Friday, December 20, 2013

Kick BP out of this Country NOW!

BP, that wonderful company who brought you the worst environmental disaster in the history of environmental disasters, needs to get their a$$ kicked out of this country.

They are still lying about the damage, refusing to pay legitimate claims, and engaging in fraud, malfeasance and disgusting corporate behavior.

But Bobby Jindal's biggest concern as of today is the Duck Dynasty debacle over anti-gay, anti-black statements.  No wonder Louisiana falls at the bottom of every survey for good works.  The state motto here seems to be, "If it Makes (a few of) Us Money - F*ck All, We're In".  Sheesh.  I'm becoming more and more of a g.d. yankee by the second.  I look around and realize I should run for public office.  I seriously doubt I could get much legislation passed to improve the lot of your average Louisianan, but I certainly could embark on a feeding frenzy at the public trough that would humble the paltry efforts of Ray Nagin. 

Alas, being a crook is not on my accomplishment list.  But I won't watch Duck Dynasty again, even though it had its moments and was pretty funny.  A&E must be terribly embarrassed by the ignorant mutterings of Phil Robertson; but the rest of the country is definitely offended by these senseless remarks. 

Maybe becoming a millionaire makes one stupid.  Certainly, becoming a governor does.  Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, Sarah Palin. 

Someone nominate me for governor of Louisiana.  I promise pot in every chicken!

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