent, self-important, and self-serving selves.  Nelson Mandela is my hero because "he" was the least of his concerns.  It takes a remarkable person to get past the "I" of all things truly valuable in this life.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Scott Walker a Frontrunner for GOP Presidential Nomination?

This entire country is insane.  Well, the entire republican slanted country is insane.  If Scott Walker is a legitimate candidate for president of the United States, well, somebody yank my arm because I'm stuck in a John Steinbeck novel.  Even someone as mentally challenged as Hazel in Sweet Thursday understood his limitations better than Scott Walker will ever understand his.  Maybe I'm stuck in a Jersey Kozinski novel.  Chance the Gardner goes to the White House, and the media paves the way.  Wherever I'm stuck - it leaves a whole lot to be desired.

Give me a break - give all thinking people a break.  This could be good news because if Scott Walker is Hilary Clinton's opponent, there is absolutely no contest.  So yes, I do hope Scott Walker is the GOP nominee.  Scott Walker couldn't find his a$$ with both hands.  Scott Walker would get utterly confused signing a bill into law with multiple pens; the man is just not capable of multi-tasking.  The man is not capable of single tasking.  Why do I keep calling him a man?  He's a little dick who thinks ego can override competence.  What bothers me is that there are people in this country whom are STUPID enough to have any confidence in this cocksure little chicken of a man.  Talk about the end of the empire.  Halcyon days?  I think not.  More like Thorazine days and someone surely has tampered with the scotch supply to which republicans must be partial.

Everything Scott Walker thinks he has accomplished in Wisconsin, as governor, is in the courts and being challenged.  Even his campaign is under a more serious investigation now for irregularities.  Do we really need an ideologue sitting in the oval office.  Scott Walker should sit on something oval, alright, and try to crap out the toxic waste that has invaded his already dismally small brain.  This is one politician who continues to spread manure over democracy and call it sweet pea.

I guess the thing that I find most maddening is how stupid Americans are.  Why am I stuck in this ignorant, incompetent country?  I certainly deserve better - and so do you.