Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Scott Walker a Frontrunner for GOP Presidential Nomination?

This entire country is insane.  Well, the entire republican slanted country is insane.  If Scott Walker is a legitimate candidate for president of the United States, well, somebody yank my arm because I'm stuck in a John Steinbeck novel.  Even someone as mentally challenged as Hazel in Sweet Thursday understood his limitations better than Scott Walker will ever understand his.  Maybe I'm stuck in a Jersey Kozinski novel.  Chance the Gardner goes to the White House, and the media paves the way.  Wherever I'm stuck - it leaves a whole lot to be desired.

Give me a break - give all thinking people a break.  This could be good news because if Scott Walker is Hilary Clinton's opponent, there is absolutely no contest.  So yes, I do hope Scott Walker is the GOP nominee.  Scott Walker couldn't find his a$$ with both hands.  Scott Walker would get utterly confused signing a bill into law with multiple pens; the man is just not capable of multi-tasking.  The man is not capable of single tasking.  Why do I keep calling him a man?  He's a little dick who thinks ego can override competence.  What bothers me is that there are people in this country whom are STUPID enough to have any confidence in this cocksure little chicken of a man.  Talk about the end of the empire.  Halcyon days?  I think not.  More like Thorazine days and someone surely has tampered with the scotch supply to which republicans must be partial.

Everything Scott Walker thinks he has accomplished in Wisconsin, as governor, is in the courts and being challenged.  Even his campaign is under a more serious investigation now for irregularities.  Do we really need an ideologue sitting in the oval office.  Scott Walker should sit on something oval, alright, and try to crap out the toxic waste that has invaded his already dismally small brain.  This is one politician who continues to spread manure over democracy and call it sweet pea.

I guess the thing that I find most maddening is how stupid Americans are.  Why am I stuck in this ignorant, incompetent country?  I certainly deserve better - and so do you.

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