Thursday, December 5, 2013

Mourning Nelson Mandela

It is always difficult when a great human being dies.  Nelson Mandela's passing leaves the world in sadness, but his legacy changed the world - for the better.

We don't appreciate, respect or assist the great leaders in the world --- probably because there are so very few of them. 

That didn't matter to Nelson Mandela, though.  He just did the right thing.  If only the human race could get a clue about how to have principles of decency and quietly, or loudly, live them out. 

We are such a global band of self-indulgent, self-important, and self-serving selves.  Nelson Mandela is my hero because "he" was the least of his concerns.  It takes a remarkable person to get past the "I" of all things truly valuable in this life.

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